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Chavez's opposition 2012 - Pictures

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 07:25 PM
I just wanted to show my fellow ATSers the very important election (for me) in Venezuela! New president being elected this 7 of October!

I really would appreciate that people who like Chavez and do not live in Venezuela, has not live in Venezuela, do not have any family/friends/etc living there and have very little knowledge (just by news) that if they are going to debate the images presented then please, have good arguments.

I do invite people to question and comment in a nice manner. All in the name of learning! Eh?

I would show you some images here from the campaign of Capriles Radowski in various cities in Venezuela.
In Caracas today, it was estimated about 1.5M people attended.

Caracas Populacion: 5.905.463

Caracas, 30th of September at around 1:30PM

Stage is at the end of this picture, picture take around early afternoon

people still arriving from 3 different points. At about early afternoon

Now from different arts of Venezuela:

San Cristobal: population: 282.164 hab.

Coro: Population: 258.264 hab.



In another city, Barinitas, there was 3 people shot dead by government sympathisers. They came to the campaign of Capriles and shot three people dead who were also leaders of the campaign in this city.

What is at stake on October 7 if not asphalted street, what is at stake is not whether I have given away and will not have given me, or if I'm angry with regional leaders, or because we fight or because I distanced myself, or because I'm tired. No, what is at stake is much more than that, comrades. We're playing the life of the nation
Chavez, Maturin
Chavez: No matter gave the house or not, what matters is the homeland

This is what he said to people not too long ago (about 2 days ago) So, your life doesn't matter, it doesn't matter that you haven't succeeded in 14 years, that everything is bad but that the nation is on game. If you don't vote for me we are all doomed... (?)

Chavez is the biggest consumer in Venezuela, now selling the Venezuela reserves in international banks so when they go, they have enough money to sustain themselves. All people on the higher ranks are with Chavez.

It was reported yesterday that people that work in the public sector.

I can show you a demonstration picture as well from Chavez side. Of course, its a lot of people:

But this is why:

Those are private buses and the ARMY AIRPLANES

This is how the opposition travelled today in Caracas:

Chavez is the biggest consumer in Venezuela, now selling the Venezuela reserves in international banks so when they go, they have enough money to sustain themselves. All people on the higher ranks are with Chavez.

It was reported yesterday that people that work in the public sector, received calls at 3AM to vote for Chavez.
Many people have been blackmailed in voting for Chavez.
This are few of the reports received by the people working in the public sector.

Another thing of which you guys will have better perspective. The Consulate of Venezuela in Miami closed. There were about 20.000 Venezuelans registered to vote, 98% of those voters on the 2004 elections were against Chavez.
It was advised to people to travel to New Orleans to vote. Hows that?

I am very much looking forward to your opinions and I am more than happy to answer questions. I must spread the world to outside Venezuela and tell as many people as I can! If many people knows, the elections will be more transparent. In 2004, we didn't have Facebook and Twitter. This, in God's will/Mother Nature/Force/Whateveryoucallit, we will win this elections and I will come back to my land as many others are planning as well. A beautiful place with perfect weather and sea. Invest money in my country and make it work with all the knowledge I got from living abroad and the massive drive I have to make my country what it deserves! With the oil we got and the reserves we have and teh geographical position, we should be better than Dubai!!



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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 07:28 PM
I apologise for the countless images but images do speak for themselves!!!
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Anotehr image:

About 3-4pm
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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 08:48 PM
You Know Chavez is going to win again,and it will be a landslide. The people of venezuela are being screwed. He is going to cheat them out of a win once again.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 08:55 PM
Chavez is ahead by 10 points in the poll. But even if he wasn't he would still find a way to win. He has the control and has been pretty good at keeping that control.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 10:53 PM
The people I have talked to when I was there said they like him. The information you get here in the US is so far away from what the reality is. I would like to go back next year.

I can say this much. They certainly seem to take elections much more seriously and respectfully than we do.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 05:36 AM
The only thing we can do is organise ourselves better and we have to be transparent with all information.

