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This blows my mind.

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 01:03 PM
Ive always held a strong belief that I am IN my body, I am not my Body.

A sort of, I drive my car, but im not my car kind of outlook on Mind body connection.

I have had some "experiences" when younger experimenting and such as young people are want to do, that only confirmed the long held spiritual beliefs on the matter.

Things like this always intrigue me.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 02:39 PM

Originally posted by dontreally

You mean sympathy, or empathy?

I guess I am refering to empathy.

But it's always just an approximation of their experience. It's never actually their experience. But something is definitely picked up - psychically - which probably differs between sympathy and empathy, that allows your conscious mind to absorb a perception that likens theirs.

I won't make any claims to psychic phenomenon, it is possible, but not necessary, to explain the experience, I think.

I do think it is an approximation, but I think that the subconscious plays a role in the forming of this "copy", the mirror neurons and the sub-conscious sensual data adding subtle complex emotional information to the conscious theory of mind.

At all times? While I agree to some extent that a mother can intuit her child's feelings - and thus thought - this is usually a momentary sensation, and cannot last.

No, not at all times. When the child is in my presence (part of why I think sensory input plays a part).
I can close myself off from this, but honestly? It is something I had to learn to do.
I often help women learn how to close off that empathy while working with horses. It is an excellent therapy for people who need to learn to do that. So far I have not met one man that had that problem!

Why is creating a 'copy' necessary? As I see it, what happens is the spirit between the two people - mother and son - carries with it the information, or 'copy' if you prefer, of the others present thoughts/feelings. But what transfers the feeling itself is responsible for the perception.

I wouldn't say it is "necessary" exactly, but I have come to suspect it is something like that. Because though you talk of the almost "natural" way it happens between child and mother, what of the way it happens between a husband and wife after a certain amount of time? Or simple friends or coworkers? This sort of ability seems to me to grow as I gather experience and comprehension of the person.

I think only one perception dominates, while at a lesser level of conscious perception, there is the simultaneous awareness of your sons thoughts/feelings.

Yes... I would say there is a dominant view, but that is because I choose to identify with mine. I can easily "lose" my view and will to anothers'- that is, theirs becomes the dominant.

By the way, I really agreed with this-

My problem, philosophically, is the much vaunted belief that the perception of the Absolute or Universal should have any say in mans real life day to day living. There is also the particular, the relational; the reality which unfolds from these experiences, between one person and another, are RICHER and more full of meaning than the homogenized sense of "I AM" everything. I'm not taking away validity to those perceptions, but they are entirely personal, and mystical; they have nothing to do with social life, and should have nothing to do with it.

What is that chinese proverb?
"Before enlightenment chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment,
chop wood and carry water."

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 03:33 PM
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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 05:03 PM
Make sure to check out , Robert Monroe, the modern pioneer of astral projection.

I got his first book yesterday and there are also details about scientific experiments etc in it

Very good read and well written because he doesn't use fancy words, he describes in a most objective way what happened etc

Haven't gotten to the part about the technique yet and I'm not in a hurry either, I've had attempts in the past, but all in good time!

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by dontreally

Ive always been quite interrested in lucid dreaming, meditation and what not... Recently (past 1½-2 years) ive been quite interrested in OBE's... And ive read several places that our "soul" flyes around doing crazy sheit whilst were here, awake... Sounds crazy yep. But think of it this way, u have a TV with 2 channels, u can turn to either of them, but they both come from the same source... Cant really think of any other logic way of saying...
looking forward to my first OBE! (have had 3 that mightve been OBE, but frankly i think they were just dreams)...

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 06:57 PM

No, I mean a subjective experience is not scientifically valid evidence.


the op demands scientifically valid evidence for astral projection,
but excludes his own belief system, ultimately based on writings which are in turn based on subjective experiences, from having to submit to being examined with the same rigor.

priceless L

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:11 PM
reply to post by ThisIsNotReality

I second the Robert Monroe recommendation. I just got done reading "Far Journeys" and it starts off talking about the scientific approach taken to the observation of OBEs. It then launches into Monroe's experiences which seem very outlandish but it makes for interesting reading.

The one thing that I liked was that he never comes off as all knowing, unlike some who believe that their third eye is open and that they know all there is to know. If true, he seems to be able to slip out of his body and meet different types of beings and communicate and exchange ideas.

One of these stories is a story that an alien shares with him which sounds a lot like the biblical story with one twist. The creator of the garden had/has one goal and that is to produce a type of energy called loosh which is expressed as loosh/love in the book. It is a product of human emotions.

It took me several months to adjust to the loosh rote. "Adjust" is a very broad word to describe a complete cycle of shock, rejection, anger, depression, resignation, acceptance. My sequence paralleled remarkably the pattern others have discovered and studies as to human response when notified of approaching death from illness or injury.

Something was dying in me. I had long realized that the God of my childhood did not exist, at least not in the form and substance envisioned by my enculturation. However, I had deeply accepted the concept of creator and created—I had but to look around me at the elaborate and intricate order of design, of the symbiosis that made the whole process operate, the trees that grew plumb-line straight up if given the chance, that provided me and other oxygen breathers with what we needed while we fed to them unknowingly for a long period our waste products, which they needed to exist . . . the balance of the entire planet, whose outer filtering bands of energy permitted just the proper quantity and quality of sunlight so critical to biologic growth . . . and of course the food chain.

The loosh rote explained everything very neatly. Most important, it explained the purpose, the reason for it all, the why of it. This factor had long eluded me. The loosh answer was simple and obvious. The reason was there, in very prosaic fashion. We were indeed producing Something of Value. Loosh. If one finally was able to get past the emotional barriers involved, it became hard even then to find holes in the general concept. An explanation of total human behavior and history.

