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New World Order Youth & Resistance

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:10 AM
Howdy Everyone.

I was looking around here on ATS and ran across ABC Brainwashing Kids. It was posted back in 2008, and I wanted to check out this link for myself and I was not able to play the game and experience what our kids have been exposed to myself. I have no doubt this was being used in our public education system, not a doubt.

Being a mother who thinks the greatest joy in life as a woman was my experience as being a mother. I never experienced that thing called "terrible twos" they were happy, spirited, well mannered and began learning as soon as well ...they were born.

I had a different experience I guess than many parents I hear about. My first child never had a rash, not once. I would wake up as soon as I heard him shuffle in his crib (I can hardly hear now but back then, I had bionic ears). I had time to set up the feeding area before he actually let out a cry. He depended on me and I don't know about you but, a is more wonderful than finally meeting that little one who I shared my body with and that looked like the man I was crazy in love with. There is no better privilege in my opinion. That was the reason I went into teaching, It was my job to make sure they were getting what I expected from the school system.

My point is I know there are other mothers (and fathers) who felt the same way I did about their children and were diligent with them while they were young and growing because they saw nothing more rewarding or important either.

Ever since I learned what was being done in the education system, I can't help but be compelled to warn every parent out there and hope someone hears me.

So when I saw the above mentioned thread, It made me wonder....what are the kids up to lately? How are they? The kids have been getting a "global education" since 1989 (when I became aware of it). Gradually, indoctrinating the children "three steps forward, one step back" whenever too much pressure from parents forced that step back (much like all changes to our system).

The kids come home and treat the parents as if they need to parent them regardless of how diligent the parent is. Seemingly good things like don't smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, etc. How can anyone argue, we are proud of our kids learning about these things. But, what else are they learning that they don't tell us? What are they being taught about their parents that has lead to this idea that we are ignorant and they know better what temperature is proper to have our homes at? What a burden that must be for the child, to be taught their parents are not adequate.

Here is a video that I think is something people might want to see. In it, there is a place where a mother listens to her daughter and keeps her house at 66 degrees and a child sneezes ....(It made me think of a movie I saw where the kids bossed the parents around and threatened to turn their parents in to the authority). To me, this is something a child or the school should not be dictating to a parent. Am I dreaming??? My kid would not even dictate to me, we had respect for elders in our household, that isn't respectful... where do they get these reactions when the parent doesn't comply? Are the conditions at school as such all day? These things I think about. Here is the video...

(Yes, at the end of this video note the symbol and the spiritual implications. Today (this evening) is also Yom Kippur I see this as relevant as well. I only recently realized that it was a festival that for some reason Organized Christianity doesn't commonly observe, I wasn't aware of this).

This next where I went when the other video made me think of Nazi era.

The name of the novel to check out is "For the Fatherland".
This lead me to think of what is the mindset of the children today, now....
I looked up eh... global youth, global cult youth....we have Global Youth Service day
I am curious when I looked over that website..I suspect there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Found some interesting lyrics from the kids....This one is titled, " Through The Fear", the next one is called, "New West".

Cult of Youth – Through the Fear Draw from experience And make marks on a map And the lives we lead are barely more than that So in the nighttime when you seek an early grave just remember that your children are afraid The earth is spinning at a never changing rate but the motion has not ever changed our fate when every season kills the season that is left we acknowledge that we're only born for death just know your children are not children any longer as they fall in love and death and out of time So leave the light on Since you'll never really know how your garden lives when roses cease to grow so far removed that it's as if we've just begun and bear the burden of an ever darkening sun But never falter, since the path we forge is drawing ever near echoing the voices through the fear

Cult of Youth – New West Have mercy on their children for they play with idle hands Their laughter is their folly and their statues never stand The values of a man can never change He yields them when he speaks his lover's name We took them from above, as bird with broken back His scene was in the wind, his eggs had never hatched How strange that she should know him, if only by a name His scent was so peculiar, so fragile was his frame He charmed them with the malice of a child Whose dignity had since been running wild He is the sunlight over you when crops are screaming rain He is the willing servant of those in need of pain A witness to the eyesight of the blind He is a burning question in the mind A whisper to a scream, as prelude to a dream Remembrance to the lost, he's come to melt the frost With hatred in his eyes, and a love that never dies His beauty never fades, without it he decays So pray the end comes quickly boy, and sturdy up that spine Just know that he has reached you with every glass of wine He sullies you with reason and he tempts you with his glance And kisses you with crimson just to lead you by the hand Just know that he is at your door tonight Just know that he is at your heels tonight

(The ads that accompany the pages for the lyrics were all promoting enlistment in the marines).

As a mother, this breaks my heart. Then I hear this child......

There it is...out of the mouth of babes. The deliberate dumbing down of America

So, I wanted to share this, and welcome conversation on the matter.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:48 AM
reply to post by OldSchoolMom

A video for the kiddies.


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