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What Should Be Everyone's Deal Breaker: Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:17 PM
reply to post by The Old American

Great post, TOA!


It's just sad that most people posting don't seem to get it...... or maybe they do and they just don't care.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by The Old American

You haven't formulated your own opinion about Obama, you just copy and pasted the web-site. Make your own informed decision instead of looking at some biased site.

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:56 PM
Sour grapes anyone?

I think the OP just realized that the GOP has no chance of winning this election. Now he's posting whatever he can find that justifies his erratic opinions about Obama.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:59 PM
reply to post by The Old American

If you could show me Romney will kill NOBODY with Drones, I would vote him in a Heartbeat.

But it is BECAUSE of his words that he WILL ATTACK Iran , he will get No Vote from me.

Try again TOA

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:30 PM
I have a little different version, it's called...Why I'd give up a kidney before I vote for Berry.

Shortly after Obama took office, news came out that there had just been a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan. I could almost feel some of his supporters let out a confused cry. I saw people at home, and on ATS, scream of buyers remorse, and voices cracked. For some, that was all it took, because they knew.

The false hope of change plunged, like a knife, and painfully deflated their puffed out chests, because some actually believed it could never be true, not him. Getting let down, like that, had to hurt.

I only mention that, because I'm sitting here looking back, and trying to figure out where all the focus was while we were being robbed blind. Nobody was watching, not where we should have been. Yeah, I'm talking about the housing crisis, and quite possibly the biggest heist ever known to man.

Why is it, one should be asking, did the new president and his new "sheriff in town", Eric Holder, never produce a single criminal case against the big banks or mortgage service companies? They were, after all, put in charge of the madhouse right after this all went down.

It was the new administrations duty to bring justice for the American people, in fact, the world over. Not Bush's, not Clinton's, but Obama's. Nobody else has been holding those unused handcuffs ever since, period.
What do you think they're going to do, blame themselves?

In 1992, based on a faulty Bosten Fed report, completely void of evidence, and co-authored by Hillary's pal, they somehow came to the conclusion that the higher rejection rate among minorities was purely the result of "Racist Banking Practices".

To "fix it", they beefed up the "anti-redlining" regulations of the CRA, basically forcing the lenders to ditch their old rules, lower their underwriting standards, and give loans to those who wouldn't have qualified otherwise. It was a recipe for disaster.

Standing right there, though, were none other than Eric Holder, Janet Reno's deputy, and nobody Obama, who filed one such lawsuit against Citi himslf.
They intimidated banks, threatened them with lawsuits, and marauded around like pirates throughout the financial sector. Multiple government agencies were sent out to harass the banks and even forced several to open in hand picked neighborhoods.

The only numbers they ever looked at though, was the percentage of minority applications approved, and completely ignored all common sense. They never once looked at the actual decay of the lending process.
The banks increased D/I ratios, reduced or eliminated downpayments, and even counted unemployment checks and food stamps as income! You can't make this crap up! NINJA!
This is what opened the gates, and the predatory lenders, who got their commissions on the spot, went to town. They were no longer even allowed to lend carefully.

By the time it all fell apart, rating agencies were getting paid billions (by these same banks) to lie about the safety of "one of a kind instruments" that investors like familys, schools, and even entire cities bought into. It was layers and layers of junk. The banks knew it, and started betting against the very thing they were selling to you.

I'm sure that when I tell some of you that Bush actually tried to reign it in, back in 2005, I'll be called a liar before I can refresh the page.
The truth is, they tried, but the senate democrats called them racists again, and filibustered with only 45 votes.
Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and practically all the other democrats fought tooth and nail in congress and insisted it was all running perfectly.

Look what he was handed though, right? I know, that's what his supporters always say, because they don't care to look beyond today's emergency, and don't know any better.
Granted, in the beginning, congress only wanted to make it easier for more people to be able to own a home. That, to me, sounds like an honorable and just goal, except it backfired in a way nobody had ever imagined, and was only instituted through sheer financial terror. The greed took it over from there. Please stop with all the Bush's fault crap, idiots.

Back then, nobody even knew what had happened, only that we were all gonna die if we didn't bail out the banks. It was all too new, and all anyone could think was "Holy Crap, how much?". Of course, to make you forget about that, along came the auto industry, and 250,000 union jobs.

"Gun Dealers, Trillions, Gun Dealers, Trillions", say that over and over a few times, then try to mentally set that on the scales of justice. Why not the banks? Why, if they had the time to do an insider trading case here, a podink token there, did they not find the time to even attempt to go after the people that just almost ruined the world, according to them.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder, alone, are responsible for our D.O.J.'s list of priorities, period. What they say goes...

