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Did Barack Obama Throw The Presidential Debate? Could He Know Something We Don't?

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:20 AM
It seems as if POTUS O was receiving info while not looking at Romney speak. Is he NOW a automaton and Romney moved from being a reptilian/grey to HUMAN? Methinks the guv better watch himself during the next debate. Someone closeto him may do that nasty Darth Vader finger thingy, and he lose his ability to speak like the chief justice did during the oath taking. Check yer six Mitt!!!

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:27 AM
Obama is used to an environment where none of his policies or arguments are every given any scrutiny thanks to a protective MSM. During the debate, they couldn't protect him and he didn't know what to do.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:30 AM
He is the President and excuses aside has much more to worry about then his second term unlike Willard...

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:31 AM
I think Obama did it on purpose. I watched it, I thought about it and watched parts again.
I do not know why, but this was done intentionally.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:35 AM
Mormons are known for being passive. Looks like Romney got past that. Obama can't think on his feet. All he had to say last election was CHANGE. America wants to know the specifics this time.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:42 AM
If you are correct, and he is trying to dodge a second term, I would reckon it's because he knows the Iran war is a go, and would rather not preside over it.

Maybe, the Dems have a bomb to drop on theRomney campaign and so he's not too worried about the debates, leaving Romney more airtime to hang himself with. Just a thought.
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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

I admit that I haven't read through all of the posts, but just quickly wanted to share my first reaction:

It seemed as if Obama didn't really care because he knows the voting software/system is already rigged for his win. It looked like he was going through the motions, just one more event he must be participate in before his reelection. And I suppose if he knows the election is already fixed, it makes sense that he wouldn't give a hoot about his performance, the polls, meeting with Netanyahu, or doing his job....

So, hey! Why not just take it easy, go golfing, enjoy the attention of the gals on The View, bask in the limelight, and party with Beyonce and Jayzee and other celebrities...?

And by the way... if the people riot because they realize the whole thing was fixed all along... Well, he just so happens to have enough Executive Orders (and hollow points) in place to take care of them.

Sorry, but the last 4 years have made me cynical. Nothing is what it seems.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:43 AM

Originally posted by Plugin
My guess would be that Obama after some years realise that his job is about basicly ''smiling and giving nice speeches'' (written by others) and that he hardly got control on stuff.

No wonder he seems without real energy/passion.. Like Bush, (also) looked like a clown, I guess it's like a clown's job, to entertain the people.
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I haven't read the whole thread yet so I apologise if this has already been said, but you are probably right. Some days ago Obama said that "Washington DC can't be changed from within", so whether or not he really believed at one time that he could make a difference it would seem that he no longer believes it so his lackluster performance last night comes as no surprise, at least to me.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:45 AM

Originally posted by ManBehindTheMask

hen again..Obama may simply have not been expecting such a strong debate. Debates aren't about the facts, but how its presented...its american idol of policy..and you need more than decent lyrics, you need to hold a tune.
reply to post by SaturnFX

This is the problem..........the debates SHOULD be about facts........

Your acceptance and touting about how it ISNT about facts is the problem.......

This should not be passed off as acceptable .....

What the hell is the matter with you America if you believe and think like this.........

Saturn , this whole sentence was self justified like it was "self evident" ......seriously?

MY GOD..........I am glad that most of America doesnt think like this......or we would be doomed forever...........

IT IS about facts, ......IT IS about logic........

The Democratic party is hoping they ALL think like YOU.........your post is a prime example!

WAKE UP America.........IT IS about truth, IT IS about leadership.........ITS NOT about rhetoric.......and dont you DARE let anyone lull you to sleep thinking anything else........

Saturn you should be ASHAMED of yourself..........your motive is clear now............

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Just being a realist.
For me, its about facts...I would gladly have a professorial style debate with charts, a committee of independent scientists for immediate confirmation and fact checking, etc...
And I know I am very much in the minority.
My motive? I am simply calling it what it is..and its not about facts..its about presentation..hense why I know Obama lost last night, even though his facts were dead on and Romney was substance free..Romney's presence won last night..

I don't really have a motive on this outside of pointing out the obvious. I am actually not the problem, nor am I the solution mind you..just an observer of both the debates, and the people that watch them.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by Hefficide

Heff, babe, Bubeleh, you know we're cool, right?