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posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:19 PM

Originally posted by billy197300
reply to post by dontreally

I don't believe in astral projection. It is simply a lucid dream that you concoct in your head. I have had that experience many times since I was a kid, it sure did feel like I was leaving my body and floating around doing stuff. Reality is, I was asleep the whole time having a lucid dream...........I think.

Ive told about it on here.. but I thoguht I was going wacko only to discover I was suffering from my brain firing ( chemistry) at wrong stages of consciousness : a form of sleep paralysis. I was awake yet dreaming.. sure seemed like freakish visions to me. I can really see how some truly believe and can pass a lie detecting test on the experiences ( IE ghosts, aliens, demons, etc) They, for all purposes of the test, ARE true experiences.

I wont ridicule anyone claiming OOBEs or etc and dont exactly NOT believe.. its just difficult for me to comprehend it I guess. I never have had one, but I can see some potential in some of the cases. I mean, I fall asleep when trying to meditate and am as psychic as a rock. I have to hold some hope that others are more "sensitive" and colorful than me...

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by Dustytoad

Yeah actually precognition is much stronger than deja vu -- in fact if there is a dream that is "more real" than even being awake then you can rest assure that this dream will come true in the future. Also most dreams are from subconscious associations during the day and the brain is then compiling that new information with old similar information through associations -- for long term memory storage. But at least for me I know right away if a dream I have is based on subconscious associations from the previous day -- it's easy to psychoanalyze those dreams.

So having a precognitive vision is often new information that makes no sense based on subconscious associations - and this is a big hint it will come true in the future. Then when it is experienced in the future it's literally like repeating something that's already been experienced and so I call this a "Glitch in the Matrix." Usually I don't tell people when this happens since they would not believe me - but the thing is that precognition happens due to some strong future emotional event. Essentially our deep emotional desires enable our spirit to connect with the future because the future is how we play out the goal of our deep emotional desires of the present.

So I mentioned before the etheric body and this is the emotional energy -- so we have to sublimate this energy. This is why Robert Monroe focused on his stomach when doing an OBE because the etheric energy power is from the stomach -- or what's called the "lower tan tien" in Taoist yoga -- it is below and behind the navel where the vagus nerve connects to the lower body -- the reproductive organs and the digestive tract. So there is a huge amount of serotonin and when the vagus nerve is activated this then increases serotonin in the brain via the endothelial cells - and this bypasses the blood brain barrier. This is why females are more empathic because the internal female orgasm is from the vagus nerve connecting to the cervix. While for the male when the external ejaculation occurs it triggers the stress cortisol neurohormones which is the sympathetic nervous system. People want to stay in the relaxed parasympathetic vagus nervous system so modern males don't know how to do this.

That's why I rely on full lotus to "ground" the meditation because if you can sit in full lotus then you know the body's energy channels are opening up and clearing out blockages. This is also how to increase the etheric energy -- the trick is to store it up in the lower tan tien. This is called "jing" energy. It's just that normally we spend all this energy from people not meditating so their electromagnetic spirit gets stuck or possessed in their lower organs - the liver is anger and the kidneys is fear and the lungs are sadness and the pancreas is worry and the heart is overexcitement. So there is a way to train to fuse or harmonize these emotions to increase the heart electromagnetic spirit energy when it goes beyond love. The love is always there but it's important to use the brain to properly direct the energy and so this takes experience to be objective about the energy.

So the longer a person can sit in full lotus yoga position without moving, in ease, then they are a real energy master and these energy masters with the third eye fully open can then do astral travel healing - when they do this they "really are" where they travel to - they can do this very quickly also. They just need the name, age, sex and location of the person they are healing -- they can then read their energy blockages and see inside the person's body and then transmit energy to them at a distance. This happens "holographically" -- because when these readings occur then the healer feels the other person's energy corresponding inside their own body. But the person getting the healing will feel the energy like a laser inside their body. That is from the "yin spirit" going into the person getting healed.

there is an excercise called the "small universe" aka "microcosmic orbit" and this will increase the energy of the etheric body to then increase the chi or electromagnetic force energy that is used to power the spirit or holographic coherent quantum laser body -- the astral body. You can get the meditation practice c.d. from -- for the small universe meditation. You can read Awaken the Healing Energy of the Tao scribd here So that's a free beginners book on what the person experiences doing the small universe or microcosmic orbit exercise and then as the energy increases from the electromagnetic force then a person can move into full lotus.

Transcendent Dreaming Dr. Christina Donnell 1 hour talk

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 02:32 AM

Originally posted by Dustytoad
reply to post by SuspendedBelief

You are new I know, but you may wish to edit your post. It's NOT ok to talk about these things on this website.
Also you seem to think that a natural brain chemical relates to demons, and that someone seeing himself is a demon? you are very wrong I can assure you. A demon cannot give you it's memory as your own. You don't know as much as you think you do.

I agree that certain brain chemistry is related, and a very important part to mastering these experiences NATURALLY.

3rd eye...

The mods took care of that post. I can't remember what all I had said.

Natural brain chemicals are not related to demons. Forcing those chemicals to overproduce themselves will make someone feel, out of body, like everything around them changes except for them. Considering that we know very little about the human brain, it's no wonder that new senses could be unlocked using this method.

As for demons/spirits being able to create facades as inceptions you should look into the CE4 website. This is all they study and yes, spirits can absolutely inject fake memories into your head, so long you have not accepted the Holy Spirit. Your body is like a vessel, and only one spirit can reside. Trust me on this one, there are 400 interviewees on the website I mentioned, some written, some audio. All of them have stopped their OBEs / NDEs / alien abductions by calling out the name of Christ.

Sorry I misspelled your name in my PM to you.

I'm done.
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