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29S The Spanish protest today looks like its gonna be big

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posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 07:19 AM
So some reports from people on the ground already say that upwards of 40-50 thousand may be expected in Madrid for austerity protest this evening.

Gathering is scheduled for 6 pm UTC. First gathering was marred by some pretty brutal police tactics, second suffered for this reason but the people will not be bowed.

For anyone wishing to view the events from the street Tim Poole is live streaming

Previous coverage has been sketchy due to weak internet but he has just tweeted that he has a more reliable connection for tonight so hopefully we will be able to watch events as they unfold.

Why are they protesting. Spain currently has an unemployment level of 25%. If you are under 25 this figure changes to 52%. That's over half of the young working population without jobs or prospects. Understandably, they are none to pleased about this.

The question is, where will this all end. Greece and Spain are already experiencing civil unrest on a scale that has not been seen for many a year. The difference this time round, in the space of a few years people that were once prosperous have been reduced to poverty. Just as our society quickens so does the negative effects when the bubble bursts.

You don't live in these countries, so this doesn't really affect you. WRONG. The future is being played out in these areas for us all to see what we can expect coming over the horizon to land on our doorstep.

You have a family to feed. You have no job. Your pension that you worked for all your life is now worthless.

You look to the distance and see the wealthy elite throwing dice to gamble away your future. You want what they have.

How do you get it. You will only have one option left in the end. Reach out and take it.

Its only when you have nothing that fear lose its power.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 07:31 AM
thanks for this. I have been looking for some good live feeds. Most traffic cams are pointed up now, or full of dirt.

The news here has a complete media blackout. The flooded roads have no future plans for being repaired so no more people can head to Madrid.

What they don't realize is that they will not go away. More than 20% of those people have no jobs and are losing their homes, apartments, ect. They will be homeless anyways. Not to mention that the people from Madrid are in the millions themselves, and will not appreciate the police tactics being employed, they will join eventually.

So whether the government, the recently arrived German advisors to all provincial capitals, or the old Francoist guard like it, this will either be heard, or civil war will erupt. A war that will spill into the rest of Europe.

21st century western civil war....think about that.....there is little the old tactics can do in the long run. Military hardware will be almost useless, unless you want to burn your own country to the ground....try keeping the troops on your side after they see what you not stepping down has done to their nation.

No, this will be the stubborn and the relentless until the stubborn make dumb mistakes the relentless will always adapt to.

They have 20 days before they need to recognize that our capital is under siege, by the country itself......then the world will have to create opinion at a frenzied pace, showing their hand.....and exposing the dark hand that orchestrates this all.....

Spain is an x factor.....the Spanish people have never been truly understood.....idealism and passion are quite the monkey wrench....and people have been well educated in anti fascism here and anti dictatorships, have decent educations, and a will to piss power off, and balls to burn down the wealthy from their, good luck ignoring this....

It will just get violent when you decide to look the other way....then you are surrounded. so......go ahead.......make Spain's day....

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 07:41 AM
reply to post by murch

Thank you for the link. I wish you all the best and hope that your protest dosnt turn into a riot. Watch out for the police dressed up as protestors. Every one needs to get involved. The only way that we the people are going to win, is every one joins in. I prefer the idea of every one just not turning up for work . Bring the whole thing to a halt. Best of luck and stay safe.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 08:51 AM
Its a crying shame to see this unfold in this way. A shame for everybody involved, how a nation can be lifted up on the altar. An altar they did not create, but was created for them.Everyone is realizing that before the 70s even though they were poor and bullied around by those who governed, they had more dignity. Now the show is coming to an end or its final stages.

the false will have to be destroyed. best wishes to all

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 01:44 PM
The Spanish People are kinda strange folks. The old refuses to change, while the young whom had been exposed to the possiblities of a better world through better education are ready to embrace it, but the opportunities are close to nil today for spaniards today.

What the People want is:
a. To retire comfortably for old folks.
b. Accessible heathcare for all.
c. Education and job opportunities for the young.
d. End the corruption, cronyism and nepotism in the political field and level the economic field for all.

UNFORTUNATELY, the newly elected govt is not listening to the people, and stubbornly insisted that its way is the right way:-

1. cut social spending
2. bailout bankers.
3. Tax the poor and middle classes.
4. Reduce or cut promised and guaranteed pension funds.
5. Focus on repaying debts, and neglect the obvious and natural decline of GDP and wealth in the nation.

Fools and idiots!

