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Shadow People: What do they do?

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by GoOfYFoOt

...continued from the above link.

"Daniel" was a highly-intelligent, yet very introverted and mysterious young man. We developed a friendship through our jobs, and began to socialize outside of work, and continued to do so, for a few years. He was in his late 20's but had the knowledge and presence of a much older individual. And, he was aware, to some extent, of our little experiment. Upon presenting him the opportunity to join our group, he seemed both interested and reserved. I couldn't yet, determine the cause of the latter.

The first night that Daniel came into the group, everyone noticed a significant difference in everything, that transpired. Later that week, we all met to discuss what we perceived and to attempt to determine the cause. Obviously, Daniel, played a large part, but the why, was the biggest question that was debated. We had trouble agreeing on specifics, so we decided to test all theories during our next few sessions, to see if we could add evidence to any of them. It would only take one, to make a determination...

On the aformentioned evening, a severe thunderstorm had passed through about an hour before our gathering, which caused a power interruption to our home.
It was decided that it was too late to cancel, as many were already on their way, and the thought of performing the experiment in a powerless environment, had a certain appeal to it, anyway. We lit every candle that we could find. Set up our board, per the normal routine, and began our investigation.

On this particular night, we were going to use provocation, to see if we could affect the responses of the board.
It was a theory that Daniel, had a way of creating animosity and even disgust, from a few of the entities that we were communicating with, regularly. Why? We were not sure? But it was what we intended to find out.

We began by calling out the entities! Questioning their very existence! And daring them to prove to us that they were infact, responsible for the answers that we received from the board. We told them that this was our last night, and that we didn't believe in them, and were going to destroy the board and carry on with our lives!

Normally, we would begin to see responses within the first minute or two. But on this night, 30 minutes passed, and still no action from the seer. We took a short break, and upon returning, we took it up a few notches. We always had just one person, who was not contacting the board, ask the questions. And the ones in contact, were not allowed to see the questions, beforehand. To this point, our approach had always been clinical. But now, we were determined to throw caution to the wind. Whether it was frustration, or simply vindictiveness, we escalated beyond our measures of control. Several observers began taunting! Some were calling names! Some were cursing and accusing the spirits of having no power!...Then...Suddenly!

...the lights came back on....

Interrupted by reality, and being quite sure it was the power company and not anything supernatural, that caused the return of lights to our home, the spiritual bombardment of the other side, ceased. But, they were just getting started...

to be continued....

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:26 AM
Interesting. I was around some people who were using a blasted ouija board and it started cursing at me. When asked why it said that I loved god. I was more religious back then, even until very recently. It was pretty strange.

I would not advise anyone to use that contraption.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by seen2much
Interesting. I was around some people who were using a blasted ouija board and it started cursing at me. When asked why it said that I loved god. I was more religious back then, even until very recently. It was pretty strange.

I would not advise anyone to use that contraption.

That's what makes me believe demons and lost souls posses people with faith. They believe that they were abandoned by God and want to make us believe the same. Well, so far is working.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 12:22 PM

Originally posted by Frocharocha

Originally posted by seen2much
Interesting. I was around some people who were using a blasted ouija board and it started cursing at me. When asked why it said that I loved god. I was more religious back then, even until very recently. It was pretty strange.

I would not advise anyone to use that contraption.

That's what makes me believe demons and lost souls posses people with faith. They believe that they were abandoned by God and want to make us believe the same. Well, so far is working.

I'm begining to get the feeling that they aren't bad, darkly mooded, or evil. I think that like people some of these Shadow People are just jerks while others seem to careless about what they are doing.

I know it kind of blows the mystery of these creatures away, but it really is seeming that they may not be so paranormal as they appear. I'm not saying that they don't exist, quite the opposite. I do believe that they exist (I've encountered them myself) What I beginning to see is a pattern of behavour that points to real beings with a wide diversity in appearances, attire, and behavours. It's almost like these Shadow People are more of a Shadow Society.

