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The feeling of an alien encounter (Dream)

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posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 04:31 AM
29.09.2012 (Level 3 Dream). My grandpa tells me of an artifact, a figurine that is capable of destruction. He acquired a piece of it during WW2 and shows it to me - it looks like a tiny submarine made of Plumbum. The entire figurine is made of lead and can be used if all pieces are brought together. He gives it to me. Later, I am somewhere outside, I encounter what seems to be aliens. Three of the entities are similar to humans but have different facial features, are pale white in skin, have something teal on their heads and are all wearing black clothing. Relatively tall. Together with them are two or three Grey aliens, except their skin is yellowish. I feel fear inside. The greys gaze at me and I do not know how they communicate but I learn that they want the piece that I have. The three entities behind them are waiting. They know that I do not have it with me as I actually put it at home together with some piece of meteorite that I have in reality. One evening, I am at home. My grandma is there. In my room I see an object of mine just levitating in the air (as if a ghost is doing that). I don't want my grandpa to get heart attack, so I make sure she doesn't see that. Alone in my room, I know They are here and coming to take this piece of artifact. I feel the fear inside, my eyes get wet and I say 'Just leave me alone, please'. I take the piece of lead and it levitates off my hand, they are taking it from me. Then all becomes normal and I do not see or hear from them any further. The feeling was very real all the time, my eyes were wet when I woke up and realized it was a dream.

I am posting this because I have had lots of realistic dreams of some events when I neither watch such movies lately, nor stay much into Alien conspiracies recently. In fact, this dream like some others occured at times when I had watched nothing to dream about.

I also want to saythat despite being a dream, I think the feeling is the same as experiencing it in reality (woke up with wet eyes as I was inthe dream remember?). So with the dreams I have and a personal experiment I am doing with them, I can say I know what it feels like to have an alien encounter, overall the word for the feeling is - ALARMING.

Here are some other dreams I have related to UFOs or cataclysms (the latter being also quite alarming and real) but this one is probably the most deep dream of aliens ENCOUNTER I've ever head.

Besides these dreams I have dreamed the oens I call Level 1 Dreams - unimportant or 'minor' dreams, however, I dream places I have never been to or never seen and later go or experience myself.

I have feeling of Deja Vu because I see or experience places or situations that I later fall into reality - exactly from these 'minor' dreams.

Example: I go to another country, I have no idea the place will look like, I do something, then when I really go to that place I do the exact same thing and I realize. I've DONE that before !?!?! In a dream.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 04:49 AM
reply to post by Imtor

Dreams are a way for a person to work out issues with their Subconscious that they cannot work out when they are conscious. If you think or fear about Aliens and do a lot of reading or discussing on the board about E.T. and perhaps never miss a TV special dealing with the are going to have VIVID DREAMS.

Now if you are a LUCID DREAMER like I always know you are dreaming...if you are not a Lucid Dreamer...then the Dreams become more of a REALITY in your everyday life.

Personally...I am afraid of two versions of the same is being unable to warn, control or help a loved one who in the Dream is ignoring me as two Natural Disasters are about to occur. One being a Tornado and the other being Rouge waves. The funny thing is that both of these events have come to pass in reality long after I had the Dreams. When the dream begins...I know I am dreaming and force myself to wake through the sleep paralysis. This is difficult. I am not afraid for myself but rather my loved one.

A while back I was in Florida and a set of two Rouge waves hit my Father and myself while we were in the water. I am a strong swimmer but we were beaten up and thrown all the way to the road where the beach begins. In 2011 a TORNADO was in my back yard and My Girl was listening to the Stereo loud and I had to throw her over my shoulder and run into the cellar...I live in MASS! We NEVER GET TORNADO'S! Needless to say she screamed at me all the way down the cellar stairs before the tornado hit and caused serious damage.

So I would think your vivid dreams are based on a FEAR that you have not come to terms with. Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 05:19 AM
Is an alien encounter a dream, or is a dream an alien encounter?

