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Questions You Will Not Hear During 2012 Presidential Debates

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by EllaMarina

yes the son of Al-Awlaki (not sure of spelling) was 16 and visiting his father when Obama ordered him killed via drone missile strike. There was never a jury, or a trial or even any evidence yet Obama ordered 2 us citizens assassinated.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 11:00 AM

Originally posted by AlexIR
reply to post by EllaMarina

It was a reference to an Al Quaida leader's son who was "droned" in his house althogh the CIA knew his dad wasn't in the house at that time, but they bombed it anyway, thus killing an innocent 16 year old boy who had no involvement with the terrorist group.

I think stating the CIA knew that his father was not there is questionable I would like to know what sources stated that. As for stating his son had no involvement is extremely questionable because his father is an Al Qaeda leader can you provide proof that he had no involvement. Being 16 in that part of the world does not constitute a child. At that age many have taken up arms. In many cases the only difference between 16 and 18 is only a matter of how much experience they have with a weapon.

Not to harp but there is a huge difference in cultures I think you are forgetting about.

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 11:56 AM
I would ask a simple question.

- Would you disobey your puppetmaster and tell us the truth ?

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:25 PM
You guys are great, definitely some awesome ideas. I hope some NBC or FOX (or whoever is hosting debates) producer is reading this and has the chutzpah to ask some of these questions during one of their debates.

As far as the Anwar al-Awlaki, I didn't realize his son was killed in that strike, as well. I think I did hear that but must not have paid attention close enough, I feel like that is something I should have known. Time to research!

I think the matter of NDAA and the actions that are being taken against American citizens may be the most important issue there is right now. We have serious problems, but once we ALLOW our government these powers, there is no turning back. And of course, both Presidential candidates support these type of infringements upon our Constitution.

Also, the ongoing wars that no one talks about anymore and the troops. THE666OCCULT is absolutely right on all points. We have all but eliminated the talk of Afghanistan and our troops still fighting from the public discourse. It is disgraceful. People are wrapped up in their lives, getting their children to school, paying the mortgage, and they have us worried the economy is going to collapse so of course they are going to pay attention to what is right in front of their nose, but here's the problem, what is happening OVER THERE is directly tied to what is happening OVER HERE. Our money is being spent to blow up and then rebuild nations, when we have cities crumbling here at home. And our men and women are putting their lives on the line to help another people, which is always admirable, but should be home here helping their own country instead.

We need to make it clear to these politicians that enough is enough.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:32 PM
Just a question to you guys.
Why Ron Paul did not make it ? He is the most sane in all of them. I dont really care from what party as long the plan is good.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:50 PM
I would like to ask Gov. Romney the following :

You have made the case for your qulifications as "knowing how to creat jobs"...

We are aware of your income being from your investments; as per the tax returns which you have released...

I would like to know from how much of this income is from investments which were into US based companies and how much is from foriegn companies ?

If a sizable amount is from foriegn investments, how can you talk about creating American jobs as one of your qualifiers for this office ??

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:57 PM
reply to post by NullVoid

My opinion is that many people did not agree with his ideas on foreign policy. The thing I admired and respected him for was how he was unwavering on his principles that is also why I couldn’t vote for him because on that issue alone I disagreed wholeheartedly about. My fear was that he would stick to his guns on that issue. ( no pun intended)

There is a documentary on Netflix called a The World without Us and it fairly depicts my own concerns on the matter. It is a good movie that I recommend that people should watch if you don’t have Netflix I am sure you can find it on the internet legally of course.

As a veteran I have been around the world more than a few times unlike many from the US and I have had an opportunity to see things many have not and I feel it gives me a more complete understanding of how the world works. I am no longer in the military but I still travel 6 months out of each year to different parts of the world and each trip brings me new perspective.

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by NullVoid

I have a lot of opinions on the matter, but when it comes down to it Dr. Paul was simply against the establishment and for that reason was a threat to the power centers of America, such as those who profit from war, those who profit from the Federal Reserve system, etc.

Ron Paul received the most donations from active military members, more than all of the Republican contenders combined, and more then President Obama. So they obviously liked his foreign policy, at least a good amount of them.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by PatriotGames2

One bone of contention with the thread title: these are not debates. They are sound byte fests. By no means is an American with any gray matter going to ascertain anything truthful of these men's character or what they think, how the feel, how they would preform, etc.

I say put them through the wringer. Have real Americans, not news whores, ask them non-canned questions. Make them sweat a little. Make them stay on the subject - instead of when they get asked a question about Iran they answer with something about gay marriage. Maybe taze 'em when they do that.

