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Near the edge

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posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 03:37 AM

The last few days have been very strange and much rain, I am living currently in Northern Borneo, better known as The Land Under The Wind, but it seems that has changed now, most of the time bad storms pass us and rarely cause us any problems, but the past 4 months I started to notice heavy winds, heavy rain and much flooding, not counting extreme heat too.

Our world has shown her true colors and we are facing it now. Mother Earth is for sure angry at us for polluting the planet, destroying it and killing multiple species including mankind. We have been getting odd cloud formations, odd rain falls and irregular heat waves. It seems every time i turn on the television or internet I am seeing huge storms destroying our living places and it gets worse and worse every time.

There has been more storms recorded this year than any year on earth that's been recorded. It seems very hard now to start a garden because it either gets flooded or burned by the sun, I noticed also a reduction on my consumption of food due to high prices, the fuel to run our cars and machines price has risen as well. I really believe we are about to face very hard times. I fear we are too late to save ourselves. Maybe Satan has risen and took the form of our leaders, and prophets and so on. I noticed an outbreak of horror movies, reality shows, murder shows and so on.... I fear we have been programmed to love these shows, maybe the devil is testing our strength.

There seems too be so much madness going on these days and that our governments that suppose to protect us is killing us. Rumors are said the so called Elites of whoever wants to cull 95% of mankind to save mankind, what are they than Aliens? Why dont they cull themselves, it angers me they say this with no care, yeah must be Satan. Nowadays I try to stay away from politics because it seems one after another is talking bull# and nothing gets done. I am starting to feel Government is actually an evil cult which makes us feel we need them, truthfully we don't, we have seen over and over their promises becomes failures, all they have done for us especially these times is cause grief,wars,hardships and murder.

I really think mankind is doomed, they have us all zombietized and stuck right where they want us. Truthfully I feel the time for changed is over with, I think all we can do now is pray to God we make it past 2012 without any problems.. But sadly it looks like WW3 is around the corner and many people from many countries are made to believe we are enemies towards each other, but in reality all this hate,anger,terrorism seems to be a plot to cull mankind not by their hands, but from ourselves, they tricked us into wanting to kill each other over revenge which I believe they mastermind, if we kill each other they dont get arrested and sentenced for it.. clever evil method.

I only hope for the best, but it seems we are destined to kill each other in the name of greed,lust and all other sins. The elites admit they hate us all, they will have us all eradicated from earth. Sadly 95% of mankind is afraid to stand up and face those who have criminally shun hate and tyranny upon us. This is why I can only sit back and sadly see us all killing each other off, we are so damn stupid and blind I cant even believe no one has attempted to try and gather those in our world for peace on earth to stand up and fight those who takes peace from us, too many people have fallen into the elites trap and believe they will give us peace, show me peace in the past 12 years?

It has been nothing but killing innocent people for the greed of those who hate us too. It makes me very sad to see all the children dying from famine,diseases and some try to help but most the money for sure is going into the elites pocket., if not than where is all the donation monies? we should of eliminated all the suffering by now... Just not right. They make medication very expensive so we cant afford it and die, raising the food to make it harder for us to survive. I cant believe we all allow ourselves to be treated like this and it really needs to stop. we have all the proof they are committing these atrocities but yet we sit idle and be couch potatoes. I am so very tired of it..when are we going to wake up? thats it for today..nite...

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posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 03:48 AM
I didn't read all of your posted thread because it is all too close together with no paragraph breaks and too hard on the eyes........

But I do agree that due to the way in which man has treated the Earth there are going to be many Earth changes in the future and seasons will no longer be in any particular order. The only reason we will know what season it is is because it is a certain time of year, that certain time of year has always been called that particular season since we can remember, but the weather will not correspond with that particular season......

Going to be some wild times ahead that's for sure............

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 03:52 AM
Obama has all the Demos sucked into his Vampire ways and really believe he can, well all he has showed us is Yes he can make America and its beliefs crumble, lets not forget Romney, my God he admit he said 47% of us are useless basically....he is not for the people but for the profit of the people... None can be trusted, not even the smooth talking Bill Clinton, anyone who worked beside the bush dynasty cant be trusted, all of
The only person you can really trust and vote for right now frankly is yourself. I trust no one outside my family walls they are our enemies and not from America and for America, and if so and you support those who commit tyranny against us with them are traitors and should be eradicated too.
End Tyranny Now!

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 03:54 AM
reply to post by davethebear

sorry, a bit tired and just lazy to fix it, i will rewrite it better soon...thanks for your reply...

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 04:13 AM
reply to post by Kabayu

The last 12 years? People have been fighting with each other since the beginning. Not just in the last decade. There has always been earthquakes, storms and floods.......I think it just seems like there is more violence and crazyness because we now have mass media and you hear about every little thing instantly. It seems crazy out there in the world, yes, but it always has been.
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