I'll reflect on this later to day (I have to go to work). I'll update the current known information provided in this thread (and see if I can get anyone to translate Italian) and explain by assumtion then.

Thank you all for responding, and I encourage you to tell your story. The more information we get the better we can understand them.

(I would like to know what people think these creatures are? Shadow Societies, Demons, a type af ghost, good/bad, or what)

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 12:36 PM
Read this First - Part 1:post by GoOfYFoOt

And then...
Part 2:post by GoOfYFoOt

Part 3:

Now, is where the story gets weird...

Someone said they needed a drink...Another one had to use the restroom. I also went inside. My intentions were to turn off many of the lights that had just came back on, regroup, and decide what course of action to present to the group for a continuance of the evening. At some point in the next several minutes, Daniel got my attention. He motioned me towards the front door, and to the area where we all just experienced our now, seemingly surreal, ordeal. I took a quick head count and realized that my wife and "Russ" the two participants that were contacting the board, were not in the room! The multiple conversations that were going on inside the house, began to fade away, as I noticed the unusual expression Daniel was displaying. My mind started racing! What on Earth could cause such a look, in such little time?

As I reached the doorway, I saw my wife and Russ, still seated at the board! They both were in contact with the seer, and both appeared to be in some sort of trance! At first, I thought they were playing a joke. But, it didn't fit with my wife's sense of humor. She took such things rather seriously, and wouldn't pretend, for the sake of a laugh. Russ was always the skeptic and timid one. I couldn't see him, holding this type of ruse together, for this long, either. What was happening?

By this point, my typical stoic and reserved nature, must have also waned, as the entire group was behind me trying to figure out what was going on, as well! That's when I noticed the candles...4 of them. At each corner of the board. But the flames were not right! There was no breeze, to speak of. No motion to affect them. But each of the flames were leaning, as if something was gently pushing them over....But wait! They were not all leaning in the same direction! As I approached with caution, I realized that they were all leaning in towards the board! As my mind tried to comprehend what my eyes were seeing, it was as if the force acting on the candles, suddenly grew stronger! The flames became elongated, and even appeared to bend into an arc! Where was the smoke? Typically, there is smoke emanating from the flames! What the...

Suddenly, there was a clearly audible whooshing sound. The force that everyone was witnessing, seemed to reverse! All of the candles went out, simultaneously! Still, no one felt anything. No wind! NO breeze! No one exhaled, forcefully!

My wife and Russ, still sat motionless, with all four hands, still on the seer. Someone said, "Are they breathing?"
I couldn't tell. "Baby!" I yelled..."Michelle"!!! Someone shook them! As if, just waking up from a deep sleep, they both began to come around...Their eyes were wide open the entire time! With a glazed-over expressionless look! Now they seem to be opening their eyes from a long restful sleep! Rubbing them, and looking around in a dis-oriented and confused manner! Russ, jumped up and back at the same time. He appeared angry and bewildered. He wouldn't talk to anyone and fumbled for a cigarette, and started walking down the road!

I asked my wife what happened to them? Why wouldn't she acknowledge me, before? She didn't remember! All she keept saying was that, she "saw" him. "Saw who", I asked?... "Ted!" She finally retorted...Ted was the name given to us, by one of the entities we interacted with, over the last few months.

Well, what did he look like? What did you see, I asked?..."I saw him! I saw everything about him", she said.
I asked her again, "What did he look like?" She said it was hard to explain. "It was dark and he was dark. Real dark. But, somehow I could still see him. It's like, whatever he was made of, was moving. But he was standing still!"

Highly concerned, but truly intrigued, I pushed on..."What else?" "He spoke to me", she said. "What did he say?" "Well, he didn't really speak, but I could hear him. Well, I didn't hear him, more like I could feel his words. Like his thoughts were in my thoughts"

I'm floored, at this point! I don't know what to do? My mind is a thousand miles an hour, right now. "Are you OK? Can I get you anything? Can you stand up?....What do you want me to do?"

"Where's Russell?" She asked.

