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I Was the Real-Life “Girl Interrupted”

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:31 AM
reply to post by otherpotato

Wow... just wow. I wonder how many people who get admitted were really victims of "visitors"? I never thought of that.

I have thought of that since and I suspect it is way too many. It is way to easy to blame these problems on made up diagnosis giving tptb an excuse to give you a pill or lock you up.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:35 AM
reply to post by otherpotato

I didn't know Prozac was an SSRI but I have been on others I knew were. Took me 2 months to get off it and will never take another. In fact, if I am ever desperate enough to take any thing it will be one of the older meds that actually replaced seratonin. I asked my doc, how can a SSRI help you if you don't have enough seratonin in the first place. He had no answer.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:35 AM
It happened to me too.
I was 15. I was new in the area, at a new school, and didn't know anyone. Another student asked me if I wanted to hang out with him one day, when there was a free concert across the street from school. Everyone was going, so I took the chance to try to be social.

He took out a joint at one point, and I agreed to smoke it with him. Later at home, I felt like I was hallucinating seriously.... because it was nothing like the effects of pot, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, or psychotic break of some sort. I went to my mother and stepfather and told them so.

They immediately took me to a psychiatric hospital. All the same sort of system, three days evaluation, in the locked ward (amongst the real crazy lifers) was traumatuzing enough! Turns out the joint had had PCP in it! The guy had told me so after smoking it, and I didn't believe him- I thought he was joking! I didn't think real people really DID drugs like that!

But even so, they ended up milking out insurance for all they could. They did a full battery of tests, and proclaimed the results were not clear- they didn't show any real problems, so I must have been lying.(after reprimanding me and ordering me to be honest in my responses) They made me go through them all again, and ended up pronouncing a "possible Borderline".

My parents, being shrinks, scoffed at that and said ALL teenagers can be classified that way!
They put me on anti-depressants. I enjoyed the therapy and all that. But both me and my parents got to see how the system was abusing things. My parents were disgusted to see all the kids there were basically normal- but they all had screwed up parents that just didn't want to deal with being parents!
They wanted someone else to do it for them.

Since my stepdad was the professor of many of the staff, he was able to get me out after about six weeks. But it was all a fight and ALL about the insurance money. The treatments mostly turned around therapy for me to learn to assert myself and to become more rebellious" as a teen should be"! Sessions where I would be told I had to yell "NO" each time the therapist said "Yes" would get staff running to look in the windows to see if they need to come grab me. That was humiliating. I'm a Carpricorn, I just like order, authority and following rules.

So once out of the locked ward, I didn't mind the whole strict system and did fine there. But being in the middle of the real crazy ones had a big impact on me. After that, my mom went to work in a state psychiatric facility, and I spent time going with her a lot. It was very educational.

Now my stepmother works in a facility for the criminally insane, and I went there with her a few times last winter. Some of her patients are even famous murderers! But those places now have nothing to do with the hospitals that were making money off teens in the 80's.
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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 12:55 AM
Careful folks for the 'State' NWO folk are just itching to find an excuse to label someone a 'risk' to society for not going along with their sinister plans and playing as 'good subjects' as seen here. There are too many private, for profit psych ward, 'wellness centers', well as some State Fema camps with many vacancies waiting for a few more souls to waste. Many of the employees at these centers, are sadists and/or were Victims themselves in ways you most likely weren't made privy to (ie. the 'tradition' of hazing) and enjoy watching folks suffer.

Ditto for the reason the 'news' on the tele most often show the 'bad' news rather than the good so folks may feel 'good' about their own place or 'condition' in life while at the same time this subconsciously/subliminally or neuro-linguistically programs/encourages/blablah the divide and conquer agenda of those whom wish to enslave/subjegate and or destroy you. This should be apparent by the way society is being grossly mismanaged by some with far too much fiat currency and no common sense or sense of decency unto 'a' Neighbor

As far as the field of psychology/psychiatry is 'concerned', those most talented in these fields have it hard-wired into their genetic makeup and find no 'need' for instruction from one book or another written by publishing houses that tend to be owned by those that don't have 'the people's' better interest at heart. Just look at your history books for one fine example, then burn them when you find the need of some kindling for the Fire.