What we are doing:
Everyone that could was registered to vote. There was a massive increase in voters for this election.
people are NOT leaving the place where they just voted from. People are going to take care of the votes even more than ever.
People are twitting and Facebooking in masses. I am going to be one of those people filming all the action from where I can vote.

The last elections, we elected the deputies (?) for congress. We won the elections by numbers. For the primaries of the opposition, we got a lot of votes!! A lot of people participated.

I reckon we have a great chance of winning. We have a great candidate, we have a lot of organization and a lot of people coming out. There is also the people (like my friend) who cannot attend demonstration for the opposition because he is in the public sector working and cannot be seen but! Once elections arrive, voting is secret, so he can vote for Capriles.

I hope you accompany me in this journey this week and I will keep you posted! I can see a change coming! I cant wait to go back to my country!!

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 05:45 AM
reply to post by Grimpachi

Tell me a little bit of information of who where they and what they worked at (no names needed). There is ways of finding out who is with him. They are either: working in the public sector, they are the ultra rich who need to support him for obvious reasons (if not he will expropriate whatever they got), they are Cuban/Iranian/Chinese/Russian which they have been brought to Venezuela, given IDs, so they can vote. Or they are people who see more the stupid projects like: cablecar that doesn't work, the few schools and universities he did, the change of flag, emblem and money as a huge success.

If you see this as a success for a president to be reelected when we have had to take 3 zeros out of our currency so it doesn't look so devaluated, our inflation is growing, we have 50 people average being killed every day, the morgue in Bello Monte in Caracas have had to pile up bodies on top of each other and are so full that the whole neighbourhood stinks of rotten! The houses that have been built they ALL collapsed due rain (good infrastructure should collapse because of rain), the absolute power by the government. I can go on really... too much!!

A lot of people have been said to: "If you vote for Chavez, we give you a house" This happens every year but people are being smart. Give me my house now and "I vote for you"... they wont! How a government can use the necessity of people to manipulate them! Its disgusting!

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 05:54 AM
reply to post by Grimpachi

You live in Florida.

20.000 people from Venezuela live in Florida. The largest population of Venezuelans in the US.

98% of those voted against Chavez during the last election. Just so you have a perspective of them.

My father got fired because he voted against Chavez during the previous elections, a referendum to take him out, and had to flee Venezuela just like the majority of those who live now in FL.
He is now back in Venezuela because he couldn't get used to Canada. Getting a job in Walmart stacking boxes (not that is not a decent job) was no match for his 25 years engineering skills and experience.
He got a favor by a good friend who has connections with the government to be taken away from the list. Now he has a job.

The government at that time got hold of all the people who voted against Chavez and fired every single person. They were around 5 million people. Some of the people were very bright minds and are now a success in US and Emirates. That list is called: "List of Tascon". Luis Tascon was full-on Chavista but then reverted and express his concern for the government. He later died of colon cancer.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 06:45 AM
Hola Chamo

I have worked in Venezuela and know the place somewhat well.

Venezuela has the same problems as do many countries in Latin America and for that matter the North Amer. and also Europe. The nations are a mix of nationalities and classes. That family in Caracas with its roots in Spain from 200 years ago has no connection and careless about those living on the slopes all around Caracas. The poor who are in the majority had no say for a long time Sorry but that is what I saw and what I understood from my conversations with the locals. Right or wrong, that was my impression.

The people in Florida are not the dwellers on the slopes. They are the second tier and the upper tier of Venezuelan ruling class. Hence as I see it you have the classic Class problem. The Venezuelan people with all that ,so loved in the US, diversity are an easy target to divide and easily manipulate. There is no way out. The upper class will not give up and the lower class if it can will fight to get what it feels it is being denied. Catch-22 and something those people at the bottom of the Mt. Avila who do not go to church just love.

Their brothers did a hell of a job on Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. Read up on it from as many angles as possible and you will see that the game of divide and conquer is rolling on. Their chief weapon is Credit and if that does not work it is "manipulation" to armed conflict.

The means to manipulate are numerous and you will never know who initiated the "manipulation".