She never calls him Russell. Why is she calling him, Russell? What the devil is going on here!?!?... be continued

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 12:39 PM
I have said many times that the daemonic (not demonic) or Jinni are believed to have their own societies and differences as we. They predate humanity and according to Islam are hateful (some of them) towards humanity. They hate to be noticed. Once they are then prepare for a wild ride if they are mean.

I feel taking a Christian or Islamic outlook lessens one's ability to fathom this phenomenon as much as a skeptic's does. I am not anti-Christian or anti-Muslim (though I do not think much of either now) but jumping the "evil" card is the same as jumping the "nonesense" one.

However, as a word of caution try not to enter into a conversation with them or invite them, please.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:13 PM
In my experience, shadow people have a sense of self preservation. When I tried to take a swing at one, it jumped back in surprise.

I had just woken up, seen one standing at the foot of my bed, and lunged across the bed, swinging a vicious backhand at it. It jumped back. Obviously I couldn't see facial features, but it's body language seemed very surprised. Although they usually seem surprised when I see them, like a deer in the headlights.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:29 PM
reply to post by sled735

Thanks for the link! I checked it out and on that site, it does put him into the same category as other "shadow" forms seen by people. I know that others have said that he is another phenomenon altogether, so I just wanted to be sure my story would be relevent. So here it goes...

My story is one that seems to be linked to our family. I am a Christian and was raised in a somewhat Christian household. I say somewhat because my mother had anything but diiscernment when it came to spiritual things. We believed in the Bible, went to a penticostal church as young childern, and were saved and baptized as the Holy Spirit called. But my mother always had a big curiosity towards the supernatural and ghosts. She even let my sister and I play with a Ouiji board when I was around 11 and my sister 14. Nothing truely exciting happened at that time, and I don't know if that even had anything to do with the events that started taking place a few years later.

I think it was around when I was 13 that I started seeing a shadow of a man walking down the hallway away from my mothers room. We used to sit on her bed and watch tv with her in her room, and looking out her doorway was a straight shot down the hall where I would see him walk to the end of the hall then vanish. He wasn't a figure on the wall, he was a solid dark form walking down the hall and I could very plainly see his tall hat and trench coat. It was always the back of him as he was always walking away from me so I never saw any face or other features. I don't think that would have mattered though, as he was just solid black. I would get a feeling of uneasiness each time I saw him, but never outright fear.

This went on for a few years, I would see him off an on a few times a week. Sometimes in daytime, mostly in the evenings. Yes, it was weird, but I figured we had a resident ghost and he didn't seem to mess with anything or harm anyone. He was just there and it was freaky, but livable. By this time I had told my mom about it and my family also knew about our "ghost". They had been seeing glimpses of him as well from time to time and none of us really like to be there alone because of it.

When I was around 16 is when literally all hell broke loose. This shadow man started appearing in my bedroom at night. Now, this was never a case of sleep paralysis. This would happen as I would be settling in for the night and watching one of the late shows. I was always wide awake when I would start to see him appearing in the corner of the room. He would stand there in completely solid black form, featureless, while I looked on and he would put out the most dreadful horrific feeling. I literally thought I was going to die every time I saw him. I would freeze with terror and would never be able to scream. I really don't know how long these appearances would last, maybe 5 minutes or so if I had to guess. I would pray and pray to God in my mind and it never worked. Never. I could almost feel this thing laughing at me and it wouldn't leave until it wanted to. All I could do it lay there and most of the time the only movement would be my tears rolling down the sides of my face. Normally it would just disappear quicker than it appeared.

