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Hillary: ‘Loosen Regulation’ Because ‘Too Many People Still Can’t Find Jobs’.....

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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 07:07 PM
Hillary says "Too Many People Still Can’t Find Jobs"..............

In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya !!!

Well yes that's true and she seems to be trying to justify .... well I don't really know ?

Can somebody figure this out ?

( - Speaking to a group of foreign ministers from Arab nations at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York on Friday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed support for loosening regulations, particularly on small businesses, because “too many people still can’t find jobs”--in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

In Libya, according to an estimate published in May by the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development [OECD], real Gross Domestic Product is expected to grow this year at a rate of 20.1 percent—or about 15 times the 1.3 percent annualized rate at which real GDP grew in the United States in the second quarter of this year. The OECD further estimated that Libya’s real GDP would grow by another 9.5 percent next year.......

Hillary: ‘Loosen Regulation’ Because ‘Too Many People Still Can’t Find Jobs’-In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya
(Includes video of Hillary talking)

Here a good part:

Libya, the OECD estimated, will have budget surplus equal to 13.6 percent of GDP this year. So far, this fiscal year, the debt of the U.S. government has increased by more than $1.2 trillion.
I wonder why That is ?

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 07:51 PM
Maybe should could get an appointment with "the One"; and pass on the same advice? Good for the goose? good for the Gander?

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 11:48 PM
What a hypocrite!

Free markets,capitalism,DEREGULATION is good for everyone else but Americans in this country, those who can't find jobs.

Always trying to have it both ways.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by neo96

What do you mean hypocrite? This is what the Clintons were all about when Bill was President. Bill Clinton is responsible for the deregulation that allowed Wall Street to become the beast it is now.

Translation for Hillary: Deregulate so American corporations can come in without having to bomb your country into chaos first. This should make wingnuts happy, but you guys just can't see past the D or R after someone's name...

Or did you mean deregulation to the point of Chinese labor conditions? You realize that is the only way that American Corporations are coming home right? Most of the businesses that closed up shop here in the US to relocate to China et al were profiting in the millions and billions before hand. But let's ignore all that and cheer for Romney's business sense.
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