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 07:41 AM
Venezuela, just like most of the world wont be heading in the right direction as long as it continues its reliance on an economic model that is so flawed in its roots...

Capriles has a lot of Zionist accusations and that deeply worries me... and according to wiki he is a "self-professed devout Catholic"... I'm sorry but all these things worry me... it seems to me you are just getting another puppet that will screw the country more... there has only been like 1-2 decent presidents in like 100 years I doubt that will change anytime soon.

As long as people still think they need a president/prime minister/king/queen to rule them they'll be slaves... Venezuela wont be free until its people understand this philosophy so, Capriles or Chavez? to me is the same thing...every country has a ruler, I feel this trend will come to an end in the coming decades thanks to the power of social media.

With Chavez I feel the country will stagnate and stay pretty much the same for a while... with Capriles I feel that things will get better for those still on the "chasing the American dream" boat but as with all other economies using this flawed system, it will come crashing down sooner or later while destroying a lot of our culture and making a lot of people victims of the side effects of "the American dream", this could be debt slavery, high reliance on pharmaceuticals, introduction of GMO's, introduction of Rothschild Central bank, chemtrails, higher taxes, more taxes, etc...

Capriles or Chavez?... ummm... whoever wins will be overthrown before next term, I can smell it.

Hope that makes sense to you and hope you realize Capriles just seems to be becoming Venezuela's Obama in 2008... another false hope... another dissapointment... just be prepared for this.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 07:57 AM
Xality - concur with your view.

It looks like it will be a painful trap for one or the other group. For sure it will not be good for Venezuela overall.

There is No America Dream. It had a nightmare as its foundation. Years and years of lying and murdering of the real owners of these lands is the foundation. The Indians. Karma must be burned out. Nothing is forgotten. The only good would be to return what was stolen and TRY to start again. But "they" will not allow this without first burning down the house.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 08:37 AM
reply to post by Xality

I am really sorry but we are not United States or Europe.

We want a new president that can change the current laws so we are allowed to trade national and internationally, we cant even do that now!

We dont produce anything. Have you even read the manifesto from Capriles? You are repeating exactly what Chavez people are saying: He is a zionist! HE ISNT A ZIONIST. He goes to church, he prays to Virgin Mary infront of everyone... yes, his family was from the holocaust but so was most of people's families that are now in Venezuela who came during the 2nd world war as Venezuela opened its gates for everyone without visas. Look up at last names in Venezuela, you will find Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Hungarian, all of possible combinations.

We need a new [president period. We don't want the same guy over and over again, we want change every 6 years! Its enough! We need other people with new ideas. We don't recycle, we don't save water, WE DON'T PRODUCE ANYTHING. We import coffee from Brasil; milk, butter and meat from Argentina, vegetables form Colombia and Ecuador, we literally don't produce anything and we have one of THE RICHEST soils in the world, we could do completely anything.

With Chavez the country hasn't even progress at all, the country has gone downhill. Did you know you have to ask permission to take your money out? Did you know you cant exchange money to other currencies? Did you know the current dollar (official) $1 = 4.30 BFs and in the black market its double where most of the people have to exchange money as you will need to go through the most bourocratic system in the world to change your money which allows you only $1000 per term and only $200 per month cash?
Did you know that if you have other properties in the country, the government takes them from you because you most "share your wealth"

The problem is not the next president, the problem is to take the monarchy out!. Because Chavez is a monarch!! WHo does as he pleases. There you see his daughters showing off her dollars in twitter and having photographs taken beside Justin Beiber when he visited Venezuela. OH but, I though they were anti-US?????

If they were really anti-US they would do like North Korea, completely block US from Venezuela! No oil to US, no US companies, no US restaurants, no US drilling the oil from us, no US setting companies of cement, minerals, etc in Venezuela. No tv from US.. wow, we have a lot of tv from US!

Now you all are comign here with your stupid conspiracies that he is a zionist? THE PEOPLE AROUND HIM which are from AD (a political party) they went to Israel to meet the prime minister and Capriles IGNORED them because he doesn't want to get involved. They want to back him at all cost so this political party can rise again but Capriles doesnt want any association from them. I bet you didn't read that!