It never touched me, launched anything at me, nothing. It just stood there . This happened almost on a nightly basis for 3 years. It almost sounds silly to me now that it went on for so long. Please understand, I was a very shy young lady and I kept a lot of what was happening secret because I just didn't know what to do. I figured that his was just going to be the way life was for me as long as we were in that house, and that if even God couldn't/wouldn't help me, then no one could.


posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:29 PM
A lot of things were happening during this time. Not always was the shadow man visible, but I normally associtaed the happenings with him. Some of the more specific things that happened during that time are:

One time I put on TBN just for some kind of comfort. As soon as I did this, loud banging started happening all over my room. My mother heard this from her bedroom (which was right next to mine) and came in to see what was happening. The bangs continued from all different walls and my ceiling for about 10 minutes when there was a loud scratching on my bedroom door and it flung open. After that it stopped. I didn't see the shadow man that night, so I can't say it definately was him.

Another time, I had an old radio/alarm clock that had stopped working so I had put it in with a bag of old junk in the bottom of my closet. I was getting ready to leave with some friends for a night out on the town when I started to hear some kind of singing coming from my closet. I dug through the bag to find the alarm going off with no batteries and no power source. It was singing "This is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas. It lasted about 10 seconds after I had pulled it out of the bag before it quit working. There were 2 other witness there at the time and all we could do was shrug it off.

Another time, the shadow man had appeared once again in the corner of my room. I was about 19 when this happened and I was working full time (at a psych ward no less) as well as going to nursing school. I was so exausted most of the time that I just literally had nothing left. I would work my butt off all day and then come home to this. It seemed there was never a moment of true rest for most of my younger years. Anyway, the shadow man had appeared and once again, I found myself not able to yell, just lay there and put up with this dread until he decided to leave. For some reason, this time my mother was awakened by someone grabbing her by the ankles and pulling her about a foot off the end of the bed. When this happened, she let out a yelp and I was able to break free from the paralyzing fear and run in to check her. She was sitting up with her feet hanging off the end of the bed and scared to death.

My brother has been affected by this thing as well. He is 8 years older than me and was gone out of the house by the time I was a teenager. But as an adult, I began talking about all of this to him. He won't say much, but what he has told me seems very related to what I was experiencing. He has seen a black mist hovering over his bed (this at a different house). Also, he and a roommate had very unnerving haunting activity at an apartment they lived in. They would awake to find all of their kitchen cabinets opened several times, as well as hear a man singing during the night. Come to think of it, I believe every place he has lived, he has encountered haunting activity. When he fell ill after a heart attack a few years back, he was forced to move back into my mother's house and he ended up in my old bedroom. He started having someone sit on his bed with a clear indent of a backside and legs visible. This was witnessed by others as well. He tries to explain things away as sleep paralysis. Once I asked him why, when obviously the things we have seen is anything but. I finally got the most hearbreaking answer I think he could have ever given me. It was because that is the only way he could find to cope with the terror of what we have lived with.

Throughout the years, I have done travel nursing, living out in different states, as well as always working the night shift. The nights I wasn't working, I was out partying until the dawn. I did everything I could to keep from having to go to bed alone in the dark. Computers started becoming the norm for households and I started researching everything I could on hauntings, demonic oppression, poltergeists, etc. I got in touch with a local ghost hunting group and started doing investigations as a part of the team. We never investigated my mother's house. I just wasn't comfortable with hearing any evps or seeing any pics that may come out of there. I moreso just wanted to see what other people were experiencing by way of "ghosts". What I came to find, was that what people were calling ghosts were nothing like the shadow man that had plagued me for so many years. Most were just lacking the complete feeling of terror that he invoked. When I would capture an evp or get a pic at different locations, I never got that feeling of immediate danger to my soul.


posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 01:30 PM
I also wanted to talk about something that another member had brought up. The dreams. They only happened in my old bedrrom.