Maybe make them explain something impromptu. See if they really know what is going on.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Grimpachi

I think stating the CIA knew that his father was not there is questionable

I could be wrong, but how i understand it is, they knew his father wasn't there because they had already killed him a few days prior. The son was killed after the father had been confirmed dead. I could be thinking of someone else that was on the kill list or something else entirely, just what I remember...

Not to harp but there is a huge difference in cultures I think you are forgetting about.

again, I could be wrong, but memory tells me that they were from New Mexico originally and both US citizens from birth. They may have moved into a new culture but that doesn't change the fact that a 16 year old US citizen is considered a child by the government.

Also, as far as I remember, neither was ever charged with a crime. That might not be a big deal to some, but I feel like we should at least know why our government has killed a couple of its citizens, and I mean in specific language, all I have ever heard was to the effect of "they were bad dudes up to no good"

I am no way an expert on this but that's the info I remember. Hopefully some of that helps you with your research into the topic.

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by PatriotGames2

How about !!!!!!!!!!
1. Why is money a major factor in deciding who our representatives are?
2. Why are lobbying groups writing the laws of our country?
3. Why can't Americans know what corporations are contributing to our elected officials?
4. Why are corporations being protected under the US constitution since they are not people but were supposed to be created to serve the public interest?
5. Why is it any politicians whom don't belong to either the GOP or the DNC don't get to participate in electoral debates?
6. Why is it private think tanks have more say in foreign policy then the majority of this nation?
7. Why is it the private federal reserve is in charge of monetary policy when right in the constitution only the US treasury is supposed to create currency and/or make monetary policy?
8. Why is this same private reserve bank allowed to make loans to private banks at whatever interest rates they feel serves their interest and the hell with the interest of the people they are supposed to be representing?
9. Why are those that caused the 2008 sub prime failure allowed to retire with exorbanate bonuses instead of rotting in prison?
10. Why is America allowed to kill it's children to fight unjust wars for profit?
11. Why do you think the american people allow such corrupt political practices instead of uniting to end the corruption?

I could probably write for another couple of hours but why bother when we wont hear the main stream political lap dogs even touch on any of these issues?

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 06:54 PM
Governor Romney, your health care plan in Massachusetts was the precursor of Obama's plan today. Why should anyone really believe that you are going to repeal Obamacare? Do you really believe that the founding fathers intended this to be a nation in which the Federal government has the authority to force people to buy something simply because they are alive?

President Obama, you've voiced your support for a woman's Right to Privacy concerning her own body. Why does that Right to Privacy end at an airport?

Both candidates. You claim to be Christian. Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Considering your vast wealth, do you think you have any chance of getting into Heaven?

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 07:17 PM
reply to post by ABNARTY

The third debate is a townhall meeting, normal people asking questions. Ought to be a good one!

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by Druid42

Ya know, I am always suspect of those. It would be awesome if they just took a good cross section and turned 'em loose on the two. But my guess is even the 'average Americans' are screened and probably their questions too. I really hope it is more down to Earth than that.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 09:04 PM
-End mountaintop removal in Appalachia.

-Redirect research funds from fossil fuels and other dead-end industries toward research in renewable energy and conservation.

-Stop hydrofracking to prevent devastating pollution of groundwater, destruction of roads from the transport of millions of tons of toxic water, and the threats of earthquakes recently determined to be caused by drilling and disposal of fracking water in seismically unstable regions.

-Repeal the Patriot Act that violates our constitutional right to privacy and protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

-Repeal the unconstitutional provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act that gives the president the power to indefinitely imprison and even assassinate American citizens without due process.

-Oppose the Online Piracy Act and all other legislation that would undermine freedom and equality on the Internet.

-Implement marriage equality nationwide to end discrimination against same-sex couples.

-Enact the Full Employment Program which will directly provide 25 million green jobs in sustainable energy, mass transit, sustainable organic agriculture, and clean manufacturing, as well as social work, teaching, and and other service jobs.

-Reduce the budget deficit by restoring full employment, cutting the bloated military budget, and cutting private health insurance waste.

-Eliminate needless tax giveaways that increase the deficit.

-Reject cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

-Relieve the debt overhang holding back the economy by reducing homeowner and student debt burdens.Ensure the right to accessible and affordable utilities – heat, electricity, phone, internet, and public transportation – through democratically run, publicly owned utilities that operate at cost, not for profit.