Never been to a 'facility' personally though the psychopaths behind the NWO could use a few months of therapy though unfortunately their fundage, influence and contacts within the system keeps them from getting the help they direly need. Stay far away from pharmaceutaKills and irradiating testing devices. Natural medicine, organic food, spring water, family relations or the family 'unit' (where found) and good lovin from the heart should do one wonders.

Long topics brought up in this forum and many good points made, no need to reiterate, though the link above and the embedded links therein should set one on the right path. It is the intentional breakdown of the family unit and society itself that is making folks go bonkers these days. Less time in front of the tele and more time in nature with some meditation to 'ground' oneself while seeking one's inner voice while asking for divine guidance not a bad idea either. Try not to be so hard on oneself for being just another victim of such a cruel world though that is too change in short order; stick around and smell the Roses and may you be as bud unto another. Try speaking to the 'Soul' of another rather than the 'container' they find themselves in and a whole new world of meaning will be seen/known for what it was or could have been all along.

L8ter and Take Care!
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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:15 AM
These type of things happen from flaws in the system, providers know exactly what they need to do to work that system as well. I've seen it first hand; in the same way as Bluesma...dirty marijuana. I don't know what it was laced with to this day.

I was awake for about a week, ended up shaving all the hair off of my body including eyelashes. People didn't seem right either...but then again I probably didn't seem right. I ended up in the ER, not for a psychotic break but because a family member thought I had a broken hand, and took me there...after sitting for what seemed like forever in a room with a police guard outside the door and receiving several injections of ? I was wrestled to the floor by several police; hog cuffed and thrown like a sand bag into the back of a police car and carried over an hour away: rear windows down in January in a little bare ass type of gown...I was taken to a private inpatient facility. Needless to say the cop took some of his frustrations out on me for his buddies...possibly for high fives later.

When I got to the facility I was barely coherent, he tried to cuff me to the bed rails; and the older female nurse wasn't having it and made him leave...despite his protestations. I woke up 3 days later having seizures, got some type of injection and they quit, the nurse that gave the injection was also the same one that night when the cop brought me in. She said it's nice to see you awake; no one thought you were going to make it through the first were completely blue and your vitals kept crashing from losing blood. I noticed my wrists and ankles were scabbed and bruised; from the cops carrying me around by the center cuffs when hog cuffed. For some reason; I could not speak for nearly a week. They had me on something for the seizures, I was having from either what the ER kept injecting me with, or head trauma from the police brutality.

I had a court hearing for some reason inside the facility, the attending psychiatrist whom I had never seen before; told the judge I thought I was a cat and tried to commit suicide before I was brought in, and some other things I didn't catch because; I was trying to think when I could have thought I was a cat or even seen this person saying this...and suicide? Weird..., I still couldn't talk at this point, so when the judge asked me if all of this was true; I just shrugged, I couldn't remember anything before waking up having seizures. The person representing me said my client is mute. The judge said: The involuntary commitment recommended is agreed. Good luck to you sir.

It was at that point I realized why I was taken into the one told me I was about to have a court hearing, the representing me just said: You have some where to go for about 10 minutes, come with me...small talked me with; I'll bet you could stand to look at something else besides this room for awhile yeah? So when I got back to my room, I started to try and recall everything from the ER up to this point. The diagnosed me but I don't know what with, I took several pills and would get a shot when a seizure would come on...when it seemed they weren't going away it was switched it to an oral medication. My mom showed up at some point, and she to the staff trying to keep me there; said my son is an adult (19) how can a judge order me or anyone to pay for his stay if it is involuntary?

Saying that they realized she had them by the balls...they urged her to apply for disability and medicaid, saying that I was permanently disabled and couldn't afford medication or outpatient care if I was released, and had her talk to some billing specialist...mind you the basic daily care in this place was 3 grand. So, they filled out some paper work and basically handed me a paper bag with what came in with me and showed me the door.

My mom tends to believe anyone in medicine no matter what they could be a janitor mopping the floor of a hospital giving the "advice" so I was started on disability against my will, apparently the judge ruled in writing that I was to apply so I would have the insurance to pay the bills...for my stay.

It was deemed to be a Toxic Psychosis, and the outpatient doctors I had to see...again written into the court ruling; kept trying to convince me I was either Manic or Schizoid etc etc. apparently, this informal court hearing that took less than 5 minutes stole my life away, I wasn't able to read or see any of my medical records or anything related to the court hearing...when asked why. They said I didn't have any right to; that I was a ward of the state and my records had been sealed.

