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Charlie & The Creation of Evil

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 01:53 PM
Hey it's Ghostx here. i just wrote this in the last 30 minutes or so and wanted some thoughts on it. This story represents the creation of evil through a boy named "Charlie". It is fictional, but hopefully will display the need for evil so that the good in life is made relevant. It is portrayed through the thought that if you didn't have dark, you would not have light. If you did not have sadness, you would not have happiness.

Here it goes. Enjoy


Hello. My name is Phyllip McLorson. You can call me Doc. I am, or was, the psychiatrist for a young boy. I was responsible for his wellbeing, the intake of his thoughts, emotions and perception of the world. This began when he was very young and continued until 'the event'. When he stopped communicating to me I felt like a failure, that I was responsible for so many deaths. Yet I now realize that it is not my fault or flaws, but his power that has changed this world. This is the story of Charlie, as I know it, with included input from others as well.

Charlie was a normal boy, but only in the sense that people perceived him to be that way. If you were to look into his mind you would not be peering into anything ever recorded fully. For how is it possible to accurately describe a mind that consists of trillions of unique thoughts, from different people?

Charlie's physical attributes are irrelevant. In fact they are always changing and simply cease to exist in any form, at least at times.
However, in the beginning his physical features did matter, and his mind was something that you could study. It was only after a huge mental realization that the changes began to become visible to him, and others. And it is around that time that this story starts.

Charlie grew up with a normal family. They did not have any unique skills or anything like it. His father was a plumber, and his mother was just a house wife and caretaker of Charlie and his sister. His sister though disappeared at age twelve, after a unique incident.
He went to school like others, or at least physically. Afterwards he would play with the other children, but it was a play that they did not enjoy. When you look back on Charlie's upbringing you will find yourself staring into space, questioning all that you know.
His body was physically present, and he even spoke at times. Yet before 'the event', when Charlie would still communicate with me, he never had any recollections of attending school, or playing.
Memory for his peers though, consisted of experiences that cannot be dismissed as petty even by a serial killer, terrorist, or something who has experienced the extremes of human nature.

It is from a boy named David that we hear about the following.
"When Charlie lost a game, or felt unheard you knew it. You did not have to watch the game or even participate. Your body locked with fear. It was this odd fear; it wasn't like there was a snake in front of you, or a gun was pointed in your face. It was fearing that everyone was about to change. Pain flowed throughout your body, as if a toxin of sorts was in your veins; but also your bones, your muscles. Your mind. Your thoughts ceased to exist, and you suddenly knew that this was not temporary. It was permanent. Or at least would be at some point or another. It was the gaining of knowledge that everything you love will soon be gone."

I spoke about these times of 'play' a lot with Charlie. However, he simply could not remember. The closest we got was when he was put in hypnosis. Through the sweating, screaming threats of murder, and fragments of thought, I realized one thing. Charlie was not playing a game. He was creating the game. It was control that he needed. The thought that people could POSSIBLY beat him was not a motivation to improve his athletic, mind, and other abilities. It was what caused him to strive to take away the control of others and make it impossible to interfere with him.

Hypnosis was tough for him and as he grew his mental capabilities he became less physically responsive. Instead of thrashing, he would simply lay there. He no longer told me he would murder me and my family. It was a huge improvement. Or so I thought.
At first during these hypnosis sessions, I would later find misplaced items or something as simple as a new homepage on my computer's internet browser. I thought I must have been hacked, or reset my browser by accident. Or simply misplaced a pen, or folder. At first.
Soon though, it was not a Yahoo homepage changed to a Facebook page. It was pictures of my family being my background, when it used to be my dog. If you are curious my dog unfortunately died the first week of hypnosis as I ran it over when drunk driving. And it was not until I murdered my family that I connected the dots.
These hypnosis sessions were calm physically, but mentally challenging; not for him, but for me. Afterwards, it was like MY mind was altered. My subconscious was reprogrammed. And it did not make sense. Until it hit me. It all came back to control. My attempts to "control him" were not acts of help, but attacks to him. He was fighting back in the only way; taking my control away.
And that's exactly what he did.
Yet, this is not the event.
When I went to prison I realized that the murder of my family was his doing, his control. The accident with my dog was not alcoholism or carelessness. It was him. However, as a prisoner in a 23 hours a day in your cell facility, nobody believed me. So in prison I remained, and it is in prison that I write this story.

While in prison 'the event' happened. The event occurred after Charlie's sister, previously named Lilly, snitched on him for trashing her room. By this time Charlie's parents were more aware of these 'accidents' and their son's unique ability to control, and alter his surroundings (people, objects, etc).
Yet they punished him. And he listened to them. He did not take action against them. He respected them, and balanced his inner evils with their logical structure.

