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Discussing Lindsey Williams last message from his elite friends

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 04:47 PM

I dont know where all of this is going to end - but you cant fault Lindsey Williams for trying to warn everyone - but the cold hard facts is - Theres nothing anyone of us can do about any thing Lindsey is talking about ... pay off your house - A No Brainer - with what ? -- Buy Gold and Silver ok another brain thrust suggestion ... again with what ?
Booze - Guns - AMMO - Broads - Cigarettes - Food (I think will be worth what ever amount of gold and silver your request) - the problem is no one will have silver to buy them.... less than 2% have less than 1,000$ worth of these metals.... Copper could be worth a good amount about half the value of silver... might want to stock up...

and lets say we did - whats to stop them from just saying they own the place and move the BLIP out...
this one was release on Aug 24th...

here is his latest presentation: Prepare to meet thy God Humanity...

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