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Foreign and Local Powers

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:00 AM
This is crazy, Netanyahu he thinks we are just someone easily to move in any direction, he has what! what good a bank do if we decide to denounce money and bank on trust only... I learned the bank BS a long time ago and never use them ever.I seem to live better with no BS. These banks only rule because we give them the money which makes them powerful, so how to resolve this matter, dont bank your monies, dont give them any support and see how fast Israel is easily moved to the right or left. I use to support Israel very much, but since 2001- 9-11 i learned who they really are. I dont support any country or its beliefs when based on terrorism, and so far even my country and Israel has shown they are capable being terrorists as well which is the reason I don't vote for criminals to rule my country... and so What we need is a hard working farmer who knows how to build, construct and repair and support its people, who has not been corrupted by political corruption,we need to look beyond those who are labeled educated in law school to run our countries, half of them have no clue because they are raised in corrupted families and will continue the family traditions.
I strongly believe its time to look outside the political box and run our country, because its more likely they will get the job done and not worry about foreign affairs, because at this moment I dont give a damn about anyone outside of America, we need to rebuild our country how can we be destroying others and rebuild them while we wither away..Its time to end this madness and take America back. thats my view.

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