-Maintain and upgrade our nation's essential public infrastructure, including highways, railways, electrical grids, water systems, schools, libraries, and the Internet, resisting privatization or policy manipulation by for-profit interests.

-Bring monetary policy under democratic control by prohibiting private banks from creating money, thus restoring government's Constitutional authority.

-Establish federal, state, and municipal publicly-owned banks that function as non-profit utilities and focus on helping people, not enriching themselves.

-Forgive existing student debt.

-Provide complete, affordable, quality health care for every American through an improved Medicare-for-all insurance program.

-Allow full access to all medically justified contraceptive and reproductive care.

-Ensure that consumers have essential information for making informed food choices by expanding product labeling requirements for country of origin, GMO content, toxic chemical ingredients, fair trade practices, etc.

-Create a federal bank with local branches to take over homes with distressed mortgages, and either restructure the mortgages to affordable levels, or if the occupants cannot afford a mortgage, rent homes to the occupants.

All of these are issues that Jill Stein believes in. This is why I'm voting for her instead of Obama or Romney.

Sadly, most of these issues will NOT be brought up in the debate and even more shameful that Stein (or Gary Johnson) will not be included in the debates.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 09:14 PM
Well, I KNOW this question won't come up, as they both have the same problem.

No no no...I'm not talking about both of them being the products of polygamy. I'm talking about both of them being constitutionally ineligible to even be president. And heck, we should probably ask McCain the same thing. None of them are eligible to be president (thus none can ever be president, thus Obama's rule is null and void, as will also be the case if/when Wrongney gets in). I think it would be hilarious seeing them try to answer the question "Why is it that both of you feel comfortable committing treason by covering the fact that you are ineligible to be the president? Also, why did we have the same situation in 2008?". In case any of you didn't know, the "natural born citizen" clause requires you to be born on US soil to citizen parentS (see "plural").

So, McCain is ineligible, as he was born in Panama, off-base, in a municipal hospital. Even taking SR 511 into consideration, he is still ineligible, as the Senate Resolution was in no way legally binding, and as their explanation of why they thought McCain was eligible was preposterous, and because the inquiry and resolution was framed to try to get one of the few members of the Panel considering the resolution a legal-looking exception so he could be president (Obama).

Obama is ineligible because his father was never even a citizen AND he wasn't born anywhere where scanning works as expected as in the states (there are layers and other blatant signs of being a forgery in his "Scanned" birth certificate, as well as his short form). There are also truckloads of evidence that Obama has been committing and continues to commit fraud - from his birth cert and ss# to his books, where he relies on truth "mashups" or "composites" to sell us the idea that he is an American - or at least to sell the idea that he is eligible to be president. And no, I'm not counting all of the real estate fraud he has committed. Nor did I decide to mention his illegal activities campaigning for a candidate of a foreign government (highly illegal), Odinga, whose supporters burnt down 800 churches and slaughtered 1500 Kenyans, because that has nothing to do with the "natural born citizen" clause.

Then there's ineligible little Wrongney. Wrongney's father (George) was a Mexican citizen when Mitt was born. His whole family had their citizenship taken away (expatriated) by our government when they decided to run down to Mexico to live in their polygamist compound. The law giving them their citizenship back (if they claimed it - we do not know whether the Romney's accepted the citizenship, rejected it, or had already conned their way into being considered citizens merely by being white and seemingly American) didn't come around until 1948. Mitt was born in 1947. He was born a non-natural born citizen. Might want to ask Romney why his stupid father, George, thought he could run for president, as he was born in Chihuahua, Mexico and was born a Mexican citizen.

The pure mathematical probability of having two ineligible candidates in the two mega-parties in one election is less than 1%. It's less than 0.1% if you take into account the next consecutive election has the same situation going on. When you factor in the human element that they know what they are doing is highly illegal and could get them and their 'in-the-know' supporters in the RNC, DNC, Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court, as well as the Intelligence Agencies, in an enormous amount of trouble, you would think the likelihood of it happening would be hundreds to thousands of times smaller....but...there we have it. Right in our faces.

So..that's what I would ask. Then I would hope some people out there will start wondering why this is happening, and will be as concerned as I am. Are we still under the rule of George Bush, who signed executive orders allowing him to remain in power if some major crisis occurred (Constitutional Crisis?). Or is this a plan of the UN, to get us in so much trouble with our Constitution that we will have to scrap it and start over again to regain any semblance of equitable legality (see "functional/legitimate governance")?

