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Mitt Romney Video Shows Him Touting Bain As A Way To 'Harvest' Companies At A 'Significant Profit

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 01:38 PM
it just shows his type of "business".

invest in a company, i.e. buy stocks, as a way into the company and get controlling interest.

grow the company, which means using its capital and credit to inflate its value thru assets and investments, lay offs (taking the employees salary and keeping it for yourself as profiit) , cuts, outsourcing etc.

harvest the company, which means selling absolutely everything of value in the company including stocks and leaving it barren.

i'm pretty sure one of his strategies was to buy into a company, use it's capital to buy stock into another bain capital company to raise its stock price, let the donor company bleed capital until it goes under (closes shop and tells its employees to go home) and then sell off the recipient companies stock for a capital gain, taxed at 10%-15%.

this is why these crooks fight so hard for little capital gain tax. if it was high, it would make these kinds of pillaging unprofitable.

nothing more that a thief hates is someone else stealing his stolen loot.

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