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Pop Star Claims "Relations" With Ghost

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 09:32 PM
reply to post by TheLonewolf


That blonde girl in the OP link???!!?

Good gawd.....I feel like I need to take a bath........

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 09:57 PM
Thanks I've heard a lot about Kesha but never knew what she looked like!
wanted to add that face is supposed to not really look like that ... but anyway

LOL anyway it was interesting .......
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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 09:38 PM
I"m wondering if the pop star isn't really doing something with a ghost but a human who discovered he can have fun and interact in an astral body.
Of course no body would be able to tell the difference unless they could see the ghost or astral body and recognized the culprit. Just speculating. I remember a dream where I accidentally started a fire at work. I went to work and found out they were trying to figure out how a fire started in the area I dreamed about.

When I feel something that feels like a ghost, it feels good but the sensations aren't nearly as strong as a real person. I do wonder when I hear noises, feel something, and see something at the same time. If I can interact with an astral dimension, that might explain the occasional insect like feeling I swat away but there is nothing there. I have wondered if there can be insects in a different dimension instead of just people. If I do have an ability to interact in a different dimension, something or someone could have followed me home and moved in with me. I do not sense anything evil. I haven't seen anything moving by itself or disappearing in my house that is. I have seen a few weird things on occasion outside my house.
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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by smyleegrl

These are real experiences to many people and many people take this very seriously. It is one thing to have a visit from a succubus, but it gets creepy over periods of time and other witnesses actually seeing this entity at different times adds to the phenomenon. I am just saying, but that is all I want to say at the moment.

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 05:50 AM
Relation with ghost ? I think She needs to see the doctor

posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 12:34 AM
Maybe she was watching scary movie 2 while "relaxing her mind".
Google search results for scary movie 2 alex ghost scene include the following:

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