Holder and Breuer's connections at Covington & Burling, Timmy, "I'll get you from the inside" Geithner ,JP Morgan, Wells BofA, Citi, all of them.

Ask yourself, could he have surrounded himself with a more perfect set of anyone else on the planet that would ensure they all got away with it?

It makes one wonder if extending the ethics pledge under EO 13490 was more meant to hide something, because it sure doesn't seem he's used it for anything else.

The more layers I peel off this rotten onion, the more my eyes water for my country.

You guys do know that Libya asked for more security and Obama blew them off right? You'll only hear that from the Libyans though, not his lying ass.

Dreamercare, Apologizer in Chief, Huggin the ladies for 45 minutes with that cheerful campaign smile, as 3 more embassys were trashed and burned, and the bodies of our fallen were being delivered to his feet.

Oh god, I have to stop, otherwise I'm gonna run out of internet and never even touch current policy.

If he's re-elected, my coordinates are 39.4N 119.8W, just nuke me. It won't be as painful as watching the rest of you suffer too.

When Will the SEC Finally Go After the Auditors?

Pretty convenient if you ask me, he probably just needs them to prop up on stage, in shackles, for the debates.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by The Old American

The two party system is a trap, easy to controll 2 candidates than a hundred. But you must see that if Romney wins it'll be game set and match for most of Americans.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:21 PM
Wow, there are really some morons here at ATS. I am not a Romney supporter. I am not a GOP supporter. Nothing I've said has even hinted at that.

And Obama supporters have attacked me for my stance on Obama's war against other human beings whose only crime is that they're in the way of his oil.



posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:24 PM
Deal breaker.
Obama called four trillion in 8 years treason. He's spent 6 trillion in four.

By his own standard - treason x 3.

Deal broken.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by The Old American

America is asleep.

I have little faith that things will improve.

Good luck everyone. We are going to need it.
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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 03:14 AM
The deal breaker for me is that Obama is following the Bush's and Clinton in not standing up for our rights.
No, I'm not talking about the Blacks or Hispanics, I'm talking about EVERYONE. Obama is allowing us to be deceived into giving up our freedoms and rights "for our safety" We are to the point that we can have our phones and computer communications "tapped" for "National Security" without a valid reason or Warrant. Our President is selling us out to the Chinese, Middle East and the Russians and he doesn't understand why he shouldn't be doing this. Our economy is a wreck, unemployment is too high, and The president and his administration. are fudging the numbers to make it look like we're doing better and better. And, There the matter of the death of our people in Afghanistan. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and ask, do I want to vote for a President that has lied to me again and again???

Our President is limited to what he can do by the Congress and Senate and that's the OTHER problem. We cannot continue to be governed by "Career Politicians". Our Representatives are not working for our best interest, they are working to keep themselves in office. Our Representatives must be answerable the same laws as the rest of us and they MUST be "Term Limited". A person cannot be a Congressperson for 20 years and still understand the wants and needs of the people they represent. No matter if you're a Democrat or Republican we need to work together and do something about the Congress and Senate. 2012 has marked the worst rating for the Congress and Senate, EVER! Our Representatives are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE and they need to find employment elsewhere or we need to fire them.
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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by The Old American

Vote Jill Stein then.
A. Political Reform
1. Political debate, public policy, and legislation should be judged on their merits, not on the quid pro quo of political barter and money.

2. We propose comprehensive campaign finance reform, including caps on spending and contributions, at the national and state level; and / or full public financing of elections to remove undue influence in political campaigns.

3. All viable candidates at the state and federal levels should have free and equal radio and television time and print press coverage.

4. We will work to ban or greatly limit political action committees and restrict soft money contributions.

5. We support significant lobbying regulation such as strict rules that disclose the extent of political lobbying via "gifts" and contributions. Broad-based reforms of government operations, with congressional reorganization and ethics laws, must be instituted. At every level of government, we support Sunshine Laws that open up the political system to access by ordinary citizens.

F. Domestic Security
Strict enforcement of our First Amendment rights of speech, assembly, association and petition. Federal, state and local governments must safeguard our right to public, non-violent protest. It is intolerable that law enforcement agencies intimidate lawful protesters with brutality, surveillance, repression and retaliation.
End torture, such as in prisons like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo Bay and other U.S.-controlled facilities. Ensure those guilty of ordering or executing torture are held accountable for violations U.S. and international law.
Restore habeas corpus, a legal action to obtain relief from illegal detention. End the use of indefinite detention without trial.
Revoke the 2010 re-authorization of the Patriot Act, including “John Doe” roving wiretaps and the “library records” provision.

You're welcome, Old American.

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