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how to make your defense your attack. Adversary neutralization. My Art of war.

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:15 AM
In any conflict we may face we will try to overcome the adversary in such a manner that we are "winning".

Victory then is subjective to the one proposing the opposition to which you must react. In reality victory would be set by the one deciding, not the one who opposes and wins or loses. A reaction is just the response to stimulus, it is not a decision to win. The action is the stimulus. It is a decision. Victory can only be decided, not discovered.

Most people when faced with a situation they did not create, spend less time trying to understand it than trying to overcome it. Fight or flight. The problem is that sometimes the response is the exact reaction your adversary was counting on. If I know a small animal will run, I will scare it and make it run into my waiting trap. If I know it will fight, I will run and make it chase me into my waiting trap. Always when an adversary prepares for your response after knowing you, you must consider that your response, your instinct might betray you.

In those situations, study your adversary. Do not react immediately. Feign loss. Let him relax his guard and allow the distance to close. A closer enemy you do not understand is better than a far off enemy you do.

A close enemy will only teach you by you not knowing him, a far enemy will fool you by your knowledge of him. You will sit looking for him far and sweepingly. The close enemy you will watch closely and attentively to the smallest detail.

When you do not know your enemy and are under attack, let your loss be your teacher and so allow victory to be yours in the last possible moment. Let the taste of victory be sweet for him, so that he opens wide to receive it.

None that have secured victory bring their war to their celebration of it. None that have tasted defeat leave their war behind them, even in victory.

It is never too late and too expensive to secure your victory. Decide what it is, how your enemy will fail, and allow him to do so.

Do not let him see you coming. If he is greater than you, let his power be your ally. If he is weaker than you, let his fragility be yours too so that even he is defending you. Let your enemies attack your weakest. Sacrifice one battle, so that your enemy will lose two. 1 in attacking only your weakest, 2 in then showing his strength.

know that all adversaries are flawed. None is all powerful that he not fear or have to defend. Look for his defense and trick him into doubling it, focusing on it. Look for his strong points and ignore them, making him use energy keeping them to you.

Neutralize his ambition of your worthiness in battle if he seeks honor by your downfall. Entice him to seek you out in anger if he is not concerned with the virtue of your defeat at his hands.

Encircle his mind with your war if he is untouchable. Let his first and last thought be of you, draw him to you. If he is amongst you, let the last thing he thinks of be of you, make him forget you. Draw him away from you. Keep him at the distance you can manage to wage your war or not, but on your terms.

Decide when the battle will be, decide how the battle will be fought. Act and force your enemy to react to you, even when he is the aggressor. Even when he is the one to attack, make him defend.

Be the adversary that opposes his opposition. Be the nemesis to his every act of war. Be the antithesis to his every aggression. When he is not in opposition, be the unity itself of the two. If he opposes oppose. If he unifies, unite.

That is war. It is not just victory, it is war. The logical end to war is peace. That is also the stage for its inception. The cycle you must decide upon. The wheel of fate we place ourselves on as mortal men. The cycle of destiny we encircle as we overcome all. We overcome when we decide to do so.

Choose your war. commit. Decide.
Do not let your adversary choose for you. Neutralize his choice of opposition to you with your choice of victory.

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:57 AM
Make love not war.
Be love not fear.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by Itisnowagain

be all things that you must be. If war is made against you, respect yourself and creation by defending yourself and it.

Love is not the absolute good people simplify it to be. Good is not even good, evil not always evil. All things are all things. Creation is not just made, but creates. All things are all things then.

Good can be a force of evil and evil a force of good. Destruction, chaos, can be good if it is aimed at what lovers call evil, or in the name of rebirth. Evil can be good if it is evil towards evil....

There are only judgments and justifications. Be all things and let creation form as it will in response to you.Around you, within you.

Allow all things to flow freely, and keep not any portion of your "evil" for yourself or others. Legitimate,? why not...
spare no one, nothing.

Allow all things to be free, and hoard not any of your good or keep it from others. Release it like slaves from chains. That is best...."good"

Be the warrior poet. The saintly pacifist. The whore. The priest. The herald of destruction. The new hope and new covenant. BE all things.

