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If you eat out, I need to talk to you!

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 03:20 AM
reply to post by Springs1

AWW Springs, at first I thought maybe you were just a little demanding and self absorbed, but after reading everything I'd say you sound down right mean and rude. I can't believe the way your typing to these people??

I'm telling you now, you start calling me names, and ******SCREAM AT ME***** every two seconds, I won't reply.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 07:46 AM

Originally posted by windwordDo you understand that servers work for the restaurant and many times the restaurant has rules for the servers to hold off on offering things that are free, like more bread, or another soda? Restaurants want the customers to ask for their free refills, and servers to sell menu items, not waste their time getting you free stuff.

Then WHY do they have things like this, huh?

It has the "F***, but it won't come out on here, because of the curse word.

Obviously, they want to GIVE YOU AS MUCH DRINK FOR FREE AS POSSIBLE if you read "Silent Refills if possible."

So you are 100% WRONG ABOUT THIS ONE!!

They wouldn't have servers just bringing you free stuff without even asking for it and REFILLS of it even if you were right.

Originally posted by windwordIt's really considered poor service for the server to bring a partial drink order. If some one has ordered a beer from the bar and someone else has ordered a glass of wine, and there are 2 sodas, the server must wait for the bar drinks, and the wine may come another station altogether. The server may bring another table, who ordered later, Ice Teas, while waiting for the bar. You have no idea how things are organized.

HOW when MANY servers have done that so customers wouldn't wait 10 MINUTES or MORE to give their entrée or an appetizer order? Think about it, you come to the table with PART of the order, you will make their food come out faster if you get their ORDER faster, DUHHHHH!!

It's poor service to make them wait forever to order their entrées and to not be *CONSIDERATE* of the customer's THIRST that don't order bar drinks. YOU ARE SOOOOOOO WRONG THAT PEOPLE LOVE WAITING WHEN THEY ARE THIRSTY! Even a manager *AGREED* soft drinks UNDER 5 MINUTES of taking your order!

If you were right, WHY would I have MANY SERVERS that have not made us wait, huh? YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THINGS ARE ORGANIZED, NOT AT ALL!! YOU JUST WANT TO BE LAZY, ADMIT THAT!!

Originally posted by windwordMany restaurants employ food runners, or encourage other servers to run another's food out. That's when you get auctioning off of food, because the person serving the table isn't the one who took the order. A lot of restaurants aren't organised enough to relay seating and what seat ordered what, to the food runner.

I said in my pet peeves list if you would have *READ* as far as WHAT ***********TABLE************** to go to. I have seen MANY OF TIMES servers go to our table with another table's food not even near the section they need to be even and servers go to another table with our food all because they were too lazy to read the ticket or computer screen as to which *TABLE* to go to.

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:01 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine

2. I like that one. I do sometimes say things like “oh that’s my favorite” maybe I should keep those comments to myself??…

Yeah, unless someone *ASKS* for your opinion, WHY should you waste a customer's time telling them and why should it MATTER TO THEM? Especially if they have had it a bunch of times.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine3. YES My boss tells us not to get new glasses, but I don’t listen to her.

Good, most chains get you a new glass such as Outback, Chili's, etc.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine6. Sorry all of my customers get a check whether they want it or not LOL

I am pretty sure you know what I mean though that they assume you are done when you aren't.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine7. I don’t do that, but it seems odd to me that it bothers you, but ==eh that’s you I guess.

Because some servers will also circle amounts, doodle, etc. It wastes *TIME* that you could be getting your check. OBVIOUSLY you didn't **READ* the FIRST WORDS of the sentence did you? If you have been waiting for your check 10 minutes, do you want to wait ONE SECOND LONGER if you are ready to leave, huh?

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine9. What if the lemon has a slit cut in it and is hanging on the rim….??

Again, you didn't *READ*! IN YOUR TEA MEANS *IN*! If it's on the side(like on the rim of the glass, that's the way it should be served if the customer wants lemon of course). You aren't very detailed, are you?

