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Guardian of her dream...... The maiden´s lion.

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:47 PM
The child is now sleeping in the mouth of a lion. The babe is silently dreaming of the warrior her eyes behold. She has envisioned a valiant prince, a warrior king. She has seen his sword leading the many masses of people to his call.

By his name are all called to honorable service. By his name are their enemies grievously insulted. By his name are they brought to a fury. They do make of him a sword.

She in her sleep is quietly stirring and in so doing the lion provoking to hunger and yearning. Pricking herself upon the fangs of the lion´s mouth in which she nests. Her virgin blood awakening the beast from its deep slumber. The lion then will not devour her. He is now her beast and not a creature of mother nature. He is her companion and her keeper. The lion she will ride into battle. The warrior that will greet her when she does become the maiden of the land.

The protector of the dream.

The woman now grown and blossomed into full beauty, upon her tamed savage does ride. She now the cup bearer of the world, greeting the kings of fallen then risen nations, she seeking for the fulfillment of the dream she was so long ago. The child in her, now to her belly growing. The virgin seeking her prince, and he her flower.

They to behold, the fruit unblemished by mans hands, to touch the world in pure heart.

The warrior to her his knees giving, rests his face upon her feet. She with compassion releasing, places her hand upon his head, and sanctifies all blood spilled. Sacred and holy now is every inch of the good earth. Sacred and protected is the dream of ages.

The warrior king and his maiden upon the great protector. She radiant and purposeful. She with one hand, the cup of sanctified blood pouring upon the world of men, the other her pure child glowing, he the promise fulfilled then on for all of earths children to transform.

Then with the lion roaring, the sun rising, and good men who now abound walking upon their good earth to fill, is all by its heart cured.......then is the dream secured......

Indeed, taming the savage of all men, and satiating all of humanities suffering and woe.

The lion sleeps.
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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 01:43 PM

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