Love, war, POWER. God and the devil himself. Be all things. Master all. Be the eternal servant. The cup bearer, usurper, warrior king. Fickle prince.

Be all.
Think.....I AM.

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:21 PM
You mentioned allowing the enemy to get close. Although this can be a good tactic if you are fully aware of self defense, it also has the downsize of allowing your enemy to physically engage you.

Of course that depends on whether they have ranged weapons, handheld weapons or just fists and feet. If they have ranged weapons, the best course of action is either complete cooperation or to try and place as much distance and as many obstacles as possible between you and the aggressor (this can be a tree, a car, a chair, a desk, a wall).

The same if they have a knife, you shouldn't really be allowing an armed assailant anywhere within striking distance. Again even a chair can ward off an armed attack, but the best suggestion is to stay away from that blade an again use obstacles.

Secondly, you should consider your environment at all times, this can range from edging your way to a heavy object such as a pan or baseball bat or by carefully luring your enemy to a slippy or uneven surface.

Household objects can become weapons if needed. A heavy ashtray for example can be used to fling ash into the opponents face and eyes, or used as a handheld weapon. It can also be thrown.

Always keep your hands up and outstretched with palms out, this does two things - it shows your unwillingness to a challenge (look at me, I don't want to fight and is also very good for CCTV evidence if presented in court) but it also provides a slightly quicker advantage if the assailant makes a sudden move. Your hands are ready to block, grapple or strike.

So, I agree with many points of the OP, but I disagree with allowing the space between yourself and the assailant to being reduced. My advice would be to always keep on eye on the enemy, watch your footing and use your environment and keep distance.

Finally, TALK to your assailant, seriously, it forces them to think and often respond. It also creates a degree of empathy if you can reason with them. It ALSO slows down their reaction time by milliseconds, as the brain needs to think and process this extra data.

An old trick is to use vague questions or make absurd statements. As this can create windows of opportunity as the opponent tries to translate the rubbish you are saying to them. It works.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:23 PM
I really wasn't built to connive, decieve, manipulate, trick or take down others. I guess in war you must think this way, but it certainly shows how barbaric humans have remained, and that we are not at an age of reason yet.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:40 PM
Nothing is constant. No war can then last forever. No peace as well. A master knows when time will be measured and when it is infinite and acts accordingly.

When perception of a war holds time, loss is uncured by its constant measure. When perception of war holds to no measure of time, accumulation will occur.

You will gain territory, resources, aid. SPEED. When you are within the timeless battle your enemy will grow weary by your imposition of HIS measure. HE will be sluggish to you. When you are imposed with time, you lose all to adjust to the scale of it.

A constant is a lie. It is untrue and leads to lies and their consequences. It is an illusion.

ADAPT to all. Be flowing and endure by not measuring time. The perfect measure of time is cyclical. It is infinite and never ending. As one cycle ends another begins. Time is not finite. Time will betray you. The timeless will not. Time counted will make you old and fatigued. Tired and worn out. Allowing time to pass seamlessly will let you endure all battles, all war. As the cycle of peace is allowed to end and the cycle of war to begin, their reverse will also be true within the timeless war.

Bypass time for yourself and place it upon your enemies doorstep. It is a Trojan horse of mind. The mind killer.
The attrition multiplier.
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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by mr-lizard

the distance should always be to your advantage. If a snake is your target, don't get close, send an eagle.

Choose where to fight the battle. Like you say, know the terrain, so you can choose. I agree with the rest of your post.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by SunnyDee

War is neither good or bad. Conflict simply is. Accept it so you can see beyond it when it is imposed on you.

The good war is the only one fought well, because it is well fought.

Honor is something you can give out when it is all said and done, in the moment, you must be all things and hope you can be so more than your enemy. That is just true for life and living.

Even in times of peace there will be a need for warriors. Without peace, war could not be prepared. War is always nurtured in peace. By its invitation, or by its herald of destruction. Nothing is forever. Not even perfect peace. All things must change and become the change in order to become what comes after, be it peace, or war.

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