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Protest in my city of northern Spain, one of many all across the country....

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 01:44 PM

Originally posted by BIHOTZ
reply to post by PatrickGarrow17

There is a sense of anti Americanism.....Nothing big, but I notice it.

I'm an american and even I don't like what the 1% does to the rest of the world.
All of the states should just secede from DC, they are an embarrassment.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by VforVendettea

this comment has nothing to do with 99 or 1 %

It is European anti Americanism. Spain used to be different. Ever since they were imposed with the EU, they have adopted Europe's Anti Americanism. They mock our culture and our people. Places like France and Germany would always be bastions for USA hating dumbasses, while Spain, which was mistreated and considered inferior by the same condescending attitudes, would generally like the US. That has changed. They now adopt the European sense of superiority and discredit all we offer them culturally.

That was in response to a question about Americans living here in Spain. I get it sometimes but not as much as I have heard from fellow yanks here. I am dual Spanish and American and can blend in like butter on bread here. I speak perfect Castilian when I want to and look genetically like I am from here.

Those that know me though, have been jerks about it on occasion. I have when I was growing up and visited, been faced by ultras who were openly anti-American. So much so I learned to watch my back around skinheads and radical people.

Listen to the video though, they are chanting against banks AND immigrants....we Americans are immigrants to them....we are not from they act a fool in their most extreme case.

Plus that whole 1% /99% nonsense to me has nothing to do with establishing sustainable societal order in which work receives just pay and national debt is not at the mercy of banks. It is too reminiscent of Stalin era brain washing. I usually agree with people who use those labels on most issues, but they get caught up with the whole "NO ONE" should be rich kick...Then what is the point of working hard....? To just live in a shack and work 15 hour days for the national workers party?

I digress......anti Americanism is as European as American pie is to the US.

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 02:07 PM
Looks like this is just the beginning. There are protests planned for London this month, and next month. There are more planned for Spain and Portugal, France, Italy and plenty of others too. None of the MSM are really reporting on them, apart from RT, but that's only because they love showing the collapse of Europe.

I would really suggest that people ignore the MSM, and just focus on what's being reported on the internet by people actually at the protests. Even in some of the papers and digital editions the press are ignoring the important aspects of the protests and just quoting numbers and official lines (lies) from regional governments and police.

I read a piece in a mainstream UK paper talking about the protest in Madrid at the weekend and they didn't mention once the video of the agent being dragged out of the protest and beaten by other officers screaming that he was a cop - that's a big story all on its own, and yet they conveniently gloss over it?

Something has now changed in Spain. The people have seen the abuse of the officers and their violence to excuse a crack down. Thanks to their brutal actions on the weekend, I believe the next protest is going to be a lot larger.

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