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People worried about/trying to prevent hairloss

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 04:20 PM
Im currently starting to loose a bit of my hair and have spent a good few hours everynight researching everything from pharma drugs to laser helmets.

Hairloss had been blamed on DHT excess in the scalp, which is true, but DHT is just the tip of the iceberg. PErsonally Im a believer that hairloss is actually a symptom of an undelying health problem and in my opinion that is general unwellness, including bad gut flora, hormonal imbalance and thyroid mal-function.

I came across this website immortal hair, basically they are a bunch of guys who constantly research NATURAL potential treatments for hairloss and general good health. They go into great depth about things like detoxing, heavy metal detoxing, thyroid functioning and hormones. I thought this website would appeal to ATS, because like alot of ATS members they are completely against big pharma drugs and believe that natural products can do just as good a job without bad side effects.


That is the link to a page where they outline their own theorys behind hairloss and what you can do about it, it is long and goes into great depth but is not only based on their opinion/experience but scientific studies that have been carried out and documented.

I'll finish by saying I have no link at all to these people, I just know the impact hairloss can have on somebody and I have found this place a great resource and a comfort to know that things can be done to help. I has also opened my mind massively to everything that is probably wrong with the way my body is currently functioning.

They do sell things on this website, but importantly all the information is completely free, there is no snake oil salesmanship going on. Your read the information if you want to buy the stuff the reccomend you can buy it from them or you can buy it from else where. What im trying to say is these guys are genuine and I see no reason to be skeptical about their site and advice offered.


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