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Obama Advisor Admits: 'We Need Death Panels'

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posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by HauntWok
reply to post by The Old American

he same taxation that Obama promise not to do, yet did anyway.

Exactly when did Obama raise taxes? Please, send me the link to the magic piece of paper that grants the president sole power to raise and lower taxes.

Seriously, where is this magic tax hike that the president alone signed into law without congress even looking at it.

My guess? There isn't one, and this is just more right wing media propaganda, propaganda without any fact to it whatsoever.

So, please, send me the link to this magic tax hike that Obama himself put on the American people without any input or involvement from Congress.

Of course, NOT raising taxes is going to hurt this country more than keeping the Bush Era Tax Cuts going. Remember, these are unpaid for tax cuts, with no cuts in spending to offset the hit to the budget. YET, somehow, conservatives think that lowering taxes continuously without curbing spending (hint military spending) is all OK.

But hey, keep listening to the right wing pundits lie to you constantly, keep believing the bull, no matter how absurd, or how easily debunked.

HauntWok, meet Google. Google, meet HauntWork.

Here are the NEW Obamacare Taxes (Emphasis mine.)

It's good read. You probably won't like it, though, because it proves what I was saying.


posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 11:00 PM
I happened to be off in an entirely different direction of research this evening and for a different thread when I came across these two items but in terms of the sheer damage The Affordable Care Act does fiscally and socially, it lays it out pretty clearly. First, the Tax issue. I was a little hesitant before because while I knew I'd seen this information, claiming something without backup around here is a real bad here's the back up.

First, the direct taxes and such which are directly programmed into the ACA (Obamacare).

and over all fiscal impact with this chart....

I wish I could claim credit for the charts, but the site that supplied them can be found here and went MUCH further than I did our could with my own research threads. Ahh... the difference a staff makes. lol.... The point is, a visit to the site will show they are one of, if not THE most heavily sourced and documented collections of information I've ever seen. I've never even seen anything that extreme in College and academic sites, and I've seem some doozys. These guys put a ton of time into it!

There is also one other thing I came across, as noted...

24 July, 2012 letter from Congressional Budget Office to House Speaker

That's worth a read and puts into the dry, precise and absolutely mind numbing detail only the CBO can seem to manage, how their figures put the cuts much closer to 700 Billion on existing Medicare services while adding a sickening amount to annual budget deficits and a whopping total over 1 trillion of money out within the coming years. Don't ask me...I just read what the Government writes about itself.

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