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Chemtrails, And How To Use Them For The Benefit Of Mankind

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:18 PM
Of all the conspiracies theories, mundane to extreme, generic to specific, the one I personally find most plausible is the concept that for whatever reason someone is tampering with the atmosphere and that “chemtrails” truly exist.

If so, it is possible whoever “they” are could be dumping something beneficial up there (perhaps an attempt to repair damage done to the ozone layer, for example), thus trying to save us or unfortunately they could be practicing, monitoring, and collecting data so they can more effectively wage chemical or biological warfare against whomever they choose. Maybe the assault has begun, maybe it hasn’t, or maybe its nothing beyond untrue speculation.


I think we should say go ahead. Do it. Fill those tanks up and fly them over Israel, Pakistan, Libya, China, Russia, the UK, and definitely Washington D.C……..drop tank after tank after tank of Valium, Xanax, Zoloft, Prozac, or whatever it takes to allow common sense to take hold over the world instead of the madness we have now.

We just witnessed how easy it is for some idiot in the US to alienate and offend all Muslim nations, and it only takes one more idiot with a few high flying planes to wipe a significant number of lives off the map somewhere. Maybe Iran really IS as dangerous as Israel claims, maybe North Korea already has the bomb, or any of the many threats to world peace and survival could take place any moment.

Therefore I would like to suggest that a solid, probably third party nation (Canada? Switzerland?) could do a lot of good with a precious few strategic planes and the right pharmaceutical company.

Just a humble, and almost serious thought.


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