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Will We, Can We Survive?

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posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:30 PM

Originally posted by penninja

You just said

It's not depair, it's rational conclusion

Then went on to say

As a believer in Jesus, Heaven, and eternal life in a better place, I do not fear death.

I wont get into rational or irrational beyond making that note above.

I will say, Those beliefs don't do much for the desire to survive. Imho it's a center of the brain to help the conscious mind cope with the reality of death. I lack that coping mechanism I am pretty sure the next mechanism evolving in the mind is the awareness that you don' t have to "cope" with death but rather one has the capacity to thwart it.

I think I do not grasp your point. Well, a bit, a bit - non-believers will never, never grasp the mind-set of Christians, because some things are spiritually perceived and understood. My normal, rational mind has decided that we're doomed. We can debate that all day, but I'm confident we're not going to make it, short-term. Beyond that, I realise that YHVH/God/Jesus has promised to rescue us from this mess, and I believe that. Long-term, we're going to be OK, even non-believers, due to Universal Reconciliation. Even Ayn Rand will be saved.

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