We know about conspiracies too people and we dont want anything to do with crazy countries nor Israel or Iran. We just want to produce like before NATIONAL products, we want to make the oil work for EVERYONE, we want better life! How can you even think that 50 deaths a day, increment of like triple from 10 years ago, has nothing to do with the government?
Chavez gives weapons to the people to support him, There has been about 50 billion dollars spend on weapons only! WHY??

American dream? What American dream? The one with the right to have a life, to not be paranoid, to offer your children a future? Well thats not that difficult is it? We dont need fancy cars, fancy houses. I am sorry but our culture is a lot less materialistic than yours up north. We dont think like that. We have EVERYTHING WE NEED, its just difficult to go out at 12 pm and not be shot in the head!

My friend got shot dead 3 weeks ago because they wanted to steal money from him. Why? Because he is from a rich family. They went to his workshop, ask for money, he said no and then there you go one life gone. Money now is more valuable than life in Venezuela. His family is devastated. The shooters were 16 and they will not get justice because they get congratulated by the Chavistas for shooting an "Imperialist" and "Oligarch"
Thats what we want to fight for, not houses, our cars, or nice television, or the stupid "American dream" we WANT A BETTER LIFE where I am not paranoid that my parents are living there and I am constantly paranoid for their safety.

If Chavez does win, I probably will bankrupt myself to bring them here at all cost but before that happens, I pray and all of those people in the pictures are praying and we, we our positivity and with our votes will take him out. Then you will see that all of those Venezuelans living abroad who have worked their asses off and that have invested a lot of money in your countries, will go back to Venezuela and invest in the right place

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by Xality

There couldnt be a more disappointing thing that living Chavez there.

Your politics are very different from my country. Please stop having the US as a starting point. The world doesnt start there or end there. We are very different and Capriles... what do you know about him, do you go to wikipedia and search for him? Why don't you do yourself a favor and actually investigate from other sources what he is about? like his website? and translate??

Obviously no, at the end of the day, who cares what happens there? Oh wait, we got LOTS OF OIL... I guess people do care

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by tintin2012

WHy people keep talking about the American dream???? in this threat?

I know what the concept of American dream was when I lived in Canada in those perfect looking houses that are so boring and they all look the same! Or those big cars that were stupidly expensive!

We don't think like that! You guys consume A LOT OF crap! Something I never got my mind around. You produce and throw away 90% of your products. We dont! Go to any house and you see people having stuff from 20-40 years ago!
You know who do? The poor people in Venezuela, the people who went to "Mision Ribas" thinking that after doing an 8-moth secondary school diploma, they would be able to get a job. That after building University of Bolivar, after 2 years' course they will get a job. They are the ones that are well dissappointed.
I tell you A LOT OF poor people are against Chavez and the rich are with Chavez because they became richer!

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 08:48 AM
At least say a comment about the pictures instead of going on and on and on about Chavez will win.


posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 11:33 AM
reply to post by tintin2012

Sorry I only saw this message until now.

Got to see an objective view from the inside of Venezuela. It is very valuable!

I understand, and it is definitely like that but the poor as being lied to. They had so many hopes and that is why those people are forming milicias and killing for what they need. Their hopes have been shattered.

I think they will also vote against Chavez. Capriles went to those very slums and talk to people. He gets "in there" instead of talkign to people from television liek Chavez does.

Chavez lied to everyone. When he was first elected my family voted for him because we all believed him. Instead of making the country better, with all that money coming from oil, he could have done much much better. When he came to power the barrel of oil was only about $50.00 and Venezuela used to produce a very large amount of barrels per day.
My family extended family is very poor on my dad's side and they are all against Chavez now.

posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 05:51 PM
I was on the rally here in Maracaibo, a lot of people, like 50 degrees :S
I know about the PDVSA thing,spending public funds for moving people around the country, Soviet style.
My sister-in-law's boyfriend works in a Mercal in Tachira. and a cousin is a PDVSA engineer, and they were both forced to go to the rallies in Caracas,wear a red shirt, and travel +12 hours on a bus.

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