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine11. I’ve never done that BUT if they order a take out at the same time they are ordering for the table… I do say “Hey if you think of it when I deliver dinner, maybe slip me a reminder so I don’t forget to put it in for you” Probably not a great Idea, but I think I’d rather have you irritated that I asked for the reminder than pissed that I forgot….Which I usually DON’T forget, but I’m human.

That's different in that you wouldn't be putting in the order until the end, so I will agree with you on that one. I was talking about my main meal or appetizer that I am eating THERE that servers have done this. Once, a waitress at Applebee's did this and all I ordered was 2 mexi-ranches and 1 pico de gallo that she wanted me to remind her about. That was some lazy. I did tell her something about that though.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine12. Assuming the app will be shared. That’s a tricky one… What do you suggest? Should I ask ….”You gonna share that, or hog it all to yourself?” or should I set down a stack of plates so the others at the table can be even further taunted w/o a delicious bite of your yum yums??.

My husband and I ordered 2 appetizers as well as 2 entrees at a restaurant. I didn't want what he wanted and he didn't want what I wanted, so that's why we ordered 2. We figured we could take the food home if we had too much. The waiter ASSUMED I wanted the appetizer with my meal. For starters, I NEVER ONCE said that. Also, I should KNOW that since the menu states it's an appetizer, that I would get it as an appetizer unless I state otherwise. We were waiting quite a while when the waiter came around and we asked where my chili cheese fries were. Our waiter replied "I thought you wanted it with your meal." I told him "I never said that." I was SOME PISSED that he "ASSUMED" we were going to "share" the first appetizer. Anyway, I received it 2 minutes literally before our entrees came out.

Now do you understand?

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine21. Ketchup is already on the table where I work, would you be immediately offended by that…??


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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:19 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine28. That’s the most ridiculous thing on this list…Looks great on paper but it’s execution would be a sight to see LOL LOL LOL

This is the most RIDICULOUS, LAZY, UNCARING, and INCONSIDERATE RESPONSE I have EVER HEARD OF with this, here's why I will repost this again:

Another time I asked for 1. a box, 2. a bag, 3. the check, 4. a to-go coke, our waitress forgets the bag.

Another time I asked for 1. extra napkins, 2. more bread, and 3. a refill on my soft drink, he forgets the extra napkins.

Another time, I asked for 1. a box, 2. the check, 3. a bag, 4. tops for the containers for the condiments, she forgets the bag.

Another time, I asked for 1. a box, 2. the check, 3. a bag, 4. containers for condiments, she forgets everything except for the containers.

HOW is it the most "ridiculous" if they keep FORGETTING, HUH? I think it's the most SMART THING YOU CAN DO TO IMPROVE REMEMBERING rather than not. You want to make more money, but aren't willing to do the ******************************WORK*************************************** FOR IT, WHY IS THAT? You sound LAZY!

I am SICK of servers being so DAMN LAZY. I mean you say you hate to be ran, REMEMBER, but then don't have your pad and pen READY, so WHY should they think they should tell you a bunch of things at once if you look UNPREPARED TO TAKE A LONG LIST OF THINGS, HUH

As I said above, we have had times where all I asked for was 3 things and got it forgotten.

I have a lot of times servers forget refills and they just NEVER WRITE THEM DOWN. DO you realize HOW MANY TIMES WE HAVE HAD SOFT DRINK OR TEA REFILLS FORGOTTEN?

How can you say this is ridiculous? As you said, you are human and can forget, right? This is the MOST LAZINESS AND RIDICULOUS RESPONSE OF SOMEONE TO SAY!!

The first example where the waitress forgot the bag, see how if she would have *WRITTEN* THOSE 4 things down, she could have remembered more than likely?

See in the second example, it was only 3 things and he forgot the napkins. YOU HATE BEING RAN, but you REFUSE to MAKE IT EASIER ON YOURSELF, WHY IS THAT, HUH? You must love to be ran, don't ya?

