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A Question For Thomas Crowne.

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posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 01:29 PM
I have just dug up this post that I made a while back.I wanted to know if you felt that my story was more or less likely to come true,taking into account recent developments.
If you remember you asked me to supply a plausible scenario for the US taking over Oil in 3 major Gulf states.Iraq,Iran,and Saudia Arabia.
Iran is now being blamed for backing groups in Iraq and US troops are leaving Saudi Arabia.

My original response follows:

Blueprint for US control of Gulf Oil

Empire Definition:Supreme and extensive political dominion. Oxford English Dictionary

I must start with the premise that the US is Imperial.Because this premise is contraversial I will take a little time to explain why I believe this to be fair.

The purpose of empire is to enrich the citizens of the imperial country with the goods and natural resources of other countries.Through out time there have been many empires but broadly speaking they fall into two catorgries.
Type a)Unsucessful,examples would include,Napolionic France,Imperial Prussia,Hitler's Third Reich,and the Soviet Union.All of the above were either unsucessful or stillborn.The most important reason for this,I believe,was that all areas under their dominion had to be heavily occupied.This is very expensive as well as being costly in terms of manpower.The Empire must continually expand or it can not sustain itself continual expansion is impossible and the empire collapses.
Type b)Sucessful.Examples would include,Roman Empire,and British Empire both of the above expended relatively little resources on military occupation.Once a country became part of the empire establishing trade was uppermost.There are major differences in the way the Roman and British Empires worked that is because as civilisation evolves the Ideal model of sucessful empire must also evolve.
This now brings us to what I believe is the latest incarnation of empire.The United State of America.No sucessful empire initially seeks to be one.It's just that one day you look at what you have and you realise that you have become one.And so it is with the USA.
Just because a country is not colonial doesn't mean it is not Imperial.
The USA controls:The seas,The air,Space,World trade,The Internet,Modern Navigation.English is the lingua franca of the 21 century.The US Dollar is it's currency.But the one thing the USA does not control are the greatest reserves of fossile fuel in the world.Essential to the continued prosperity of it's people.
When the Roman Emperors were great generals.Rome fought battles.When Vespasian(a great book keeper)became Emperor Rome traded,And so it was not a surprise that when Bush,an oilman,came to power he looked with envy toward the Gulf and plotted.

It had been over ten years since the end of the cold war and relationships with countries that had been stategically necessary and convenient back then now seemed to him difficult to justify especially when those countries had something that his people needed and especially when it seemed to him the citizens of those countries bore such hatred for the USA.And for what?Their obsession with Israel.When would they learn that those cards had been dealt?They were backward people always looking backwards.
September the 11th 2001,that was a day he would never forget.Well if that was the way it was going to be.On the heads be it!
Afghanstan had been easier than even he had thought possible.His troops were still stationed there and the new government were totally reliant on the USA for trade and security.When he looked at a map of the area he realised that there had been other benefits to that campaign.Afghanistan now linked nicely with Pakistan another country that knew how things stood in this brave new world.Turkey to the west he had troops there too.Kuwait,Qatar,and the UAE all had given him whaty he wanted anyway.Priority access to there oil and gas.The real jewels were in Saudi Arabia,Iraq,and Iran and he was paying too much for this oil.He didn't mind paying for it but he didn't like being screwed.His people needed that oil.His own Alaskan oil was expensive to get at and transport but it was still cheaper than what these arabs were charging.
Iraq was the easiest to deal with and it was better to deal with them first.A new UN resolution was sought and passed not that he needed one but it was better to keep everyone on board for as long as possible.When the Iraqi's failed to declare two Chemical weapons sites that his own surveilance cameras had found six months before, he called a meeting of the UN security council, produced his evidence and along with Britain demanded immediate action.France and Russia were both unable to stop it and the council unwillingly assented.The attack was quick and devastating.US troops occupied Baghdad in two weeks and a western friendly government set in place.The trade embargo was lifted ostensibly to help the newly liberated people of Iraq with help from Enron and BP.This made the US President smile,The price of oil per barrel hit a twenty year low.
The marsh arab in the south of Iraq had their part to play in the next piece of Bush's plan.A small ,up until then unheard of,terrorist group claiming to represent groups of Arabs in Iran became active.Their sudden appearance was explained by the new media access in Iraq.Iran sent troops down to the border region and put this unrest ruthlessly down.The US claimed that some of this action happened across the Iraqi border,though this was never proved.US troops entered that area of Iran to end the humanitarian outrages that the western media showed nightly.Iranian troops defended against this territorial intrusion and full battle was joined.There could only be one outcome and that would lead to yet cheaper oil prices.Bush smiled to himself it was now time to consoladate his gains.He would not move again until after his re-election.

The international terrorist threat was still upermost in peoples minds.The similtaneous explosions of dirty bombs using radioactive medical waste in the US and European capitals had sent shockwaves across the world.That Saudi citizens funded through a minor member of the Saudi royal family appeared to be responsible played nicely into Bush's hand.The people of that oil rich country deserved better.Didn't they?

Excuse the spelling mistakes that appear glaring now.
Well are we on that road?

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