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Hi ATS... Glad To Be Onboard The Roller Coaster

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posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 04:12 PM
Hi ATS... long time reader first time caller..... oh wait.

Looking forward to entering the many varied threads here, some people know a lot about a little and others no a little about a lot... I would put myself in the second category, I'm hoping people here can add detail to the many different topics I'm interested in.

Anyway, glad to have finally signed up.

Seeing as I can't start a thread yet I thought I would just share some information which has been discussed on ATS before, by the looks of it.

I'll keep it brief -

Dr. Burzynski -

A close friend of mine married a few years ago, they were happy and had a great relationship, it wasn't long before they had a son and the perfect little family.

Of course the world has a way of throwing a spanner in the works, this friend of mine found out his wife had a form of brain cancer. She was basically written off and told there was nothing that could be done... devastating to say the least.

BUT they didn't give up, unlike the doctors, they researched and came across Dr Burzynski. They decided to pin their hopes on him, which was a big gamble considering the amount of money it would cost. A lot of fundraising later, with the help of a few celebrities, they finally raised enough money for her treatment.

A few months ago we found out she's been given the all clear, amazing considering how the doctors had given her no hope. This did of course tingle my conspiracy mind and it does beg the question... why are cancer treatments that work kept quiet and pushed aside? Is it because of all the money the drug and research companies would loose if a cure was presented to the world? I think so and I think it's disgusting.

Anyway here's a video about Dr Burzynski (I think it's been posted before so feel free to delete if that's the rules) -

Oh, by the way, this is not a topic I'm particularly interested in, but as it's so close to home I thought I would share in case someone finds themselves in a similar position.

Anyway enough from me, time to slip on the tin foil top hat and dig into some crazy sounding threads.

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 06:12 AM
Welcome to the mad-house. Hope you enjoy your stay and glad your friend is Ok.

Like your music choices by the way

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