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 09:14 AM
^ Like I said, an encounter in a dream, very vivid

reply to post by SplitInfinity

I know that but that's what I said explicitly - I haven't watched aliens lately, I have not been even very active here on ATS and I am barely reading anything about aliens or ufos lately. I don't have time for that and as I said this dream, as well as the other dreams have come at times when I do not read or watch TV about them.

Also, I do not have any problems or so serious issues to make me dream something. Usually if you are too worried about an issue e.g your car was STOLEN - you start havind reams about it...

This is NOT the case. As I said, I was neither worried, nor AFRAID of aliens - futhermore - I have been DECLINING ALIENS as an option of unexplained UFOs more and more in the past several months... I rarely have alien dreams but when I do.. it's like out of nowhere. In one of my odl dreams I woke up with pain in the brain after I dreamed some symbols and I never had that before.

17.05.2011. While sleeping in my bed and the night sky can be seen from a part of the window
without a curtain, in my dream I see some strange pink-red lines in the sky (like symbols) like a text but they are neither recognizable letters, nor any known symbols. They appear like many random lines.
When waking up I feel some tension or pressure in my brain.

And since a kid, I dream places I've never seen but go to in the future including the dreaming the same situation. I can say dreams are more expressed with me and is way beyond the usual subconscious thing,
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posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 04:19 PM
reply to post by Imtor

Well...since the two dreams that I was fearful of and had for years before they actually happened did happen to me...I can't argue about dreams being a possibility of viewing future events.

What I do know is with the exception of not being able to protect my loved ones...I AM FEARLESS. I do not fear death but of course I do not welcome it either. I am extremely confident with a Massive Ego but I can back up what I say as my EGO is a direct result of two of my JOBS...actually all three. I am Trained in the extreme on Multiple Skills and although I LOATHE violent acts...I am Beyond Capable of defending myself and others.

I have had to perform acts in the Field that were Lethal and I have NO REGRETS as what I have done saved lives. But my most VIVID of DREAMS and as I told you...I am a LUCID DREAMER and when you know you are dreaming you can either adapt the dream or force yourself awake...but the dreams where I am attempting to protects my loved ones from Natural Disasters...I can ONLY FORCE MYSELF AWAKE. I cannot change the dream or adapt it like I can with all my other dreams.

Not being able to protect my loved ones...and the FEAR is only Generated when they are threatened by Natural like a WOUND THAT NEVER HEALS WITH ME. If you knew would know just by looking at me I am capable of handling myself. I am also the quiet guy...unless on the corner of the room who is observing and I cannot be goaded into a Fight. So when I tell you that these Dreams Generate FEAR in really means something that I cannot figure the reality that the dreams have come to pass. THIS is why I believe that your Dreams MEAN SOMETHING! Of what I do not know...but in my experience...Dreams that Vivid came to be reality for me. Take from this what you will. GOOD LUCK! Split Infinity

posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 05:56 PM
reply to post by SplitInfinity

Thanks for the post. One thing I can tell you is I do have dreams of places I have never seen before and situations I cannot even imagine, then I do them or go to them. and then I feel I have seen what I am doing in a dream before.. I am not talking about well-known places you see on TV, I mean unimportant and totally RANDOM PLACES.

Example: I once had a dream of going in some peak then down some grassy valley, in the same dream I later go to some rocky place with a valley below and it's sunny. Never seen that place before, it's not a sighting, it's a totally random place like in the middle of your way. And I saw the exact same place when I went to one of our mountains, the feeling I've seen that place before HIT ME.. And many dreams and cases like this one.

It has nothing to do with thinking too much about it because I really didn't care... but dreaming the place with accuracy..

COMPARISON W REALITY REPITITIVITY:. Lately I come back from work in the evening, I get off at a bus stop, and every evening I look into the night sky, I see one train passing on a nearby bridge from left to right, then the next one from right to left - I just do the same thing, watching the trains come and go. I then watch a van with some logo and company also passing on the road.

I repeat this every evening and I do not have feeling of dejavu even though I do it day after day. But in the dreams... it just hits you and you remember well what you dreamed and that it was the same. I am not saying every dream I have is realistic but I can count more than fifty that have retold me soem future

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