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I've lost that intense need to learn, and want it back.

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posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 01:19 AM
When I first found ATS, I wasn't particularly interested in following politics that closely, I was just too busy.

I enjoyed watching all the youtube video links in the ufo forums, fragile earth, the weird John Lear type stories... all the stuff that was actually fun to read.

Over time, as a consequence, I'd see an argument heating up, and, if interested, do a little looking around to see which was actually true. Most times I wouldn't join the conversation, even if I found the answer, because I had little overall knowledge of the players, or how things went down, in the broader sense.

I knew some, let's face it, I'm old... just not in great detail.

Slowly, as I clicked on link after link, and found myself looking through the texts of house bills, executive orders, budgets, roll calls, and anything else available, I started to see how screwed we really are.

Somewhere along the line I became less interested in the topics that brought me here, but this is where it ends.

I'm no longer going to participate, in any way, in any political conversation here, if I can help it.

Only by posting this, can I employ other members here help me do it. All you have to do is call me on it, it's that simple.

I miss my imagination, and the wonder I used to enjoy.

I'll keep reading, because I still yearn for the truth, but I'm not going to find myself making that extra little comment to pull out a response. I was never like that before. I even came up with a little experiment, which I'll keep to myself, but has given me some interesting results this week.

Hold me to it people, and mark my words, for this is truly political madness.


Oh, it doesn't mean I wont toss around that occasional star or flag.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by lernmore

I have a hard time not reading political topics and addressing some myself - even though I know almost all of it is just a dog and pony show used to legalize injustice to others...

I guess it allows you to be a critic and that is very appealing.

Anyways... Good luck with your quest for knowledge. And if I might add, try topics about future tech (3d printers, future of agriculture, etc.) That stuff is always very interesting and inspires hope - unlike politics.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by lernmore

You're not alone at all my friend. You might have noticed other members avatars evacuating political threads too.


posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 02:36 AM
reply to post by lernmore

Hey! There are plenty other topics that I think you might find interesting or you could start you own. I am kind of opposite to you...I can't get enough new tings to learn. The only thing that SUCKS is when I get on a topic with some fine people who are actively having an interesting debate and agree to disagree as well as work together to think of ideas to solve problems or issues or even Physics...all of a sudden...someone comes on the topic and rather than helps the group work things out...instead holds fast to a concept or idea by which they have no room or perhaps ability to bend or consider that there maybe some different reality to what is their belief.

Now if they can back it up with proof or at the very least provide a line of LOGIC for others to follow...that would be fine...but just recently...after having a very good time talking with some very smart people who were considerate and flexible in another's ideas or concepts...someone came along and persisted to state the most ridiculous nonsense that I have ever read.

It got so bad that the group fell apart as they grew tired of spending time trying to help or show this person PROOF of what they were talking about...not only was ridiculous but could be proven wrong with several simple experiments that this person could perform on their own to see real proof. Of course this person ignored the now smaller groups advice and eventually the group left. I stayed because not only was I miffed that something I loved and thought was wonderful...that being a group of people using their time to WORK SOMETHING OUT...rather than to waste time arguing...had been destroyed.

I have tried to tell this person that I am not trying to make HIM?HER look bad or argue but rather just sight proofs and site ways for this person to find the LOGIC behind why a good number of PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACTS are reality. I leave room for the possibility that I and the proofs could be wrong but what is being discussed is SO BASIC that if this person was correct then not a piece of Tech on Earth or even a Chemical Reaction could take place. It is actually so off that this persons HELD WITH AN IRON GRIP TRUTH was reality...our very UNIVERSE COULD NOT EXIST as well as other things in the same line.

I can relate to a person who would say...everything we believe is wrong and this is why I believe so....but this person will not even give anyone the REASONING of why they believe so. THIS is the TRAGEDY of what was once a THRIVING PLACE FOR IDEAS AND DEBATE...turned into a YES IT IS CUZ I SAY SO WASTE OF TIME! So I think I know how you feel.

All I can say is there are still plenty of us here who are willing and able to make LEARNING SOMETHING NEW FUN AGAIN! So DON'T QUIT! You can Private Message me anytime I am around and I will be more than happy to discuss OPENLY whatever you desire. I have a fairly sizable wealth of knowledge and experiences that could fill several lifetimes. I am lucky! But I also have paid my dues to be able to say this. I enjoy either side or the same side of a debate as I do not let emotions run my ability to disagree an as long as the conversation is stimulating...t agree or disagree matters not. All that matters is having FUN and perhaps LEARNING SOMETHING I DID NOT KNOW!

I hate to be RUDE and get Pissed at myself when I do so...I have a MASSIVE EGO...but I do not let that interfere with the REALITY OF A CONCEPT and it matters not to me who is the person who is able to figure it out. I can think of nothing better than a group of people both agreeing, disagreeing, learning, putting their minds together and perhaps SOLVING AN ISSUE OR RIDDLE OR CONCEPT OR A QUESTION OF REALITY! SO DON'T QUIT!

I think you have much to offer....all you need in my opinion...IS A JUMP allow yourself to regain that desire to want to LEARN! Split Infinity

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 02:55 AM

I miss my imagination, and the wonder I used to enjoy.

I have been to the world of imaginations , but imaginations are mostly far from truth.

You should be proud that you are not deluded and you can see the partial truth.

That is a gift.

You can return to that world as soon as you close your eyes on truth and facts.

But you are not a kid anymore.

you are old.


posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by lernmore

My position is that if I participate in political threads with the intent to change someone's mind, have an impact, or "pull out a response", I will be disappointed. So, I participate for entertainment only and don't take myself or anyone else very seriously here.

I also see myself as an "observer" in the whole political game. Yes, I vote and do what I can to have an impact in the real world, but to be invested in making an impact on a discussion forum will likely lead to disappointment and feelings of hopelessness.

I support you in doing what you need to do for yourself. Good luck.

posted on Oct, 24 2013 @ 06:48 AM
Just chiming back in to rat myself out.

Lately I've let some opinion fly, but did manage a pretty solid year.

I even saw my very first, (and only) U.F.O., probably because I wasn't busy typing.

Now, if we can just work in a little self control...

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