I started having dreams about 3-4 months prior to 9/11. I would have the same vivid dream repeatedly. It was always one of everything being covered in ash. Scattered papers were thrown about and people were covering their mouths and coughing. I would see it an a CNN broadcast and the ticker at the bottom would read "In the east, from the east." The date read 9/11. I began getting very paranoid at the sound of helicopters flying over head. I had quite a few military buddies from the AFB in the neighboring town. I called them and plead with them to let me know about what was being kept secret from the public. They thought I was crazy. I would tell them, "Well, we will see on Sept. 11th". I wrote to a yahoo group called ghostlights and titled the email "World War 3?" I told as many people as would listen about what I had been dreaming. I never saw the buildings, bin laden, airplanes, just the aftermath of what looked like a post apocoliptic world. The morning of the 11th I got a call from one of my AF friends. They were watching all of the events unfold with the rest of the world and they remembered what I had been saying. His higher up wanted to talk to me and wanted to know what else I knew about what was happening. I told him just what I had seen and then he said thanks and hung up. That was that,

Then there was the dream about the pope dying, a week later he was dead.

Then the dream about China getting hit with a massive earthquake, happened 2 days later.

The last vivid dream was Katrina. Again, I just saw the aftermath. I woke up just freaked out that everything was covered with water. I didn't know New Orleans, Hurricane etc. So take from it what you will. I have never had any more dreams of the nature that these were.

One last thing. I know this story has been long, and thank you to those who are still reading it. This is the first time that I have ever sat down to write it out. It has been quite an emotional thing since this is the first time that I have felt really able to talk about all of this without shutting down. I wanted to say that I am still a Christian and in fact, I married a Baptist pastor. We met up initially so I could ask him some questions about what all I had been through from a Christian point of view. I had tried to ask other pastors, and they never knew what to say to me, and quite frankly, I think my story made them extermely uncomfortable. My husband had the courage to say, "Well, I don't know, but lets search the Bible and find out what we can." I think the church is failing people miserably in this aspect, but there are answers to be found in the scriptures.

I have only had 4 more incidents with the hat man shadow figure since meeting with my hubby. The first day I went to his house I had a run in with the shadow man. My hubby had a meeting to go to at the church, and I had worked the night shift the night before as well as traveled several hours to get to where my hubby lived at the time. I laid down to take a nap while he was at his meeting. This was the only time I had ever awakened suddenly to find the shadow figure standing in the room. It was almost as if it was taunting me, that I could never get away from it. I ran out, called my mama, and talked to her until my hubby returned home.

The two other times were about a week just before I found out I was pregnant with each of my children, two years apart. It seems like he would visit just before something significant happened.

And the last thing I can think of is the time my family (me, hubby, and 2 kids) drove to the city to visit my mom and stay for the weekend. My old room is a guest room now, so that is where we sleep when we come to town. I had walked into my sister's old room (adjacent to my old room) to grab some new sheets to put on the bed, and I heard a whisper directly behind me into my right ear. I could tell it was my hubby (I thought he was being a bit randy as we had only been married about 3 years). But as I started to figure out what he was saying, it didn't make any sense. I turned around and no one was there. This thing had told me "Better say a prayer". It makes me want to cry and vomit all at the same time just replaying it in my head. It had literally copied my hubby's voice to taunt me and my unanswered prayers. Ok, that is enough for now. If anyone is interested, I don't mind answering any questions you may have. Please go easy on me though. This is an extremely painful and difficult subject for me.


posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 02:09 PM

Originally posted by sled735
Shadow people along the road....
My cousin called me totally freaked out awhile back telling me she was driving home from visiting her mother one evening. It was just barely turning night...dusk. As she was driving she said this dark figure stepped out in front of her car and she ran right through it. She didn't have time to swerve to miss it. She said she saw it, and heard it make a swooshing noise as it passed through the car right beside her. Her daughter and son were in the car too. They also saw and heard it. They were all freaked out by it. She said she felt it was trying to make her wreck.

From all the stories I've heard, I think these evil beings are doing whatever they can to try to kill people.

"WHY", is still the question.

Interesting. I was just reading this thread because shadow people have always scared me more than anything for some reason (although I've never really had encounters with them that I know of-just the idea is scary enough).

