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Earth's Collective Consciousness and the Human Condition

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:46 PM
Oh sure, it's easy to think of humans as a very distinct species. You can say the same thing about cats, dogs, frogs, sharks, elephants, etc... But what if all living beings on the Earth are much more connected to each other than we think? When it comes to Earth's collective consciousness, then humans would count for just a tiny portion of that whole. (Scientists estimate that there is about 8.7 million different species on this planet.) From our perspective as humans, we see clear differences in appearance from one species to another. But maybe that's where the differences end... Every life form on this planet is a "luminous being" (Thanks Yoda). The Earth is like a tree, each species with it's own branch, but all connected to one another.

So... how do we as humans jump from one branch to another? It would be pretty hard from the physical sense, (unless we have some shapeshifters among us) but what if the majority of people on this planet were able to access the spirit world of each species? We would be able to see how they see, feel how they feel, and dream how they dream. To be able to enter the consciousness of different species would broaden our perspective of life and change the way we see other life forms on this planet as well as change the way we would see ourselves. Some of us have been able to do just that. Shamans are able to acheive this incredible ability, interacting with all types of beings while in the spirit world. Some have actually "become" different animals like jaguars, sharks, and snakes.

How does human consciousness fit into Earth's consciousness? Will we begin to have a deeper connection with the Earth or continue to separate ourselves from it? Does it all boil down to how we see ourselves? In a way, we ARE the Earth. We have always been connected to it. In order to feel more connected to the Earth and achieve our full potential as a species do we simply need to stop thinking so much like a human and instead view things from a much bigger perspective?...

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