The customers would ask you for more, more than likely if you were to show you could remember more by WRITING IT DOWN. There have been times I held off on asking for things on PURPOSE because the server didn't write what I asked down all because they didn't have their pad and pen OUT for me to feel at ease to ask them because I had all of those times that servers forgot stuff. Think about it. WHY would I ask you for 5 things if you didn't write them down? YOU WANT TO BE RAN AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED!! You sound VERY LAZY! Why not write down a list? You probably write down the customer's order, WHY not write down table 4 wants 4 cokes, 2 boxes, and their check when you pass by other tables flag you down asking for things too. You may forgot something out of that and you know it!

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine32. I do bring water to people w/o them asking and 9 times out of 10 they drink it. How does a glass of water bother you, please explain.

It's not your place to *ORDER* for someone. You obviously don't have *ANY* COMMON SENSE to not know why it would bother me? First off, it's at my table taking up ROOM I NEED FOR OTHER THINGS LIKE CONDIMENTS, DRINKS, BREAD, etc. considering *I* AM **********PAYING YOUR TIP, REMEMBER, SO I GET TO SAY WHAT IS NEXT IN MY SERVICE!! So I don't want something that I ORDER ON MY TABLE. Why not just *ASK* the customer if they want water? We have REFUSED water LOTS OF TIMES. It would save you TIME. Secondly, WHO ARE YOU TO ORDER FOR ME? I AM THE CUSTOMER! It's called *CUSTOMER SERVICE* for a reason and I am **********PAYING FOR MY TIME THERE CALLED A TIP************, SO I GET TO RULE WHAT GOES ON MY TABLE, NOT MY SERVER!!

You sound like a CONTROL FREAK that wants control. It's NOT YOUR PLACE TO ORDER FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS!!

You *ASK* if they want water or not. Not only are you wasting their time, but you are wasting other customer's time as well and your own. You are also making people feel obligated to keep something they don't want taking up space on their table.

Why do you feel it's your decision? 9 times out of 10 is NOT 100% and that means it's not always. Don't order for your customers which that isn't your decision to do so, that's the *CUSTOMER'S DECISION*!

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:21 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine34. Sorry it’s app, salad, entrée. If you like your salads first just ask!! It screws the chef up, he starts the dinner when the salad walks.

WHY don't *YOU* ASK AND BE CONSIDERATE, HUH? I didn't know, especially considering Macaroni Grill didn't do it that way.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine36. comprendo essay

That servers see an empty glass, but don't ask you if you want more. Now you understand?

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine37. Should I ask if you use a straw and napkins or just “assume” and bring them w/o your permission? LMAO

That's different in that those aren't items that are ordered or can be changed. I mean if they don't want the straw, they could just say it just like if they didn't need utensils eating a burger and fries.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:29 AM
I can respond with some horror stories of restaurants. I was a service electrician for 29 years. About 60% of my calls for the company I worked for was in restaurants. Kitchen area the most. I actually had a list of the restaurants I had worked in. And a star chart for how nasty they were. After a couple of years, I just stopped going out to eat. Anywhere.

I have seen some gross things. A sausage stuck to the floor that had been there so long I had to bust it up with a hammer & screwdriver. Food being dropped on the floor, then put back on your plate & served!! I've seen flies in ice machines, and told " Don't worry we want scoop up the fly in some ones glass. Never even took the dead flies out, just don't scoop down that far!!

I:ve seen cabbage hit the floor then go right in the chopper and made into coleslaw. I have seen 5 ft subs being made, with me taking the ceiling tiles out right above the work area. All kinds of debris falling onto these sandwiches. I was told, " We aint eating them" Are you?

So needless to say. I don't eat out. Have'nt in many many years. I could go on & on with the grossness, but you all get the picture. But to answer the question in the op. Going out should be about the service & food. They go hand in hand. Both should be excellent.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:40 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineWhat do you mean by *Me* personally? Can you expand on that?

By not ASSUMING things such as everyone that orders dessert wants their check, not assuming when 2 appetizers are ordered that the customers are sharing one appetizer when 2 entrées are ordered as well, not assuming because you ask for a box that means check time, not giving me refills without my consent that not everyone likes this, ask if I would like my side salad before the appetizer if both are ordered, don't bring ketchup to the table if there is none on the table, etc.