However, when I read these comments, especially the above comment, it reminded me of a time when I was driving to work in the morning during winter. It was dark but you could still make out shapes etc. I was driving towards the top of a hill on a four lane street doing the speed limit (40 mph) and saw a black silhouette walking across the road first on my side going towards the opposite side of the street. I could see car headlights start shining over the hill from the opposite side of the road and the speed of the car and the person made me worried. I was scared the person was going to get hit. When the car got to where the person would have been, the person was gone. To me it looked like a person (I could see the arm swinging as it walked and the legs moving and it looked like he had a bag on his shoulder) but there was no one there...I had the chills so bad afterwards. Still not sure what that was but this has me thinking. In my five years of taking the same way to work I've never seen anything like it again so I don't think it was an odd shadow causing my mind to see things.

Another comment about a husband and wife being split also got me thinking. I've thought the same thing at times. My man and I were going through some rough times at one point and when I would try to sleep while he was away during our split, I would have so much trouble. I felt like there was something next to me crouching down next to the bed staring at me. It gave me the worst feelings of panic/dread. I was never brave enough to ever open my eyes to see if anything was actually there. I've also thought about why it would only feel that way when we were mad/depressed while our significant other was away. It never happens when he is at work and I'm trying to sleep. I sometimes wonder if something feeds off of our anger, fear or sadness.

Sorry OP hopefully this isn't derailing your thread. I give you a S+F since this topic has always interested me.
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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 05:25 PM
reply to post by Guyfriday

From what I've been able to discern from reports (it hasn't happened to me thank goodness) dark "shadow people" darting around isn't a very good sign about the psychological and mental state of the observer of them, whereby it represents an extreme conflict and the generation of bad karma from wrong acts.

posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by OkieDokie

Sorry, OP. I know I posted this in that other thread, but I think OkieDokie really needs to see the information in this video.

OkieDokie, the fact your brother had a heart attack really concerns me. That is one of the things these shadow people can cause in humans.
Please watch this video. It is important for you, and your family's safety!

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 11:06 PM
My Thoughts on the phenomena

I thought I'd add my experience for what it's worth,see if it chimes with anyone here.Hopefully it adds a little to the shadow people phenomena !!

In 2003 I began working in a new job.You expect to be given the lowdown by your new workmates,the realities that you're not told of in the interview like who to watch,what the boss is like in truth,whether it's a positive environment to spend your day of a nightmare.What you don't expect is to be told the place is haunted by the guy who hung himself !!!

I was 31 by then.I'd loved ghost stories as a kid n longed to see one growing up but by the time I'd reached 20 I 'knew' ghosts didn't exist and actually I was happy with that notion so.I nodded knowingly as I heard tales of the ghost though no-one there had actually seen it themselves.My second week I started coming in on Saturdays to work on cars for friends and others for cash because no-one normally worked weekends so I had place to myself.My workmates joked about me running scared when I met 'him' here by myself but I laughed out loud,taunting the ghost outloud saying if he was real,which he isnt,it'd be him frightened by me !!!

I doubt I have to tell you I had an experience there on my own,First of all the jetwash had a hose to an outside tap.The tap got turned off 3 times in a row.It was on the wall behind me about 3 feet away.The first time I figured I hadnt turned on the tap like I thought,Second time couple of minutes later it's like 'wait a minute,i turned that on,strange !!!',,the third time the jetwash looses pressure and i find the tap again has been turned off i think 'ok,don't get that but...'.

I decided not to acknowledge it,put it down to one of those things.Next I unlocked the door at the side.Old mortice style not a yale so put the key in,turned it to unlock door.Took key out and went in and over to the far wall to switch all the lights on.I went back to close the door and saw that the door was locked.Not shut and locked but open with the mortice bolt fully out as it would be if it was closed and locked !!

That shook me a little because it takes putting in a key,turning it at least 360 degrees to unlock.I'd removed key and opened the door and gone in maybe 15ft to the opposite wall.In that time the door had physically been locked and I had the only key in my pocket.I couldnt begin to imagine a simple,reasonable explanation for it.