There is still a way out of the predicament. It is:-

a. Cut WASTEFUL govt expenditure through low or lack of productivity in govt and social expenditure.

b. Tax the rich to the max, console them that it is only temporary measure till the GDP gets on track.

c. Stimulate the economy with reserve or loan funds to the economy through funding honestly selected entreprenuerail innovations both in local and overseas market that can provide jobs and returns, let go failed or sunset industries if they do not innovate, upgrade the current skills of workers to bring in better foreign investments.

d. Reduce payout to pensioners, let them know it is only temporary and original promises will be kept once the economy is on track.

e. Reign in excesses of banks, refuse them bailouts, and let those who do not measure fail and be sued to their shirts off the backs by investors.

f. Regulate effectively ALL financial services, regardless if public or private, like a hawk, to prevent corruption or misuse.

g. Seize and nationalize those building projects mortgaged to those fail banks, offer low prices for it, complete the constructions at basic level, THEN offer it to the young couples to start families, at low nationally controlled rates, leasing to them for 50 years. Land values never sinks, but grows over time, espacially in a flourishing economy, and will generate returns to the govt revenues.

The focus is thus :- on the contributing and contributable work force, not on banks or pensioners, or even foreign lenders, for any fund being used. If the economic policy of the current govt continues, anarchy will only reign, and stability will take years to reorganise again.
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posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101
yes I can see the logic in what you say, but there is a saying in Spain its called "the two Spains" which means in the minds of the Spaniards there are two Spain,s which is something all of them believe and stems far although everything you say is correct, the biggest thing holding Spain back is that dualistic view of themselves.Also, even though the economic problem is evident the real issue it that of a spiritual one. So going to the root would be pertinent for a major change and healing. Its a question of whether you want to grab the bull by the horns of not, will they do that or not.? They have the strength, but the will to do so we see as time unfolds.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by ancientthunder

Thanks for the reply.

Spaniards are only my fellow human brothers and sisters, caught in this turmoil, which seem desparingly without hope...

But they are not alone under the present condition of our world, facing slowdowns and recessions, and worst of all, an obscene $26 trillion hoarded up by the 1% gathering dust, and that's just those which can be tracked. Many more trillions are hidden under the beds and grounds of the rich.

However, many in USA as well as in the world, are often pragmatic and resiliant. They did not let the situation get them down, but instead took actions to alleviate the sufferings to themselves and their loved ones for survival at the basic minimum while issues get sorted out.

So too must Spaniards. Daily protests, exhortations by unions for life as it was to return immediately, violence, are not the answer.

My main concern here will be medical issue.

In the past, where present philosophies of medical sciences and ethics derived from, Hippocrates was not a 21st century doctor. He healed others whenever he could, never turning anyone away if he could help it, using whatever he had including herbs even.

He was most certainly NOT paid for his efforts and medicines as what today's generation of doctors are. Chicken, ducks, eggs was accepted by him from the citizens and slaves, and he made no distinction between the rich or poor.

Today, we may scoff at chickens or eggs being payment for treatment and drugs. But consider economically - if one citizen gives a chicken or 3 eggs for a treatment, or a day's honest labour in return, how much will the doctor get if he serves a community of ten thousand, with at least 100 patients a day?

It would be enough to set a BARTER system with the EXCESS chickens and eggs, for self, drugs and services, and keep the community going, LEAVING NONE BEHIND.

WIth the common ailments taken care of by private practice doctors, at least the public services will have the necessary funds to treat the more major illness of the population.

Already, many communities in USA and the world are practising such ancient systems, and survived. So too can our fellow human brothers and sisters in Spain and other suffering EU states. No one needs to go hungry or medically untreated left in pain.

Such systems had been sustainable in our past, so too will it be for the present. EU citizens need not worry that such system will be permanent. It is only temporary, while the world and EU sort out the financial mess. A way of life of the middle classed past may had gone, but it will return once the right policies of focussing on the contributing members of society is emplaced.

And once the economy had found its niche in trade with the world, with citizens returning back to stability, they must never forget the greed, corruption and apathy of the past, but teach themselves and the next generations of their mistakes that must never be repeated.

No matter what beliefs, survival is a must now, without hurting or harming anyone. Good times do not last, so too hard times. There will be and IS hope....

Good luck! :-)
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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 04:25 PM
reply to post by SeekerofTruth101

good points in many ways, the changes will come one way or another. We are being prepared for them and I also have hope.

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