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The Ahmadjunejad you've never heard of...

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 07:47 PM

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
I am not even remotely scared of any implementation of Sharia Law in USA because it will never happen.

Curiously definite position to take when you are standing on the sands of time. I'm sure Emperor Constantine said the same words before Constantinople fell. What is incredible about Islam is the diversity of ethnicities that it comprises. Their defiant ancestors probably all uttered the same words before their cultures were erased. No-one knows what the USA will be like in 200 years. We can all accept that 200 years ago, its social dynamics were very different to today. I think the Left will invite Sharia under the guise of minority rights and progressivism. I think this because it is occuring here. Leading figures have already called for Sharia to be sanctioned for Muslim communities in Europe. This is the inevitable result when we do not value our own identity at least as much as other peoples.

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
If this article was about Iran's leader, people would be claiming that their ways are barbaric and outdated.

They called on community members to kick iPhone owners out of religious seminaries, and warned them to keep their children away from the children of iPhone users.

People might, but it would barely make news. The whippings of women for the crime of being the victim of rape, and the hangings of homosexual men (who Ahmadinejad believes are subhuman) does not even make news. The western powers are concerned only with the survival of Israel, not the Iranian people.

I think this is a wise move on the part of the Rabbis, proves even outdated religion has its purposes.

Yes. That was the point. He is, in reality, not the man he has been portrayed.

You speak as if that interview is the full story on him and his beliefs.

Even Stalin was rational. I don't understand why recognizing someone's rational and relatable aspects must lead us to the conclusion that they are a good person. If you believe the west is inherently evil or at least malevolent in its intentions, then you would find it easy to make this illogical leap. 'The President of Iran makes sense therefore he is not such a bad guy afterall! Iran is a victim!' I feel people read these interviews and use them as an excuse to justify biased opinions. Americans have to learn villains are not always comic book characters that speak and act in obscene ways, but since Americans are unaccustomed to a more intellectual analysis it has to be presented this way in the media. Otherwise they won't see anything wrong with Ahmadinejad and Iran. Threads like this only prove the point in my opinion.

All discussion of Ahmadinejad is worthless however. He does not control Iran. Ali Khamenei does and you would have to clutch at straws to put him in a favourable light.

Moreover, this type of rhetoric is what was told to the American people when the government was actively eradicating the American Indians.

That may be true, but it is also a false correlation (no-one is wiping out the Iranians, the propaganda is directed at their president, not the Iranian people) and an overly dramatic one. Is indoctrinated white guilt the common theme here and the subconcious reason behind these threads? It's odd this connection would be mentioned.

Originally posted by AnAbsoluteCreation
That is exactly it. Cultures need time to evolve. You cannot force cultural modernization. It has to happen organically. People need to recognize this.

Islam does not 'evolve'. It replaces host cultures and self-perpetuates a static pattern. Sharia law is still 7th century, to alter it defeats the point for them. Islam operates on a very different principle to other Abrahamic religions, there is no room for thinkers or philosophers. What you see today with the many diverse branches of Christianity and its development through the ages is simply not possible with Islam. It's running a different equation. The bleeding hearts won't see this until it hits them in the face.

The brief period of liberalism in the middle east existed due to the strong global influence of Marxism-Leninism in the early 20th century. It was not an evolution of Islam but a competing ideology that prevented Islamic dominance of thought. The 1979 Revolution in Iran reverted this progress. It was seen as a restoration of Islamic rule. When you speak about the leaders of Iran remember they represent this movement.

Thanks for the opportunity to share thoughts.

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