His sister though was not so fortunate. She disappeared when she was twelve and there were no records. The police follow up didn’t conclude anything relevant except that she was there, and then she was gone. I have been luckier, but nobody listens.
As far as I can tell, the process went something like this.
Lilly snitched Charlie out to their parents, the good, structured guardians. Charlie resented this and he needed control. However, at this time he knew he was unable to control everything, at least by his current methods. He could not keep track of every human, animal, and object he had under his control. At times people would get out of his reach and thus his controlling power of them disappeared or faded significantly. He had to take away people’s free will completely if he was to be the all powerful. He took Lilly in.
He did not take her into his arms, but into his being, into his mind. Her physical form disappeared from reality, leaving no Lilly to speak to others - unless Charlie let her. From the event onwards, Lilly lived inside Charlie. Her desire to help her struggling, and brother who acted out, was clouded by Charlie’s evil and “need” to protect himself.
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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 01:53 PM
Lilly still lives inside him, yet she is known as Charlotte now. She is simply an aspect of Charlie that comes out when he needs to prevent people from working against him. His evilly clouded form of help instills itself in the minds of his targets, and prevents them from ever working against him or sharing secret information that he reveals to them.
At times she IS seen physically, but always faint. I think this is just a portrayal of Charlie’s act of keeping her mostly controlled by him, but present enough to interact with others besides himself.

After the event, the minds of many others changed. It was actually for the good; well it depends how you look at it. Criminals became inclined to listen to their bosses, prostitutes to their pimps, and family to prioritize their siblings, children, and parents over everything. Even justice.
The act of Lilly’s transformation into Charlotte, an aspect of Charlie (evil), was apparent in the minds and values of everyone. Truth became dusted. Yet Justice still existed. For Charlie never killed or inherited the spirits of his parents; or so it seems.

As Charlie grew into a powerful man, his physical form also disappeared. He realized that remaining in a body that can be destroyed is simply illogical and dangerous. For him to truly exist he must be void of anything that can be damaged, ruined, eliminated, or controlled. He thus moved from his body, but not into a spirit. He converted into The Spirit. He became the beliefs, and set of internal values that would be relevant to everyone’s lives for all of eternity.

He simply ruled. And to rid the world of him, you would have to deconstruct every foundation and core that people and animals are born with. You may alter someone’s actions, but to change their inherited (from Charlie, the guide from above) values is something that is very difficult to do. And if you change one person’s views, you have billions more, and every single baby, animal, or object created in that very moment as well.

As I sit in prison right now I can see how my views have changed. Instead of focusing on self growth, even my own views have changed! I have always valued friends, family, and objects. Yet, now it rules me. I am unable to appear at fault. I cannot comprehend the feeling of betraying someone. Yet I still remember. I recall the times when justice was above all. When integrity was something to strive for, and personal beliefs were protected by me and prioritized over the defense of friends and family; no matter their flaws or aspects that needed improvement.
Charlotte is an internal inclusion into my every day life. And my every day life is ruled by Charlie. Evil. A need for power, escape, and control. I thought Charlie, the boy, controlled my thoughts and actions when I murdered my family and killed my dog. Yet through my studies there have been cases of people defying the power of Charlie, Charlotte and evil. Justice exists. Yet when I committed those actions before prison, I did not rely on the justice that still exists (through Charlie letting his parents live/exist) for guidance. I willingly chose to follow the evils.

Charlie is just an influence. He worked towards control, but his choice to include justice in the world hinders him from doing that. Eventually his physical parents did die, but just like him they became part of The Spirit. They too live within us. However, Charlie also gave us the biggest contribution. He gave us the choice to be good, or to be evil. He gave us anger, and a desire to control, to avoid reality, and lose our morals. Yet with that, he also gave us the choice to seek justice, to improve ourselves and those who surround us. He turned the “color” of good to “light, bright, and white” by giving us the comparison of evil. Black. Dark.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:09 PM
This was a very interesting tale.

It gave me something to chew on concerning the existence of good and evil.

Thanks for some much needed inspiration on a difficult day.


posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by isyeye
This was a very interesting tale.

It gave me something to chew on concerning the existence of good and evil.

Thanks for some much needed inspiration on a difficult day.


You're welcome, I am glad that it helped you out. I am about to write up a quick Key to what each character represents - meant for reading after the story.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:39 PM
Symbol / Character KEY: **This is meant for reading after you read the story, so you can better understand things if you are confused**

Name/Symbol: What they represent
The story itself: The creation of evil, and inclusion of good, and it's presence in everything.
Phyllip McLorson: The outside world that is affected by good and evil.
Charlie: The creator of evil, and evil itself how it exists now.
Lilly / Charlotte: The strive for improvement, and helping others and how it is often clouded by evil.
Charlie's parents: Justice, and the guides of "good".
Prison: The container / results of our actions.

Other things explained:
-The dog wallpaper changing to his family represents the implanted thought of killing his dog.
-The changed homepage to Facebook represents Charlie's thoughts of influencing the entire world, instead of Phyllip's personal life (represented by his personal choice to make his HOME-page Yahoo). It spreads farther than Phyllip.
-Phyllip not able to get out of prison. The authorities are seeking justice, but are dealing with the results of evil instead of choosing to deal with evil itself.

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