Just basically some common sense that not everyone wants the same things, to treat people as INDIVIDUALS!

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineI offer always offer to box food and bag it, and plate the first slice of pizza. What do you think about those things?


Originally posted by MidnightSunshineAbout looking at the food/drink UGH!!! I HATE when they do that too, for the reasons you mentioned, and things like dirty dishes, lip stick, or hair!!!

Did you mean when they don't look at the drinks I am assuming?

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineIOKAY I get it… where you come from there are no free refills right?? Or are you saying they are charging you for refills you didn’t order?

What does it being "FREE" have to do with the *TIP*, HUH? Customers are paying for their ****************TIME***************** THERE AT THE TABLE NOT TO BE WASTED! I have sent servers back with water, refills, etc. that I wanted something else or didn't want the water. Ask if the customers want refills without being asked throughout their service at the greeting. This is another part about personalized service "Would you all like refills without being asked throughout your service?"

If someone brought me a piece of key lime pie, I would be pretty PISSED, because I HATE LIMES! MY time was wasted which is their tip. Have you ever heard of TIME IS MONEY? YOU ARE ON MY "DIME"(not literally 10 cents, but you know what I mean), that you do as *I* want, NOT as someone else wants. I don't care if 95% of people want it, you should be *ASKING* PERMISSION to give me something free. That's not your place to *ORDER* for me. I don't care what it is.

Even bread, some people may be on the Atkin's diet. You should ask if the customers want bread before bringing it out. If you greet with it, you can still ask *BEFORE* handing it off the tray.

I cannot believe you didn't understand what I mean by personalize service? Do you not have COMMON SENSE that EVERYONE likes different things and that I even said don't bring me ketchup automatically(if it's not on the table) just because most people like ketchup.? Personalized service means exactly that, what does the *INDIVIDUAL CUSTOMER* want, NOT what do most people want. I can't believe I have to explain this.

Oh yeah, I also HATE when servers TELL YOU "I WILL GET YOU ANOTHER COKE" rather than just *ASKING* you "Would you like another coke?" Think about it, WHO IS *PAYING* WHO HERE, HUH? It's all about CONTROL!

It's not your place to say I want another coke. YOU *ASK* MY PERMISSION since I am PAYING YOUR TIP, YOU ASK ME IF I WANT MY TIME SPENT DOING THAT!

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineSometimes the pop looks exactly the same when the syurp runs out, colored glass is also tricky here…

NOT talking about sprite, DUHH. I am talking about coke or dr. pepper, dark liquids.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineUgh lol back to refills…So when you say “refill” you MUST mean an alcoholic beverage or “another drink” right?

NO, those aren't refills. WHY would I mean that? Refills of soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, water, or coffee.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineI DO write down those down when im busy, but im sorry you would have to be “extra special” if you have to write done every soft drink refill not to mention WAY in the weeds…Do you have any idea how many drinks I give out on a busy night???

YOU SOUND LAZY and UNCARING!! You want a good tip, you need to get things *CORRECTLY* by not forgetting. There's a much bigger chance you will forget if you don't write it down and you know it!!

I don't care how busy you are. If you have time to buss an empty table even or make idle chit chat, you have time to write it down. You should MAKE the time for your tip.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineI like this. When I got the 3, I thought “ gonna need my pen!” Agreed!

That's *YOUR MISTAKE* HERE! You are NOT HAVING THAT PEN OUT ***************IMMEDIATELY************! You should not be taking *ANY* REQUEST WITHOUT WRITING IT DOWN!! YOU DON'T KNOW *********HOW MANY THINGS********** I WILL ASK FOR.

You don't want to be ran, but then wait to get your pad and pen out. You are CONTRADICTING YOUR OWN LOGIC HERE!! If you don't want to be ran, BE PREPARED IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER SO THEY CAN ASK YOU A BUNCH OF THINGS AT ONCE, DUHHH!! YOU WANT TO BE RAN OBVIOUSLY I SEE!! You really sound lazy and uncaring!
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:46 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineBusiness is at a low point right now, and it’s got me thinking…again. I enjoy my job so I’m always looking for new ways to do it better, and earn more money!

