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"Relativity" of temperatures.

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 02:37 AM
I thought this might be nice subject now when these weather phenomenons causing uncommon (but normal in elsewhere) weather are becoming more common.
So what temperatures you like/what are normal temperatures in area where you live?

I myself like temperatures between 15C and 20C on windless days. (northern wind makes effective temperature ten degrees colder easily)
Without wind over 20C starts feeling little too warm and over 25C is hot and 30C (with or without wind) is very hot.
I also prefer about 18C temperature in my bedroom, after about 22C falling asleep becomes hard.
For comparison my friend was one year in peacekeeping forces stationed to Eritrea (everyone should know where it is... without cheating) and said that when temperature drops to 15C locals start wearing woollen shirts.
IMO that's just perfect weather for shorts and t-shirt on windless day.

Also normal water temperature in summer is around 20C, 22C is warm and 25C is very warm... you could swim hours in that warm water.

In this time of year temperature varies between -5C and 5C... which makes it perfect for stargazing, in winter temperature goes often to between -20C to -30C which makes stargazing very uncomfortable. (and makes air full of fogging) Althought it's nice to go to 90C sauna after that.

Speaking of that, we Finns use this scale for sauna's temperature: 70C is cold, 80C better, 90C good and 100C and over perfect.

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