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Tales of the drunken master

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:18 PM
Dame, lol one sec,I pressed enter by mistake, ironic I was drunk lmao

sorry I will post a story, one sec, im drunk lmao
so sit back, this may be interesting *drinks another beer*

edit on 25-9-2012 by RisenAngel77 because: (no reason given)

*stares at the edit user above*
Well that was akward, I bet some of you are saying "what is this post about, why did he press enter etc. " but you see here I am practicing free writing, here I am expressing myself with full s[peach while drunk.

While I realize, that sooner or later my time to edit this post will expire, Let me post a video while you wait.

This may buy me some time, as I post the reason why im drunk and post this, so one sec.

Btw lol, they say the true self, comes out when drunk. so this should be very very interesting, as my frustration lead me to this very moment, the moment of sadness and grief. I may be laughing now, but thats just a mask, here I dont care about grammer, or punctuatons, all i care about... is feeling and speaking my mind, express my thoughts as they come out without my mind blocking me.

Again, this should be interesting, (below edit user) soon I will post a story.

edit on 25-9-2012 by RisenAngel77 because: (no reason given)

I am angry and I am sad. I am frustrated beyiond belief. my words comes out at random, but here I express my true self without thinking. I see the world in an effed up state, I say "eff" because I follow the guidelines.

Anyways, why I write this, well, I want to cry, but my heart is blocked you see? I cant cry, because my heart will not let me.

or no...maybe its my mind, and I dont know what else to express. other than I hate how humanity has becom so egotistical, but yet, here I say, maybe and perhaps it is my fault, because we are expressions of our innerselves. what ever our innerworlds reflect, it is what we see in everyday life. It is like.. watching a TV and switching to the channel you would preffer. incoming "edit user" I will continue the story"

wooo *im so drunk* "drinks another beer"
edit on 25-9-2012 by RisenAngel77 because: (no reason given)

that edit user must be interesting *sytares above*

You may b thinking im losing my mind, but no, i am just drunk, because i wanted to escape, espace from reality *stares at user above*
what reality? well... the realoty that we are conditioned to be something not ourself. we are expressions of the creator you see? * lol * haha I know what you thinkin.

"dis guy is crazy no wai"

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:24 PM
Cool story bro.


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