Yet, you want to be LAZY on the job by not writing things down, NOT asking the customers *BEFORE* doing things possibly for NOTHING like water or soft drinks or iced tea or coffee refills, not getting your pad and pen out so the customers MAY ASK FOR MANY THINGS AT ONCE to improve the SPEED of service to them, NOT asking if they want their side salad first which can speed up them eating to get you MORE MONEY by them leaving sooner, etc.

I don't get it? You want to make more money, but aren't willing to TRY YOUR BEST AND WORK HARD. WHY is that, huh?

If you want to make more money, you have to give PERSONALIZED service to satisfy the INDIVIDUAL PARTY FOR THE INDIVIDUAL TIP you get.

You don't want to write down the customers need refills, then when you forget, you wonder why your tip is bad, well you did it to yourself by being LAZY ON THE JOB! Don't blame us! Look in the mirror at who is CAUSING the bad service, it's *YOU*!

While you can forget even if you write things down, it's not as common, it really isn't. You will remember more if you write a list just like you probably do for a grocery store. Assuming of course you REREAD your list of course going line by line.

The most ridiculous response was the one that you refuse to write down the small things. If servers would do that, servers wouldn't be ran as often which would increase time at tables in general that they could consolidate 5 things for one table in one trip for example, the customers wouldn't have their stuff forgotten as often giving better service to all, because all are affected when you have to go back to get something for one table that you aren't at other tables getting what they need, it shows laziness, it shows being UNCARING about CARING if you remember what the customer said, etc.

As I said above, you aren't willing to do the ****************WORK******************* for the money, so WHY are you asking for help, huh?


If you want a better tip, *ASK* at the beginning if customers want refills without being asked. Here's some people that agree with me:

n3w2clO3h said:
“ask me if I want a refill when my glass is empty, please don’t assume I want one…you will waste more this way”
Famous said: “I’m the type of iced tea lover who’s extremely picky about the teas I drink. When in restaurants, I hate when the waitress refills my iced-tea glass without asking-completely disturbing my perfect tea/sugar ratio.”

“Ashley November 29, 2008 at 11:38 pm I too am a server and as part of training in the restaurant I work at, I was taught to ask before bringing a refill, because although they will drink it if it’s in front of them, some people dont actually want that whole other glass of pop, they might actually want water or an alcoholic beverage… so in asking you always make sure the customer is getting what they want.


“I’m an iced tea drinker, so I generally like to finish a glass before it’s refilled. When a partially empty glass gets refilled, it borks my sugar to tea ratio!"

Hijinks saids: “Usually if they ask, I’ll say I’d like to switch to water please – I’m only drinking full flavor pop while pregnant, to avoid aspartame – because I don’t need all of that sugar. So bringing me another Coke without asking is mildly annoying, but I’ll still drink it LOL”

See, she may drink it, but she TRULY WOULD HAVE PREFERRED WATER. IT'S NOT YOUR DECISION TO SAY WHAT I WANT TO DRINK NEXT. WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME WHAT ***I**** WANT NEXT IN **MY*** SERVICE**** THAT I AM *******PAYING*********** **YOU*** FOR? You aren't paying me, so WTH should *YOU* have a say so in what *I* want, huh?


Peter S. said: "recently dined at Gordon Bierch in San Diego. I ordered a Coke with my meal and when asked if i wanted a refill, I requested to have a refill of root beer instead of Coke."

You don't see how you are in the WRONG with serving your way and not PERSONALIZING YOUR SERVICE TO MEET THE NEEDS OF THE *INDIVIDUAL* HUH?

You ask at the greeting if customers want refills without being asked. YOU ASK if the customers want water. You don't just do something without knowing. That's not your right to make decisions that aren't yours!!

You wonder WHY your money is not so great it sounds, look at how you are serving. You aren't writing things down, you aren't personalizing the service, etc. What do you expect when you aren't willing to do the ************AMOUNT OF ****************************WORK******************************* FOR THE MONEY BY WRITING EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY REQUEST DOWN, HUH?
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 09:31 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineAWW Springs, at first I thought maybe you were just a little demanding and self absorbed, but after reading everything I'd say you sound down right mean and rude. I can't believe the way your typing to these people??