So for over a decade I resigned myself to the position they chose for me, I human guinea pigged over 100 different medications, almost died a few times from bad combinations and committed a few more times due to these experiments. I finally had enough of it, moved to another state, and haven't taken a single psychiatric medicine in around 8 years.

Edit: Sorry if some parts are confusing or if things are misspelled or key words left out; I just typed it out in one go and didn't proof anything.
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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 05:02 AM
This is absolutely awful,outrageous and disgusting. It makes me really angry to hear this and quite glad we have a national (not privatised) health service in this country. The greed and corruption that stems from privately owned services is huge and I think is a lot of what is wrong with this world in general these days. I am surprised it took the insurance companies so long to twig they were being scammed, ususally they do everything possible to not pay anything out, which would include checking the validity of the claim and costs involved. Were all the staff/doctors involved struck off for misconduct and deliberate misdiagnosis? If not they damn well should have been.

Well done you for now having the strength to stand up and tell everyone what happened to you. I can see from many of the posts that you are indeed not alone and I hope that in comming forward you will not only help resolve any issues left from your experience but also help others to do the same and not feel that they are alone.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 05:13 AM
I know that everyone is trying to be sympathetic to you here--and well they should. You went through an absolutely unfair and horrendous experience---all in the name of profit.

But I'm not going to suggest that you forget the past and wax poetic on your time at McLean.

You should be MAD. You should be incredibly mad. And you should use that anger to write about your story. Don't worry that someone else already wrote a book about their experience there. For one thing, it was long enough ago that a new book on the subject would be fine....and for another thing, more than one book can be written about any experience or topic.

I'm actually a published author who knows a lot about the publishing world, so PM if you want some help.

I'm incredibly sorry that you went through such a thing. On the flip side, I know someone for whom we could get NO help. The state of psychiatry in this country is barbaric---at the very least. The history of our mental institutions reads like some gothic horror novel. And while there have been some improvements over the last fifty years, it is still far from ideal.

I think writing about it would be cathartic to you. You need to put this experience into some sort of perspective...and it must be hard to do, because it makes no sense. It has no context.

I hope you do write about it, OP.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 05:52 AM
reply to post by otherpotato

I have seen this from both sides. My stepfather had me commited to the juvenile unit at Fairview Riverside in Minneapolis to get me out of the way. He had my mother absolutely CONVINCED that I was homicidal. His real concern was that I was questioning why his paychecks were being cashed at a local bar (found this out from one of his employees' kids) and that he claimed money was being stolen by me when he himself was spending it on coc aine.

He was a worthless man who couldn't lift a finger to help around the house and it gets a lot worse than that, but after this incident I never trusted him again in any capacity and neither did my mother after she came to the full realization of just how badly she had been manipulated.

I am happy to say that I was one of the lucky ones, and even though I was treated with a lot of unnecessary drugs like zoloft, paxil,buspar,prozac,depakote, and many others not approved for those under 18 (not that they should have been used at all! But there are reasons why a still developing brain shouldn't be exposed to certain chemicals!) the staff , (excluding the idiotic psychiatrist) who were usually young kids just out of college or grad school (as it was a teaching hospital for the University of Minnesota) were very kind,respectful, and I'm also pretty sure that they knew about the insurance fraud going on. I was out in two months and still have a bunch of artwork from OT. I am still baffled as to how a Dr. who has spent all of 15 min. with a person over a 2 month period can be allowed to prescribe medication after medication...happened all the time and still does. Back later to describe working with disturbed people during my later years...peace out

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 05:59 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

Thank you for sharing your story.... boy that "therapy" sounds mighty familiar. We used to have this thing called called "MFM" (Monthly Family Meeting) every Wednesday night. All the parents, siblings, grandparents (hell maybe they even encouraged the neighbors to come) would gather in a big circle in a room....and just sit there, looking at each other, not talking. The psychiatrists would say nothing. The "families" had to talk first so if no one did you could sit there for 20 minutes in silence. Painful and bizarre.

PS - PCP could definitely lead to mis-hospitalization. I had a "surprise" like that once. Took me three days to feel normal. Can't believe anyone would "sneak" that one someone.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 06:01 AM
reply to post by Bluemoonsine

Thank you for the link - saved to read when I'm not supposed to be getting ready for work. I try not to be paranoid but sometimes paranoia is what can save you later...

