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Steel Tears - Advent of Truth [2014 WC]

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:51 PM
Steel Tears - Advent of Truth [2014 WC]

As each and every day would pass, there was always a moment to reflect upon the changes since 2009. I couldn't help but notice that there were certain effects throughout the population, even in their temperament and in the strange series of downfalls occurring that seemed unrelenting for so many people. Each passing year I saw this pace increase. It seemed as though a part of chaos had been unleashed and wreaking havoc in so many people's lives.

The economic collapse left the U.S. in constant revolts from the people and soon martial law was in effect everywhere. The world I had known was a distant memory and that which I saw was quickly coming undone. Many of my friends had already left, having bought boats and supplies to last years. Nothing was safe anymore and what ever vestiges of civility were still in existence they were quickly fraying in weakness and fear. Oil was no longer affordable for many people to afford and the result of the droughts throughout the world including the destruction that Monsanto brought upon farmer's and their crops had devastated food supplies. People were struggling everywhere and hope seemed a romantic notion of a nostalgic past.

Life was hard and people were suffering everywhere.

There was a momentum happening that was hard to deny and within myself there was a distinct apprehension and quiet anxiety. I could not express this to those around me because I recognized that the world was still revolving in the same and usual ways of denial and a struggle to keep voltaire's garden from dying in the hearts of man. Everything had changed since 911.

People wanted to believe that everything they were feeling was not true. I saw it and registered the resistance of that which I knew would come from all those around me. Even so, I knew I could never be truly ready. A sadness carried with me each and every day knowing that the world would turn upside down and those left would scramble to survive. I just didn't know when.

September 29th 2014 my alarm clock sounded and I began to get ready for work. The day was glorious and warm. The sky a clear blue with nature mimicking it's glory all about me. I went to work and felt compelled to leave, taking the day off to drive up Island. So I left, estranged from this feeling that lead me to just drive and drive, without destination or purpose.

I found myself at Qualicum Beach which I had not visited for years. Getting out of my car I began to make the trek inward towards the beach. Suddenly, everything beneath my feet shook frantically and a great crackling was heard coming from the skies. It wasn't thunder or lightning but something entirely different. Something I had never heard before in all my life. In a moment of electric confusion everything around me melted and shook. I could not ascertain the sky, nor the ground. I continued to hear the crackling sounds and soon the earth began breaking around me. I fell upon the dirt and foliage crying out to my Father in Heaven. I was alone and bewildered sinking in a world of fear and the grip of despair.

I thought myself dead............when the great shaking and explosive sounds ended I looked up. Everything was different and I could not recognize the land I had known for so many years. The energy around me felt like it was swelling and every natural sound to be heard was vacant...........just a terrible silence after the shock with the sea soaring. I began to run to my car but the land around me was entirely different. I could no longer gauge where I was.

Although I wanted to run..................there was nowhere to go. I looked around me and destruction lay waste at my feet for as far as my eyes could see. I understood that it was a new world and I was alive in it. I crumpled upon the changing earth and wept. Not a soul in sight.......................I thought of my life in all it's loneliness and lost desires in the struggle of my human condition pitted against my spiritual light. I thought of everything lost and every crying tear from the sojourners of this war filled world in the grip of deception and suppression.

Here I a wasted world brand new. Alone, I stood up legs trembling, eyes weeping I began to walk in search of others. The sky was an eerie orange, revealing smoke and fire in the distance. I looked up to see fire raining down upon the earth.............or what was left of it.

Frozen, I sank back down to the ground...................I told myself I waited for death while the earth cried out. Death did not come....................a hardness took over me and my face in stone perseverance accepted the fate around me. Steel tears in the advent of truth without escape. I prayed to The Lord "give me the measure and portion sufficient for this task". I wasn't dead and so could not evade the task put before me.

I lifted myself from my defeated body and began to search for survivors, understanding the frail mortal coil of this life. It could be snapped instantly but I kept moving no longer knowing which way was north or east. The land had changed so much that nothing could be properly be ascertained. There were great crevices split in the earth all about me and holes that appeared to be endless canals into the earth. Fire's could be seen spreading and a terrible sense of loss could be felt inside the expanse of my soul. Fleeting everywhere around me were animals in sheer panic. I looked beyond in a strange apathy and persistent strength that was not my own hardened in sadness with the water of my life streaming from my spiritual eyes.

There was a new world coming and I knew this was merely the beginning. Prophetic memory of all that I had been shown long cast within destiny was upon us all in the advent of truth.

My face was resolute as I walked forward with steel tears falling from heaven.

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