I'm telling you now, you start calling me names, and ******SCREAM AT ME***** every two seconds, I won't reply.

I am not rude! I am telling it like it is. You just don't want to admit like you did with the asking for change that you are being LAZY on the job by not writing down the small request. If you admitted it there that you were lazy, WHY NOT HERE, huh?

You said:

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine I enjoy my job so I’m always looking for new ways to do it better, and earn more money!

YET, you don't want to hear the *TRUTH* that you aren't doing the **********************WORK***************************** for that tip!!

You want the money, but aren't willing to do the work. If you want better tips, WRITE THINGS DOWN. Get your pad and pen READY. I bet you will remember more, not be ran as often. With that you WILL most likely make more money and you know it. You just don't want to take the *EFFORT* to do that work.

There is NO "DEMANDING" BTW. You sound lazy just like WhisperingWinds. Self Absorbed you say I am, well when it's *YOUR MONEY*, you should have the *RIGHT TO RULE IT AND GET WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR MONEY. Don't you want what *YOU* want for YOUR MONEY, HUH? Doesn't EVERYONE?

If you don't want to do the *WORK* for the money, then WHY are you asking how to earn more money if you aren't willing to put FORTH EFFORT into the job to get that more money huh?>

You think that you are ENTITLED AND SELF-ABSORBED to get that tip rather than EARNING IT and giving what the *INDIVIDUAL* wants rather than what you are FORCING THEM TO TAKE. You aren't in control of their money even if the item is free, you want that tip, which that means the TIME THERE ISN'T FREE. You want their money, you have to satisfy ********THEM************, NOT YOURSELF!!

If you feel work is demands, then you are too lazy to do the job correctly. It's all *REQUESTS*, NOT DEMANDS. Unless the customer tells you in a mean way, it's not demands.

If you don't want to take ORDERS(instructions) from customers, then this isn't your line of work then.

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineI can't believe the way your typing to these people??

I cannot believe you want to earn more money, but don't actually want to EARN IT by doing MORE WORK to do so. Work is WORK. What do you expect? If you want more money, you have to *******************PUT FORTH THE EXTRA EFFORT***************!!

I cannot believe you think because something is free that we want it or have to take it because you want to give it to us or that others like it?

I cannot believe you think it's ridiculous to write EVERYTHING DOWN knowing you would like to make more money. The more things you forget, the less money you make, DUHHH!!

The tips is not some right, it's *EARNED*! My advice is VERY GOOD, because when you forget things, your tip goes down MOST OF THE TIME. NO ONE WANTS YOU TO FORGET THEIR STUFF! Also, as you can see by my links I posted, NOT EVERYONE WANTS SOMETHING JUST BECAUSE IT'S FREE. WHY do you want to CONTROL something you aren't *PAYING FOR* when you want that person's money, huh?


Originally posted by MidnightSunshineOf course I don't like to be ran to death
, but then say

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine28. That’s the most ridiculous thing on this list…Looks great on paper but it’s execution would be a sight to see LOL LOL LOL

Then you also say

Originally posted by MidnightSunshineI enjoy my job so I’m always looking for new ways to do it better, and earn more money!

You don't make *ANY* SENSE! You want more money and not to be ran, ******************PUT ***********EFFORT************* INTO YOUR JOB!! QUIT BEING SO GOD DAMN LAZY TO NOT WRITE DOWN **********EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY REQUEST DOWN***********. GET YOUR PAD AND PEN READY SO PEOPLE WON'T RUN YOU AS OFTEN!

How do you expect to make more money if you don't do more WORK, huh? You complain you want more money, but you aren't willing to do more work, so HOW can you have *ANY* RIGHT TO COMPLAIN WHEN YOU ARE BEING LAZY ON THE JOB, HUH? WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY and UNCARING about your customer's happiness by not wanting to forget things and not wasting their time, YET, you complain you want more money. WHICH IS IT? You obviously don't want to make more money and want to be ran by you saying you aren't willing to do the **********WORK************** FOR THE MONEY. You don't see that, huh?