As the day went on I would bw working away and kept seeing a dark,figure darting down the the otherside of the car or the far wall but it was out of the corner of my eye.Still doggedly determined to remain rational I figured the business with the tap and the door was making me imagine things,

Then a little later I was down working the side of the car and just glanced up and saw a distinct,dark figure standing still reflected in the door mirror.It walked off and I span round quiclky but there was nothing there.

I actually said to it,'you stay over that side of the garage and i'll stay over mine cos i'm not leaving till i'm ready !!' but funnily enough it didnt appear again.

I assumed it was the 'ghost' of the suicide,I'd not heard the term shadow person till a few years ago but it was definetly one of them.

I had a number of encounters with it over three years.I saw a cup slammed clear across the garage with real force although there was no one with 2o ft of the cup,garage doors came down hard and quick when normally they were difficult to close as they were old and past it.Again there was never anyone near them.Very hard to explain.

Objects were moved or disappeared,you'd put something down and when you went for it a couples of mins later it's gone never to be found.Maybe deliberate but on occasion possibly moved by a fellow worker,those inncidents are hard to verify but at least a few times it happened when it was just me !!!

For me the most disturbing phenomena were much less physical (my mate who often worked weekends with me and was there when the cup flew and garage doors slammed freaked out as these displays).What I found got to me was the fact that we could easily go 3 or 4 months without a single incident but then I'd be there late at night by myself and suddenly I could 'feel' it was there.I couldn't see it just sense it.

When that happened I could tell it was trying to un-nerve me,sense it was trying to threaten me,scare me into packing up and leaving asap.I'd never really changed from my position of seeking reasonable answers and hadn't become a real-believer so feeling it in the dark corner,knowing it's there and senseing it's intention to make me fear it,also knowing that whatever it was it plain did NOT like me at all was hard to get my head round but feel and know it I did.

Rational,realist I maybe but what I definelty am is stubborn and bloody minded so on those battle of the 'will' situations I refused to go even thought being there was increasingly unpleasant,I wouldnt give in to it anymore than I would a human bully but it did get to me on two occasions when I couldnt handle the feeling anymore making me bolt from the garage one time.

The same entity was behind all the incidents,I seen it only fully in the mirror,other times out the corner of my eye but often things just happened,doors locking,cups hurled but i know it was the same 'it' behind it.As was the thing that would try and complell me to leave.And whatever it was exactly it was definetly a shadow person but it wasnt the ghost of a suicide i can tell you that.

Didn't feel human at all.Could be demonic but
i would have expected to feel much malice and a certain insanity couple with extreme strength and hate from a demon so I don't think it was.That's just my opinion of course,I don't even know if I buy into demons but am thinking of the usual claims made for what shadow people are and my thoughts on that.

This thing wasn't truly malevolent exactly,it toyed,it teased,it enjoyed peoples fear which is why it'd tried to make me leave,it was smart and cunning,watchful but not twisted or full of hate.

I kind of favour the notion that they have always been there just out of our vision.I've read the theory that our use of computers has been instrumental in the increase of sightings.Our latest desktop monitors have a much higher frequency than the old fashioned ones.Spending so much time absorbing the higher frequency signals is expanding the range of light our eyes are capable of seeing bringing what was always just out of sight into view under the right conditions.

Note.This is a true account but you don't need to tell me that some of it is sounds fancyful and my speculations are simply that.Just speculation.

Hope this in someway helps to our understanding of what actually is going on.I have to admit that shadow people fascinate me intensely although I have only seen and experioenced that one set situation so far !!!

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:25 AM
So far this is what I have taken from everyone stories. If I missed anything let me know.
I’ve also added a few questions at the bottom of the page. It would be nice if they could get answered. Thank you.

*They seem to be self-aware. (This is very important as it is a good indication of intelligent)

*So far others have also pointed out that they have seen these Shadow People move items (plastic bags, a knob, and a cup of water)

*They seem to make a noise if you pass by one, or one passes by you. So outside of being able to talk in some cases they seem to have enough mass to move wind around.

*We have a story where one appeared to want to punch another person (this is important since it indicates that also is aware of us, and that it knows it can harm us)

*Cats and Dogs are able to detect them.

