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Austria Cable Cars Collide, Injuring Two

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:03 PM

From My Way News: Austria Cable Cars Collide, Injuring Two

Two cable cars collided in northern Austria on Saturday and knocked a 3-year-old girl out the doors, sending her tumbling 30 feet to the ground, state media said. The girl's grandmother was also hurt.

The girl was seriously injured from the fall, the Austria Press Agency reported.

The doors of the cable car that she, her grandmother and another passenger were riding in sprang open when an empty car in front of it slid back and crashed into it, state broadcaster ORF reported.

The empty car then crashed to the ground.

A helicopter evacuated the injured grandmother from the stricken car - which rescuers feared would also fall. Mountain rescuers evacuated the only other passenger in the car

Click link for full article...

I feel really sorry for the Grandmother. She was apparently responsible for her grandchild at the time, and then this happened. It wasn´t her fault, but she must feel bad about it and probably guilty somehow. The three-year-old girl is seriously injured...

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