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Interconnection - Chapter 9: The Theory Of Everything

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:42 PM
"Well after I stole that file they tracked me down and I had to go on the run. But before that I uploaded that file to a secret server. When things seemed to cool down a little bit I found a public phone box and called TheDoctor because he was one of the only guys I could trust. He told me he knew a guy who might know what to do with the file. I was captured by the FBI shortly after that call." TheDoctor explains.
"Did you even know what the file was?" I ask.
"I know a little bit about it. For example I know that this TCAT application we are using right now is based on the same technology... but I don't know exactly what the file I stole did, I couldn't work it out. All I know is that I was being paid a lot of money to steal it." Kulsan answers.
"You were being paid to steal it? Do you know who was paying you?" I inquire.
"Unfortunately I don't... the client preferred to stay completely anonymous. You know how they are." Kulsan replies.

"You were being paid to steal virtual reality software. That's what it was. I figured it out. They used psychotronic principles to create a full fledged virtual reality experience. Multiple people across the world can connect with each other in a virtual world. It's like being inside an online video game. I actually experienced it myself. I busted into one of their secret virtual meetings." I explain.
"That's totally insane brother. This stuff just gets crazier and crazier. It's like I'm falling down the rabbit hole here, into a world I could have only dreamed of. But it's real... and based on real science. That reminds me... a lot of conspiracy forums are buzzing with theories about your broadcast. Some are saying it was joke and others are saying the Illuminati cut off your signal before you could release the truth." says Kulsan.
"Well the latter group aren't too far from the truth. I don't know about the Illuminati stuff but I do know the guy who cut off my signal is involved in some real deep #. These guys aren't messing around. It's hard enough to believe they were able to crack my TCAT system, let alone blow up that satellite. They've got skills I'll give them that." I reply.

"By the way did you hear about the mass shooting in Aurora recently? There's also a lot of conspiracy theories about that being some sort of mind-control mk-ultra thing. You don't really suppose the suspect was being controlled do you?" Kulsan questions.
"I did think about it actually... the circumstances of the event were suspicious. Apparently he was found waiting for the police right near his car, and then he told them his apartment was rigged with explosives. That seems strange to me. I also heard rumors of a second suspect. And how the hell did he learn to rig up all those explosives?" I answer.
"Do you know if this technology has the ability to control a persons thoughts?" Kulsan asks.
"Well... not exactly. It can be used to hypnotize people. It basically works like normal hypnotism. You emit a signal which causes the subject to hear certain instructions over and over again. I used that technique to help break you out of prison. However it's generally not possible to make a person commit murder by using hypnotism. Their own morals and instincts override the instructions of the hypnotist." I explain.
"Well maybe they know how to make it work against their will?" Kulsan posits.

"No I don't think so... hypnotism isn't flawless, the subject can always break free. I don't honestly think they would risk that... not with a mass murder operation anyway. But there is one more way I heard of... in that virtual meeting they spoke about a project where they could remotely insert the consciousness of one person into another person. They were going to use it as a military weapon, so they could control unwilling subjects from a distance. But they were still working on it at that time, they hadn't successfully achieved it." I reply.
"And the rabbit hole deepens yet again. That is just creepy man. I really hope there is no connection between the shooting and that project. If they've managed to develop technology like that they will be capable of unfathomable evil." Kulsan responds.
"You don't have to tell me... I've been fixated on stopping these psychopaths ever since I learned about that. This technology could be so useful for mankind but all they can think about using it for is power and destruction. It just sickens me." I grumble.
"Don't worry brother we'll deal with it some how." replies Kulsan.

"Now before we finish up this discussion there is one last article of business we must discuss. May I ask how you became so skilled at hacking?" I inquire.
"It's funny you should ask that. I was always a decent programmer... but some where around the start of this year I suddenly got a lot better. I had some sort of weird fit at my computer after looking at a trippy image and ever since then my IQ and problem solving skills have increased exponentially." answers Kulsan.
"Just as I assumed... the same thing happened to me. It's some sort of rapid evolutionary transformation. All humans have some sort of untapped potential... but I've been told there are only 5 of us so far." I explain.
"How is it that you know so much about all this stuff? So we are like some sort of super humans or something? I better start wearing underwear on the outside of my pants!" Kulsan jokes.
"I'm serious though. We need to work on discovering who the other 3 people are. If you learn anything about that let me know ok?"