*There seems to be different types, or racial traits between them. (Or at least they appear in different shades. Black, smoky, white)

*It also seems that they have appeared in different sizes suggesting that each one is completely different than another one. (Kind of like us)

*They appear to be wearing a hat at time and other times a shroud or something, and other times not wearing hat. It also seems that they can appear to be wearing different styles of clothing.

*In more than a few stories it is implied that they have a high degree of emotional attachments (very interesting)

*It appears that they are not tied to a location (this is very important since it implies that they are autonomous in their actions)

As for speculations:
*I’ve heard that the reason we can see things better out of the corner of our eyes is due to the way our cones and rods are.

*I personally have never been directly attacked by a Shadow Person (other than the knob throwing incident), but it does seem like they can physically attack us since they can move objects. It also seems that there are some reports of them pushing people off of bikes (if that report can be believed) it doesn’t seem out of their abilities though.

*based off their behaviors, it seems like some of them are more like jerks than anything else. It also appears that they can be benign or aggressive. It seems like each one has its own personality.

*I’m not sure about how long ago they’ve been reported. I remember reading about tiny black figures in ancient India that would cause bad misfortune if encountered.

I like to thank everyone who responded so far.


Has anyone seen one move an object that wasn’t within reach of their form?

So has anyone noticed if other pets (fish, snakes, mice…ect…ect) are also affected by them?

Can anyone remember only certain sizes of these creatures are emotionally attached? I’m wondering if it’s only with the child sized ones, or has anybody had the taller human sized one be this way too?

Does this mean that they have racial traits, or that they can alter their tone?

Does being religious make it easier to detect them, or does it make them more willing to make an appearance?

Do people think they are evil because they are afraid of them, or have they done something to you to make you believe that they are evil?

Are there any encounters that are beneficial to you the witness?

To anyone that has a reoccurring encounter with them; do you know if it has a name it goes by (not one that you call it, but one it told you)?

edit on 6-10-2012 by Guyfriday because: Does anyone read italian?

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:27 AM

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
reply to post by Guyfriday

From what I've been able to discern from reports (it hasn't happened to me thank goodness) dark "shadow people" darting around isn't a very good sign about the psychological and mental state of the observer of them, whereby it represents an extreme conflict and the generation of bad karma from wrong acts.
This seems to be a popular thought, but is there any merit to it? So far from what I've seen here (and my own personal encouters) it doesn't seem to be the case everytime.

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:28 AM

Originally posted by seen2much
Interesting. I was around some people who were using a blasted ouija board and it started cursing at me. When asked why it said that I loved god. I was more religious back then, even until very recently. It was pretty strange.

I would not advise anyone to use that contraption.
The board cursed at you, or the Shadow Person?

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:31 AM

Originally posted by Frocharocha

That's what makes me believe demons and lost souls posses people with faith. They believe that they were abandoned by God and want to make us believe the same. Well, so far is working.

Why do you believe that they were abandoned by a god?
Is this somethign you were told by one, or is it speculation?

(I don't mean to be rude sounding, but if one talked to you then thats very important)

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:34 AM

Originally posted by seen2much
I have said many times that the daemonic (not demonic) or Jinni are believed to have their own societies and differences as we. They predate humanity and according to Islam are hateful (some of them) towards humanity. They hate to be noticed. Once they are then prepare for a wild ride if they are mean.

I feel taking a Christian or Islamic outlook lessens one's ability to fathom this phenomenon as much as a skeptic's does. I am not anti-Christian or anti-Muslim (though I do not think much of either now) but jumping the "evil" card is the same as jumping the "nonesense" one.

However, as a word of caution try not to enter into a conversation with them or invite them, please.

Yes, I've heard these stories too. I wonder if they are really bad karma, or maybe the Shadow People aren't religious (not trying to be funny here).

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:38 AM
reply to post by GoOfYFoOt

Thank you for taking the time to post this. There is a lot of good information in there. If I left anything out that you feel is important let me know.

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