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 06:07 AM
reply to post by BigBrotherDarkness

Wow. Now that's the system in action. (And I could follow your story just fine).

Your point about not being able to get access to your medical records resonates. I always wanted to get my records from McLean but never tried. I remember when I mentioned it once I got the run around that I would have to see them with a doctor because it wouldn't be appropriate for me to read them by myself. I am truly curious about the things that were written on those pages. Don't even know if they exist anymore.

Thanks for sharing your story.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 06:50 AM
I don't want to thread jack, but I also do not want to start a thread on the same topic. I do want you to hear my story, because you are not the only real-life Girl Interrupted, you have no idea how many times I've referred to myself that way.

I was committed for Anorexia. Like you, my father had no idea what he was signing. At a heavy 82 lbs I was escorted by two giant police officers to the floor of the ward in which I would be spending too many months than I care to remember.

What they don't tell you, is that there is no real treatment for Anorexia outside of Anorexic Specific Rehab. I was also a Freshman in highschool. When I saw the movie Girl, Interrupted years after "getting out" it was like watching my life. It's been my favorite movie ever since.

I was without a roommate for about a week, thankfully. The floor was a mix of boys and girls. 14-18 like you. I was given pills that were different every day and never got an answer as to what they were. They took my blood constantly, in amounts so high it kept me lethargic and light headed.

"Checks" are real. The first few weeks, that door swings open every twenty minutes all through the night with an angry nurse yelling "Checks". That is no exaggeration.

There is a rainbow of crazy. From people literally trying to eat fruit off the wall to depressed cheerleaders that took a bottle of aspirin to "lifers". One of my best girlfriends was a lifer...much like Girl, Interrupted. She egged me on, we got in trouble together, we did it for sanity...until she ended up inevitably sedated and in isolation suicide watch where I would sneak past to look at her in the window eyes glazed over and lifeless. I was Winona Ryder and she Angelina Jolie.

I was sexually harassed by the boys in the ward from the minute I walked out into the "TV Room". Another thing people don't know that is when foster teenagers don't have anywhere else to go, around here, they slap them in the Mental Institutions. No one will take them anymore, and they are the WORST. Worse than the truly insane.

I learned the first morning that this would be survival of the fittest. The older boys would get up as soon as breakfast hit the table and take it ALL. All of it. Fruit became a method of currency, gum, and the ultimate...the benjamin....nicotine patches. If you didn't beat them to the table you didn't eat, so as someone committed for Anorexia basically the only way I could get out was to eat a certain amount of calories a day, be kept in a room until it was too late for me to puke, and gain a certain amount of weight. See the difficulty here?

The locked freezer with ice cream sandwiches for our good behavior (which ... apparently we never were) was the holy grail. Luckily, as an anorexic, I had access to this pretty much all the time. Otherwise I would have had nothing to trade that didn't involve my body.

My roommate eventually came, a foster teen. I was thankful for her, she didn't understand me but she adjusted to the atmosphere and helped me through a lot of absolutely terrifying situations that went on in there.

It was a month before I even saw an actual Psychiatrist. He spent ten minutes with me and didn't mention anorexia once, he had no idea who I was or what I was in there for. I then saw him once a week for the same amount of time. It was maddening.

The things that you come up with to do in a mental institution may sound crazy to some, but it's the only way we stayed sane. Ironic, isn't it? My lifer best friend and I would sit a chair about four feet away from the barred and chicken wired windows in her room and free fall face first into the window. Then we would fall on the floor and just giggle until we eventually got put in different isolation rooms. It was the only adrenaline we got to experience.

God FORBID you get someone else put in to isolation. I did this once, a boy kept teasing me saying "If you are so anorexic why are you fat" over and over ( I was 82 lbs and 5'5) . I finally told the nurses and he was there for 24 hours. I paid for that.

I can't believe they let you shave at all, they didn't let us. When I showered a nurse had to sit on my bed with the bathroom door open. We got no calls. We were promised "outings" but we never got them. We NEVER left. My experience was a nightmare. My family tried to get me out at one point too and all it did was make things worse. I had to sit and observe those who got out, those who didn't. I had to listen in on room visits by psychiatrists, befriend nurses and my nutritionist. I had to learn how to lie, and manipulate, WELL. I had to fake my way out of it. Not for the sake of not recovering, but for the sake of getting any worse.