Quit complaining and start to do MORE WORK, you will get more tip more than likely by not forgetting things as often. Give individualized service so you won't waste customer's time then they will want to satisfy you more in the tip.

I really like you to answer this question above about how you expect to make more money but not put more EFFORT into the job, huh? Does that make ANY SENSE what you are telling me, huh? You are contradicting yourself! You want more money, but when something that makes A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE TAKES MORE WORK, you decide not to do it. Well, LAZY, you get the LAZY TIP. When you work *HARD*, you will get MORE MONEY MOST LIKELY, UNDERSTAND? You want the more money, but AREN'T WILLING TO DO THE *AMOUNT OF PHYSICAL LABOR* FOR IT! WHY IS THAT, HUH? If you want more money, DUHH, you have to not make as many mistakes and waste people's time, DUHHH!! In order to do that, you have to WRITE EVERY REQUEST DOWN AND REREAD YOUR LIST as well as *ASK* PERMISSION BEFORE GETTING FOOD OR DRINKS.

You get what you GAVE in the service, so what do you expect for doing the LEAST amount of work, huh?

You say I am rude. Look in the mirror as to WHO is not WILLING TO DO THE ************************AMOUNT OF WORK************************** TO GET MORE MONEY, IT'S **********YOU*************!

I am telling you how you can not forget as often and you tell me I am ridiculous, well obviously you'd rather not make more money apparently, isn't that correct? I mean WORK IS WORK, so it's not going to be fun at every moment. You may have to do some things you hate to get that money, but in the end, if you get paid well, it will be all worth it. As you said, you were too lazy to get change. It's all about LAZINESS! WRITE EVERY SINGLE THING DOWN, EVERY!!


THAT IS WHAT IS RIDICULOUS to think you are going to get a good tip for FORGETTING THINGS!
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:26 AM

Originally posted by MidnightSunshine

Originally posted by 46ACE

Take the order quickly upon seating;
Serve the dish quickly;
Check back exactly once!
Put the check on the table.
Don't come back 16 times!

(Break up our conversation or ask me how everything is when I've got a mouthful of food. I'm simply there to eat; not form a personal relationship with the restaurant staff).

Thats' all I expect from a waitress ( er..."waitstaff") ( and there's your 20% tip)

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HEHEHE Thanks Ace! Checking back too often seems to be taking first place in this thread...And I'm glad you guys keep mentioning it so it's reinforced in my mind.... I have noticed (w/ this recent very slow business lately) myself checking in w/ costumers a little too often, and that's not good, NEVER want to be annoying!!

I hate walking into home depot lately; its so slow bored "associates" are standing at the end of each Isle!

"Hello; can I help you find anything?"

"Hi; Why no thanks, I know exactly where I'm going."

"Hello; can I help you find anything?"

" Hi; Why no thanks, I know exactly where I'm going."

I guess it's the perpetually "lost and confused "look on my face?

"Hello; can I help you find anything?"

" Hi; Why no thanks, I know exactly where I'm going."

I know people need work...So we try to buy locally even if we really don't have to. and go out to support smaller non chain restaurants.Though we are not "loud bar" folks".
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by Springs1

LOL how bout this one, you sound fat!! I bet you're a big fat overbearing pig!! I never make less than 20% of my sales, last Saturday I mad 27% of my $800. Yea, I must be lazy. I'm a server, i don't write down when you need a refill and i don't forget to bring it. I'm done with you, get some help...or get a job and stop sitting around on your fat azzzz typing about how in a freaken hurry you are to stuff your fat face. If you were my customer I'd probably forgo the tip, and concentrate my effort on my normal non crazy non fat slob costumers

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:36 AM
reply to post by 46ACE

Thank you for making me laugh after reading all that crazy stuff!! I agree, i hate chains, especially restaurants.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:52 AM
reply to post by openyourmind1262

Ummm EWWW!!! How gross, my restaurant is CLEAN, and we would neverrr everrr let that type of # happen, but i believe it does happpen. UGH the thought of it makes me sick!! Thanks for replying!!!

