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Obama: Master Hypnotist of The Cult of Hussein [OWWC]

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 06:51 PM
Would it be cause for respect or resentment if you were to find out that the leader of your Nation was the greatest con artist in the world, but also the greatest mentalist?

For the last time as President of the United States of America, Barack Obama went through an elaborate pre-speech mental routine. He'd be giving his farewell address, this January 2017 evening.

America wasn't in great shape, but it would survive. This was part of the plan.

President Obama allowed the depths of his mind to find the proper tone and wavelength to connect with the highest number of Americans. His last speech would be his greatest, it would secure him as a hero among Americans and one of history's great leaders.

He visualized thousands of faces he'd met throughout the country, normal people. They all smiled and nodded as he spoke, nearly to tears in pride.

The only objective left was to clinch high favorability among the population. Building a lasting trust, and therefore a backdoor into their minds for decades.

More important objectives had already been accomplished.

Barack Hussein Obama had been raised in the Cult of Hussein. The group had been around for millenia, headquartered in Kenya, and claimed lineage to the last leaders of the ancient civilization Lemuria. President Obama's father had risen to high levels in the Cult.

The Cult of Hussein had the world's greatest schools and teachers of mentalism. They were able to hypnotize, persuade, incite emotion. The best of them communicated telepathically with near perfect precision, and did so from half a world away.

President Obama was the best of the best. Even now, he was receiving power and blessings from thousands around the globe and the energy filled him with the capacity to make a phenomenal speech.

President Obama used his talent for hypnotism to broker a peace deal in Palestine, creating a dual state. He used it to complete a treaty with the Chinese committing them to match dollars with America in a world peace and poverty eradication initiative.

All of these accomplishments were manipulation, not negotiation.

For centuries the Cult of Hussein was content to stay in Africa, with minor branches around the world. But with the creation of the nuclear bomb and a climate change threat, a plan was put in place to control the world once and for all.

This plan involved one of their own being born in America and rising to the presidency. It was not difficult to execute. Even the smartest minds around the world were not immune to manipulation. Once in the White House, the Hussein representative would travel the world putting everyone under their spell.

Creating the villain of Saddam was part of the plan, creating a confusion and ambiguity with the name Hussein that allows for easy infiltration.

The Cult of Hussein would stay in Africa and live as they always had, but with no more fear that the rest of mankind would ruin the planet for everyone.

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 10:25 PM
Very interesting. I liked it.


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