I have a million stories about that experience, but that's the summary. Just know you aren't alone in this, you are telling my story in this thread. Stars and Flags my love. .

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by MRuss

Thank you for your encouragement. I have had waves of anger about this, and a lot of that isn't about the effects on me, but the effects it had on my family, especially my mother. The poor woman had to drive an hour each way to see me just to have a drugged out, stonewalling daughter who wouldn't talk to her. She gained about 20 pounds and barely slept during that time. I can't even write about what it put her through without getting teared up... My mother is the strongest woman I know.

Thank you for your offer of writing support - I may take you up on that. I'm a filmmaker and also considered writing a screenplay, maybe to film later when my daughter would be old enough to play the protagonist (if she ever decides to act that is...she seems to be a budding drama queen already!) I also considered doing a documentary and capturing real stories. The outpouring of stories from this thread makes me seriously consider doing that. I'll have to research if there are any similar themes in existing documentaries. I've never some across one.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:53 AM
reply to post by ValentineWiggin

Thank you for sharing - I don't consider it thread jacking at all. I truly did not expect to hear so many stories from others and I am SO glad that is what's happening. Really grateful.

The eating disorder part of my experience was a whole separate experience. I can remember going to meetings with the girls downstairs (first floor was for the eating disorder girls - I couldn't go there because I was too young, you had to be 18+). The meetings always became a competition: who threw up the most, who binged the most, who lost the most weight, who took the most laxatives, who punished themselves with the most bizarre exercise rituals, who exercised the longest...instead of helping me overcome the illness it just reinforced it more. Group therapy for eating disorders is the worst idea ever in my opinion.

Then there was the "dietitian" who stands out as the biggest piece of crap provider I had while I was there. The woman had the nerve to tell ME she was going independent and that our bill would be separate from the hospital. She tells me, not my mother. I had no idea what that meant. It took my mother years to pay off those bills...from a woman who offered me no help whatsoever.

I am actually not a big fan of Girl Interrupted, mainly because I'm super picky about movies, or maybe because I felt the story was overly sensationalized once Hollywood got its hands on it. Life was far more boring inside then they portrayed, the people were far less glamorous. I tend to prefer "One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest" even though it's not technically my story (and fiction to boot) because it feels more poignant and captures an essence about the situation that "Girl" failed to deliver.

And then there were the relationships forged there, like you said. I shared some of the most intense moments of my life with people I never saw again. They saw me at my ugliest, my rawest. They heard me scream and scream like an animal for over half an hour in the quiet room. I wonder sometimes what happened to them.

Oh the stories...I could just go on and on. That book is sounding more and more like a good idea.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 08:02 AM
reply to post by bangoli

I am happy to say that I was one of the lucky ones, and even though I was treated with a lot of unnecessary drugs like zoloft, paxil,buspar,prozac,depakote, and many others not approved for those under 18 (not that they should have been used at all! But there are reasons why a still developing brain shouldn't be exposed to certain chemicals!) the staff , (excluding the idiotic psychiatrist) who were usually young kids just out of college or grad school (as it was a teaching hospital for the University of Minnesota) were very kind,respectful, and I'm also pretty sure that they knew about the insurance fraud going on. I was out in two months and still have a bunch of artwork from OT. I am still baffled as to how a Dr. who has spent all of 15 min. with a person over a 2 month period can be allowed to prescribe medication after medication...happened all the time and still does. Back later to describe working with disturbed people during my later years...peace out

Most of the staff at McLean were young too. We put many of them through hell. I often wondered how they could derive any satisfaction from this line of work. Some of them were just doing a rotation and couldn't wait to rotate out. But some genuinely cared, genuinely tried to help.

The drugs make me the angriest. We live in such a pill popping culture - magic pills fix all ills!!! It's as if people think getting a prescription somehow validates them as a person. I am constantly horrified at the types and doses of psychiatric meds that people take without doing any research into them at all (and reading the "patient insert" is NOT research). They don't understand that that pill you just took is prescribed for seizures but "off'-label" it appears to possibly sort-of maybe help with mania.

Some day I may do a thread about psychiatric medication. I have done a lot of research in my day. It is both fascinating and utterly disturbing.

