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US troops parade captured Iraqi looters

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posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 06:26 AM

Not a story I've seen reported anywhere else, so I thought I'd post the original story from the mirror.

Choice quotes....

"STRIPPED at gunpoint and publicly branded as thieves a gang of suspected Iraqi looters are humiliated by US troopers' street justice.

After being hauled before a kangaroo court, the men had the words Ali Baba Haram - Arabic for "dirty thief, he stole" - scrawled on their chests with a marker pen."


"The "appalling" affront to dignity outraged human rights organisations who say it broke the Geneva Convention which protects prisoners against "insults or public curiosity".

It fuelled Iraqi resentment at the US "occupation" of their country, provoked dozens of demonstrations and flew in the face of guidelines aimed at winning over the locals."

One more good piece of PR work...

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