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:42 PM
Day 221.

"Our electricity bill is reaching ridiculous levels because of your stupid over-sized computer. Are you trying to calculate the Theory of Everything with that machine or something? I don't even know how you manage to afford this." Sarah complains.
"Oh don't worry about it, I told you I'm making a lot of money now with my internet projects. But you got me on the Theory of Everything... every now and then I try to calculate it." I joke.
"You want to know what I think. There is no Theory of Everything because nothing really exists." Sarah replies.
"Well that's a bit pessimistic sweety... but clearly I do exist right now. I think therefore I am. I'm not sure about you though. You may be a figment of my imagination." I respond.
"Haha, smart ass. I think I'm going to be late therefore I need to get going. I'll see you when I get home." and with a kiss on the cheek Sarah leaves for work.

The last few days have been rather uneventful. Kulsan has been setting up a secure base of operations for himself and the three of us have been developing our next course of action. Since we are now a three man team we decided it was a good idea to create a name for our group. I decided to go with "The Order Of Chaos". From this point on we will work as a single cell, and our actions will be tagged as the actions of The Order Of Chaos. Our goal is to expose the truth and create opposition for black budget Government hacker cells. Until now they've operated in the dark with little to no opposition or transparency. That stops now, now they have an enemy, and that enemy is The Order Of Chaos.

These people will regret the day they decided to set out on a mission to technologically terrorize the people of the world. Now their own secret weapon is going to be used in the fight against them. And the first step towards our defeat was about to take place. After I finish my breakfast I sit down at my computer and notice I have an alert from one of my slave computers. All the slaves in my botnet are installed with software which will scan for any software which might be designed for psychotronic applications, if such software is detected on any of my slave systems I will be alerted by that system. I initially did it to track down leads on the creators of the technology but I didn't expect to get any hits.

I quickly gain remote access to the machine via my botnet trojan and locate the offending files. Upon quick inspection there's no doubt these files are the source files of psychotronic software, but I'm not sure exactly what this software is designed to do. I wont be sure until I do some tests with it. I also notice that this slave machine has a webcam, and it is on... but all I see is a small empty room, what looks like maybe a hotel room. The clues suggest I am connected to a laptop located in a hotel room some where. A geographical IP look-up tells me the hotel is some where in New York but that's the most specific location I can get.

After looking through the harddrive it seems this machine is rather new, the operating system has been recently installed and it doesn't have much data on it, only a few programs are installed, many of them are programs you would expect a programmer to use. There is nothing on the machine to indicate who owns it. Maybe if I look up some of the hardware serial numbers I might be able to track down who purchased this machine. I have a few sources who should be able to easily get me that information. Also interesting is that the machine has a fingerprint scanner. I can extract the admin fingerprint and run a search on that too by hacking into a police database.

For the next 7 hours I sat there watching that webcam to see who would walk into that room. Little did I realize there was already some one in the room who had been sleeping all day just out of sight of the webcam. As the person walks into view my eyes are fixated on the screen like a hawk. A women appears, and she's still half naked. For a millisecond I consider the morals of watching her like this... but I don't think that is really important right now. I need to know why she had that software on her computer. This is the one lead I have, the one way of getting closer to the people running this secret operation.

After a few minutes she sits down at the computer with a coffee and stars checking her email. I log her username and password as she types. She has a few new messages, most of it looks like nothing but one of the emails contains encrypted text and it has been sent from a .gov sub address. She writes down the encrypted text by hand with a pen onto a small piece of paper and then deletes the email. By this point it's clear there's something important in that encrypted message. Too bad for her I'm experienced at cracking sophisticated encryption schemes. Let the cracking commence.
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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Argh.....Left hanging again!

I'm thinking the woman is team member #4. Gotta wait to find out.

Keep it rolling! Good stuff.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 04:46 PM
Excellent story so far, almost does seem surreal!

Can't wait for more, hope this actually makes you some cash!

posted on Oct, 10 2012 @ 09:03 AM
Keep up the good work ChaoticOrder.
and thank you. when will the book come out?

why does Eve not tell him who the others are?

this woman !
I think you wont us to think shes a spy.
But it is the hacker that is the mind wipe spy.
sorry if I spoil your storie.

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 10:20 AM
Great story so far. I would buy the book.

I look forward to the next segment.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:11 AM
Thank you for all your kind comments. I will try to get the next chapter out within the next couple of weeks.

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