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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 06:28 PM
As health budgets dwindle due to government mispending (i.e the english government spent billions on the olympics "sportsday" whilst patients in england are being health rationed) the drugs industry continue to direct where the health budget is targeted.

Some patients with hepatitis C have to wait until they develop cirrhosis before they are treated in england.

Doctors are being inundated with material which exaggerate certain illnesses as drug companies have a vested interest in selling their wares.

The whole system is becoming incongruous with politicians and drug companies directing medicine towards areas where they will gain profit whilst allowing the public to have rubbish food and less exercise.

The profits from feeding the public cheap rubbish food are phenomenal.

I am feeling cynical today as I have just re-read the da vinci code and think that the military industrial complex are the equivalent of the knights templar of the past i.e. full of secrecy with their own aggenda whatever that is.

The medical world seems as though it is operating through David Icke`s problem-action-solution model.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 06:52 PM
Well I can tell you this. Had a beer with a mate of mine who installs solar geysers. He told me that they went out with a couple of pharma reps and later that evening some of the reps let him in on a little secret. According to them big pharma is run like a cartel.
If a certain pharmacutical company comes out with a drug that treats too many aiments and sicknesses some of the other drug companies will come out and demand that the drug be removed. If not, well it's apparently nothing for them to quickly send somebody round to your house to hold your family ranson, or worse, wipe them out.

Another thing they mentioned is that they make drugs that will treat your illness, but that same drug will make sure that you'll be back in another 8 or 10 years for something else.

Right now I think there's about 60 new drugs on the market each day.

It would be wise to ask yourself how the world coped without all of thwm for the last 200 years or so.

Stay away from new medicine.

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