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What Americans could do with understanding as events unravel at such speed

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 12:39 PM
Sometimes you have to take the time to really look at some of the facts to understand just how crazy American politics has become.

So here we go-

For the last 30 years the American tax payer has funded the Egyptian dictatorship. Poverty and unemployment have ravaged the country, the suffering of the Egyptian people has never been a consideration of the American politicians and leaders. The revolution in Egypt was an uprising against a dictator who had been supported by American money for 30 years. The only reason America gave money to Mubarak was so he would be a military sign of strength to support Israel and keep Israel safe. The money sent was not for the Egyptian people, it was for military purposes to protect Israel.

This is therefore one of the main reasons Egyptians are turning on America- because they know, as the Muslim Brothhood will be informing them increasingly, that their unemployment and suffering under a dictatorship was because America funded it to protect Israel, via the Israeli- Egyptian peace treaty of 1979.

People are already forgetting these facts.

But this is nothing because America is STILL sending financial aid to Egypt. Except Mubarak has gone, the country is now run by the Muslim Brotherhood who have openly called for a march into Jerusalem- they are enemies of Israel.

So whereas America funded the suffering of the Egyptians to help Israel, America is now funding the Muslim Brotherhood to be enemies of Israel. From a political perspective, it is an almost unbelievable contradiction of policy.

So why initially support a dictatorship to defend Israel, then continue to send billions each year when said nation has turned against Israel under the Muslim Brotherhood? To answer this, you need to take a leap of faith and understand that to whoever is really making the political decisions, the people right at the top, they want conflict.

They want Egypt to turn on Israel and the west, because that is what this is all about- dividing the world- the world has quite literally been drawn into opposing teams.

So, my overall point which I feel many people miss, is that the Egyptian people rose up against a brutal dictatorship that your tax money paid for because your politicians have sold out to support Israel. However, as the plan to divide this world gets clearer by the day (the MSM is currently in propaganda overdrive portraying all muslims as the extremist enemy), the fact that American politicians have decided to continue funding Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood shows that the real puppet masters want this world to fall into conflict.

Just think about what politiciand and leaders are doing, Egypt has turned on the west and almost certianly Israel, yet America is sending billions to support the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

From a humanitarian perspective, funding Mubarak was evil, yet it held geopolitical interests for Israel and therefore the US. Now, the policy of finanical aid is only in support for funding a coming conflict. By funding Israel and Egypt, it's like putting full investment into two opposing teams, it is the definition of political madness.

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 03:40 PM
It is as if a global chess game were being played. Even the leaders of Earth's nations seem to be pieces and pawns: mutably useful and expendable by some Grand Masters.


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