Meh. Silly little racist, toothless, anally-probed hick question. That's all I got....

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 01:30 AM
@Obama I would like to remind you that you pledged to make your administration as transparent as possible if becoming president during your campaign, your regime is quite the contrary .... why dont you have a seat over there! ( Chris Hansen voice )

1. Why was the body of Bin Laden disposed of with immediacy in the sea ? Why was Qusay and Uday Hussein's dead bodies shown to the press yet the alleged photos of Osama Bin Laden's body not released with the excuse "it would be offensive" after the man supposed masterminded 911 and wanted in connection to the mass murder of over 2000 americans?

2. Do you think you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize after ordering the execution of an american Anwar al-Aulaqi without a trial and due process? How does one deserve death under the pretext of a crime before it is even committed and does it justify killing a 16 year old boy ? Can you tell me why you were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to begin with?

3. Why does the copy of your birth certificate contain layers and digital artifacts and manipulation suggesting it to be a forgery? Is it just a coincidence? Why was it released the weekend Bin Laden was allegedly found and killed? See my first question.

4. Why did you send more troops to Afghanistan after pledging to bring our troops home? What is the real mission there now? Is it to guard the poppy fields? Why is Afghanistan heroin trade based economy being guarded with our soldiers lives at stake? What happened to the war on drugs?

5. Why did you sign the NDAA a bill that circumvents the Constitution? Did you swear an oath to defend the constitution during your inauguration? There is video of you taking an oath and It is the constitutional order that the President is sworn to protect Americans constituted rights. Did you know you have committed treason? Thoughts?

6. Why did you drop to your knees and kiss King Abdullah's ring in submission, no other president has ever done this besides you why does this act of submission only apply to you?

7. Will I be killed by a drone strike under context of the NDAA ?

8. If your daughter was killed by a flying death machine when she turns 16 in the name of the patriot act would you change your position in regards to the patriot act?

9. Last but not least.... Do you have a pair of testicles? ( takes off glove slaps Obama across the face)


1. Who are you? Do you have a pulse?

2. Do you plan to release your income tax records? if so can we expect a altered PDF with digital artifacts the same weekend an alleged terrorist is killed?

3. Why did the republican party choose you as the patsy instead of the other patsy's?

4. Why does the Republican party fear Ron Paul?

5. Do you think you could last an 8 hour shift doing a labor blue collar job? Do you know what a job entails?

6. Do you plan to install a helipad on the roof of your home/homes?

7. Do you believe that there are people that make less then 200 grand a year ? Is it just a conspiracy theory?

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:36 AM
will dental be covered under obama care since you know its IN MY FREAKIN FACE ATTACHED TO MY BODY!!!
will we ever bring our troops home
when will you become an american citizen
are you christian or muslim already
since you were against indefinate detention, will you be removing it in second term
are you going to keep white house family budget under 1.5 billion dollars second term
are you a manchurian candidate
do you really like fried chicken
are you going to use presidential powers to get more people out of jail time second term
are you going to start marshall law second term
are you going to keep all the secret prisons you are against open even longer in second term
are all the lies from the first term going to be out-shadowed by the lies from second term
are you going to declare war on iran
will you commit even more human rights violations in your second term than first term
will you break even more laws in second term than first term
how long till you completely wipe out bill of rights and constitution, will it be completed by end of second term
will you marry someone else than that fugly thing you call a wife in second term
will you stop police brutality in second term
will you end corruption in government in second term
will you actually for once in your f ing life DO SOMETHING FOR THE COUNTRY instead of the banksters in second term
can we sue government if drone destroys my house/kills my family
can we or can we not film politicians and cops

i mean really there will be tons of questions not asnwered, but plenty of the same asked, abortion taxes health care plan raise dont raise taxes, same questions, same parties, same f ing people just different faces. face it people its a freakin show, close eyes throw dart pick party, still gonna get same results anyway rofl always have, always will.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:37 AM
reply to post by NullVoid

Just a question to you guys.
Why Ron Paul did not make it ? He is the most sane in all of them. I dont really care from what party as long the plan is good.

you answered your own question lol

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:08 AM

Originally posted by Sublimecraft

5. Why will the USA not allow allied military bases on US soil? - Australia for instance?


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"Does Sweden have a sinister motive against USA, not allowing US troops on its soil?"
"Just how will USA convince the world the US national debt is actually the worlds debt?"
"What is to be done about foreign nationals refusing to learn and sing The Stars and Stripes Forever?"
All fair questions...

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