Oh and I have a whole box of ephemera from my stay. I haven't looked through it in at ten years. I should bust it out when I get home. Who knows what's in there.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by otherpotato

I also had a Psychiatrist that saw me each day, and though I liked therapy and would prattle on non-stop, he would actually fall asleep during each session.
When I came in, I guess the PCP was effecting me, (because they found it in my urine sample) but I wasn't violent or anything, everything just looked weird and it was scaring me. Like to look at my own hand, it seemed foriegn to me, and that made me think I must be crazy.

But the problem, they said, was that once I was brought in, I had to go through the whole long process of evaluation, by law. Even if they found out it was just an allergic reaction, or a drug induced state. Even though it was my choice to come in, and the cause was found, and my parents wanted to take me out the next day, they couldn't.

That was where I think it was a real abuse of the system! Constant delays in having this or that doctor bring in their report was enough for them to milk the insurance for thousands and thousands of dollars!


I personally do not feel huge anger. I was not abused otherwise, the staff were decent, and I actually enjoyed the stringent discipline and structure. I think that was the case for quite a few of the kids there, who had been mostly ignored and neglected in life (if not outwardly rejected and abused).

I don't think this is going on so much anymore- it has turned to medications at home instead.
But I think it is worth looking at the times, and the generations that were involved back then!
Our parents, while we were little, were watching blockbusters like Rosemary's Baby, The Omen, The Exorcist...
They were celebrating the birth control pill and legal abortion.
When my mom saw The Exorcist for the first time, she had to leave the theater in the first 30 minutes, because, she said, Linda Blair looked so much like me. She would look at me with horror once in a while and comment on how much I look like Linda Blair.

Our parents were contemplating how great it is to be childless, and if parents today worry their kid might have ADD or Autism, back then? They had images of demon children to worry about, deep down. The slightest problem (a moment of talking back, a rebellious staying out too late) and the first thing parents would do is panic and be quick to get the danger contained somewhere else.

I think this wasn't a good atmosphere for many kids to be in, and for some, the hospital at least took them out of that.

The worst effects I saw was that-
All kids in adolescence are looking to define who they are, how they are, get attention feedback to reinforce that.
What gets attention from others is reinforced then. A lot of kids would just take the "crazy" image and just run with it, playing it up for all they could.

Some of them weren't crazy when they came in, but started to be so once there. It made me see what my parents often told me- "Crazy is a choice."
Which the drug companies today will loudly oppose.... but the fact is, it hasn't been determined yet which came first- the chemical imbalances, or the thoughts and emotions. Chicken or egg type of thing.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by otherpotato

Im not gonna lie, your story scared the hell outa me. I cant stand in movies and stuff when people are accused of being crazy and get treatment as such, and to hear a real life account of such a situation made me $h!t bricks. even though i dont know you, I'm glad to hear your doing ok, and its good your able to talk about your experience, supressing it would be very damaging. God Bless.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by bangoli

This is a cont/ from earlier post. FLIP SIDE: When I got older I ended up working with former foster children and psychotically disturbed adults. Most of the staff didn't read the case histories like they were supposed to, and if they had they would have found a lot of missing pieces of the puzzle as to why some of them exhibited certain behaviors; especially the lying and manipulation that is a LEARNED SURVIVAL MECHANISM. Some experienced severe trauma at the hands of foster parents,state hospitals, etc.

Most of the people I worked with were over 50 and had been through things that would make you sick but I will give a few examples. Michelle, one of the younger ones,was placed in foster care when she was under a year old. Every time she cried a stun gun was applied to her genitals. Mary, age 58, had her teeth removed because she kept biting the orderly who repeatedly raped her. Some of the men had strange hoarding behaviors--everything from socks to newspapers to napkins to q-tips to pens and paperclips. This was from having no access to any personal effects. Alice ,age 62 , had a hysterectomy at the age of 22 for no discernible reason other than sterilization. (I had full access to social/family/medical/institutional histories and case notes. Some were truly bizarre and made no sense whatsoever..Some had entire sections missing or blacked out, though it's illegal to do that now. If you make a mistake while making case notes you must draw a straight line through the text and initial/date it.)

