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A Message from the Future: Purity

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 03:26 PM
This is a fictional letter from the future that regards what we must do as a whole to achieve purity. I just wrote it.
Here it is:

You enter New York City, now not named that. In fact it has no name. It simply exists as one small part of Earth.
There are no bright lights in this place. Simply torches that we hold. Street lights are out, and no giant television screens.
Most of the screens were reused. You can still find fragments used in house windows, and even the blades that the poor use to carve their chickens.

You enter the White House and there are no guards. There are no fences. Anyone can enter. Politics is a community effort, with no spokespeople that have power that isn’t created by the people.

The laws exist, but only through our values. Free choice surrounds us and we can speak even if we have no voice.

The focus of money is pointless. You, from the past, would not go around collecting trash to attempt to trade it? Currency is pointless in a world where sharing rules us. There is no power other than the combined effort of Earth as a whole. What you put into your own life is what you also put into Earth. If a brother is not helpful, then you are not doing your part.

We work as a collective community. “Iraqis” and “Americans” embrace and break bread. The labels you use are pointless in this world. We learn about them in history lessons, but they cease to exist at present time. Iran? Israel? What are these places? Why are borders created if only to cause us to fight and compete? We are one nation, one planet. We are Earth.

This is the future. However, it depends on you. These statements I have made, these facts and portrayal of love for all, rely on your cooperation. You must free yourself of money, greed, and power. You need to share your lands, your materials, and your knowledge. For if you continue on the path you go down now you will only bury yourselves.

And if this message disappears at any time, it is not a flaw in the postal office, or the manipulation of time. If these values I deliver ever are forgotten it is a direct result of your choice to continue down your path. I myself will not exist, for I am a representation of community effort and united strength. I am no human. I am purity.

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