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 10:56 AM
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:01 AM
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Please stop going out to restaurants. Learn how to cook for yourself and leave the waiters that I have no doubt you've made miserable with your ridiculous demands alone. Please. You're not a nice person.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:09 AM
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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:17 AM

Originally posted by Komodo
ok .. my biggest test and peave for ANY restaurant is..

1) COOK the steak like I want it.. period. If the 'chef' or line cook can't muster a medium steak .. I'm not going back .. period....

I agree with this. We don't go out often, but when we do I order stuff we don't get at home, like a steak. I like it well done, not mooing on my plate and not charcoal, and no excess of BBQ sauce or whatever they put on! I'm ordering steak, not sauce. I have only found one place that can cook it properly.

My family went out for Christmas dinner last year to a place they have been to often and raved about. I ended up with a bloody steak. I don't like sending food back because it might get "doctored" on the way back, so my boyfriend was going to end up with a raw steak in his freezer. Anyway, my mother made a fuss and I ended up with a replacement steak - I don't think that steak had ever seen a flame or an oven or anything like that. Lets just say, that is the last time I am ever setting foot in that place again.

So, Point Number 1 - Cook decent food. Steak cooked as instructed, no green fries or soggy brown fries, no sauce or mayo or whatever if you have been asked to leave it off etc etc.

Point Number 2 - I like to talk to my partner. I like to hear what he is saying to me. WITHOUT HAVING TO SHOUT over the noisy crowd or crap acoustics or really crappy "music". Non-stop screeching babies are also bloody irritating.

Point Number 3 - It would be nice if there were smaller dishes or options on the menu. What if you just want a snack and your only option is a list of huge main meals? I'm more likely to go to a place if it has stuff I actually eat on the menu.

The idea of taster "dishes" is really cool - It would be nice to taste something new before ordering the whole expensive meal and not liking it.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by MidnightSunshine

I can offer 2 bits of advice at this point.

1. If the table you are serving has children and they request their check, try to get it to them as quickly as possible. It could be the kid/s are on the verge of complete meltdown or the meltdown has begun. Helping the table expatiate leaving so the kid's meltdown does not go full blown in the restaurant will score you some points. (at least it does with my family)

2. Please beware there is a well known poster on the internet that likes to trash servers. And I think you have now met them here on ATS. Internet search is your friend in this situation.

Good luck!

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:24 AM

Originally posted by OneisOne1. If the table you are serving has children and they request their check, try to get it to them as quickly as possible. It could be the kid/s are on the verge of complete meltdown or the meltdown has begun. Helping the table expatiate leaving so the kid's meltdown does not go full blown in the restaurant will score you some points. (at least it does with my family)

Sorry, but if others asked for things *BEFORE* the table that has kids, they come first, because they were BEFORE that table. It's ONLY FAIR!! It's VERY UNFAIR to do things in the wrong order and you know it. YOU WON'T BE GETTING A GOOD TIP FROM THE OTHERS TO FAVOR ONE TABLE FIRST THAT WASN'T FIRST!

Originally posted by OneisOne2. Please beware there is a well known poster on the internet that likes to trash servers.

NO, I like to tell it like it is that a GOOD SERVER DOES THE *WORK* FOR THE MONEY and shows they *CARE* instead of just giving what they want.

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 11:29 AM

Originally posted by enjoies05your ridiculous demands alone.

Another thing I'd like to add, HOW IS IT "RIDICULOUS" to not want to be RAN? MidnightSunshine complains that she doesn't like to be ran, but isn't willing to HELP HERSELF by WRITING THINGS DOWN and getting her pad & pen so the customers would more than likely ask for many things at once. HOW IS THAT SMART to not writing things down and then expect to not be ran?

You cannot complain I ran you and decide not to write things down. You have NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN then if you DON'T *TRY* your best. If you aren't even willing to do the work, then WHY should you complain about it, huh? It would be like someone complaining that they are fat and they go to eat an entire pizza, I mean you have to help yourself. That's ANYTHING IN LIFE!
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