Hysterectomies at young ages were a common theme among women of her age who had been institutionalized. Other reasons I believe these hysterectomies were performed was so that staff didn't have to "deal with" their monthly cycles, they could be used as guinea pigs, and in cases of rape the chance of pregnancy was nil. Another woman, Katherine, was thought to be incontinent by subordinate staff. The truth was that when she was forced to go on outings that she had made clear she did not want to participate in, such as church, she would wet herself so that the entire group was forced to go home.(Way to go Kathy!) Since the time of mass institutionalization of this population there has been much progress made (RULE 10, RULE 40, ETC.) and efforts to integrate them into the community where they belong. I do take exception to the fact that many institutions are notified in advance of a "surprise" inspection from DHS.

Another major problem is massive staff turnover due to a number of things: A lot of people who apply for these jobs seem to think it's nothing more than babysitting and quit after a month when they realize that ACTUAL WORK is expected of them. A lot of employees are frightened by the residents and just not cut out for this type of work(though they will lie through their teeth as to having experience with severe autism, traumatic brain injury, severe bipolar, downs syndrome, self-injurious behaviors,etc. ) and do not take their training on how to properly and legally deal with difficult situations seriously. Turnover also didn't help the residents trust anyone or take them seriously. Would you? The employees who do stick around become very burned out and overworked. The thought of these vulnerable people at the hands of other incompetent derelict employees was the only thing that kept me going sometimes. The medication errors alone were enough to make me want to strangle some of them. We also had a triple lock system in place for schedule II and III medications that still seemed to disappear somehow. Despite all of this I was very happy with my job and the residents were very happy with me. I knew I was a very valued employee because I was not only trusted by the administration, I was also trusted by subordinates who knew they could come to me with problems and concerns that would be taken seriously without fear of reprisal and that I would keep their confidences. I am also happy to say that I was very involved with the prosecution of Robert Schauerhamer, a very evil man who molested many of the people under my care while they sought his "therapeutic" services. I did not mean to derail your thread in any way, I just want you to know that there ARE people out there willing to advocate for those who don't have the power or voice to speak for themselves during their periods of extreme vulnerability. And speaking for myself, I WILL CONTINUE to advocate and fight for the abused , the vulnerable, and the forgotten. I will hunt their perpetrators down and demand justice, or at the very least I will expose them for what they are. My professional record in this area speaks fir itself and I am not afraid of any sort of retaliation from anyone,anytime,anywhere. Good Luck and everything DOES happen for a reason. Perhaps you can now begin to help others

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 09:58 AM
I appreciate your story. However, I have been false diagnosed / in therapy since I was in elementary school. I have spent 818 days, or just over 2 years in treatment in the last 5 years. It was helpful. I made mistakes and I learned my lesson. 9 months is a significant time in one place. However, I went from living in the woods for 10 weeks and 5 days, straight to another treatment for 364 days (plus other treatments elsewhere). I am still in treatment, but with much less restrictions and I refuse to take medications.

The treatment of you was obviously harsh, and I am not discrediting your growth and feelings towards your treatment.

My treatment was funded by my parents, never the state or insurance. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have gone to treatment places and most of the time my parents were giving that money because they "trusted the professionals". My opinion, even when coming from a stable point of view, was never valued and hardly is at the moment. However, through this treatment and intensive medications I have become a great man, with great values, and currently am sober. I have seen myself go from being awful at succeeding in life, to great at it.

Now, my situation is different. However, an eating disorder is a good reason to get committed. I know quite a few people who have gone for around 9 months to a year in facilities like yours because of eating disorders. Not having access to sharp objects, or having to be monitored is normal. After every time I shaved I had to do a full body check in one treatment. in another we could only use electric razors. In that electric razor treatment we could not even possess shoe laces, use staplers without being monitored, or use any sharp objects. In most of the treatments except my current one and one other: we were watched 24/7, never leaving the staff's site unless we had reached a certain "level" based on exceptional behavior.

While you have obviously done a lot of work, I ask you to really think back to what you DID do to get yourself committed. Regardless of the fact that they kept you there for regardless of your behavior, make sure you also focus on what you would have worked on in a more appropriate facility (your eating disorder, concerns, issues, etc).

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 10:14 AM

Well, that metal hospital kept you there for a little more than just collecting insurance money! Back in the 60's, they pull the same stunt for their MK Ultra program, snatching kids for no good reason then experimented on them. But the official story as always been that it was all for the insurance money and then only the hospital is to blame. Notice how they don't get on trouble either. Reality is that this is a government run program and those hospital get way more than just insurance money.

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