I know this upset you but Obama;
1) Stank on ice
2) Spent the last 4 years believing his own press
3) Spent the last year believing the press on Romney

He's surrounded himself with synchophants who agree with anything and everything he says and does.

Puddin', Heff, ol' buddy, The Emperor has no clothes.

Here's a shoulder to cry on. *man hug*

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by packinmomma

Nothing is what it seems.

Thats the key.

And people may be impressed with 'Mitt' from last night, but his track record of honesty is not impressive. Oh God it hurts my bones and soul, to imagine letting criminals continue criminals, over our money, lives, fates, and deaths.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 11:52 AM
There are many levels below the surface. The planet is based on deception and illusion. Nothing that crosses your sights is even remotely the truth. We are mind controlled over many generations. Each generation sees the new one as going to hell in a hand basket but all this is describing is generational steps in mind control. We give up all of our values and principles, a little at a time. If you wish to hang onto the shred of dignity, you have left, don't vote and try to develop some personal critical thought. They are in charge because we prop them up. How long will we continue to be fodder for these monsters?

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:00 PM
I was thinking the same thing last night Heff. He threw it. He knows something. And he wants out.

Look at how he's been dissing Israel!

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:08 PM
Did Barack Obama Throw The Presidential Debate?

Please... don't make me laugh.

You people are delusional! He stunk! He had no answers, he had no where to hide, he had nothing positive to say about the past four years! He even said "This isn't about where we've been"... Hell yes it is! We've been lied to and taken advantage of by him and his socialist cronies for the last four years!
Romney kicked his a$$ plain and simple. I knew all you liberal lap dogs would be on here making excuses for your messiah but this one takes the cake!

Threw the debate... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:11 PM
Interesting. Found this comment by journalist Bob Woodward.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:16 PM
It's called letting Romney have enough rope to hang himself. Because the fact checkers are going to have a field day with last nights debate. I'm sure Romney's biggest contributors were real happy when he said that the banks that were favored in the Dodd-Frank should be removed from it.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by Hefficide

You know - I haven't read but the title of this thread and your OP

I'm sure the opinions have been...what you would expect

But - something was off - not sure what - but something...

If Romney won it was by default - 'cause Obama wasn't there last night

I don't even know who that guy was

good observation Hefficide
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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by Evildead
I suspect Obama accomplished exactly what he set out to do... There's still 2 more presidential debates and he wanted to lower expectations in the 1st debate and let the media and everyone else talk up how good Romney was THEN in the next 2 debates the new underdog (Obama) will come out swinging big time!

Seeing how slap-happy Fox News is this morning I would say Obama's plan passed with flying colors. Everyone's falling for it hook, line and sinker.

For the record: I'm NOT voting for Obama!

I just feel Obama was playing possum to lower expectations for the next 2 debates.


As soon as I looked at the punditry's debate summary (refused to watch it) last night, this is exactly what I thought. And I'll add to it. The media is in on it, intentionally spinning a big Romney debate win because Americans and their 2 second attention spans won't even remember this debate in a month. It's the last one that really counts and Obama and the media are going to get expectations in the gutter before then.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:23 PM

Originally posted by Dustytoad
reply to post by Hefficide

I found myself talking to the TV the whole time, and I've just finished sober day 5... Romney stomped on Obama, even though neither one of them could really answer anything.

Actually, if you read either one of the many reviews, or simply read the transcript, you will find Obama gave many answers..
But he didn't have the stage presence of Romney, whom answered very little..just vague sort of ideas verses actual plans. Most of Romney was slamming Obama without actually saying anything of his model.

And Romney won..

Because, tada, debate facts don't matter in regards to "winning" when you can put on a show.

I got slammed for noticing somehow my noticing this equalled me singlehandedly ruining democracy.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by chasingbrahman

reply to post by TZela

This makes so much sense to me. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that something is up. I have been hearing rumblings (mostly from Cenk Uygur) that the Afghanistan situation is out of control - another Vietnam... Also Israel and Iran... What a disaster waiting to happen!

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but I don't think we have the answer to why Obama was so distracted/unengaged last night. I'm a little concerned to find out what it is.

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