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Alien in Australian Pub Window?

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 08:20 AM

Originally posted by sugarcookie1
reply to post by Unity_99


A friend and i had a experience a few years back while i was driving I'm not going to get into what happened because this has become a joke thread..

But from what i saw they had to have been very small to fit into the crafts they were operating from what we saw they couldn't have been any bigger then a 2 year old..We weren't able to see inside the crafts but still they had to be very small from the size of the UFOs..peace,sugarcookie1
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Size is only perceptional. It can change in a flash. For example, those super big orb craft/planetoids by the sun, can shrink down to orb size to study us up close, and they do!

And we're all equal parts of infinity, yet we were inserted into a very tiny thing, to be here.

And when you board a 20 foot craft, it can contain any size space in the infinity within they want to create, size of BC, size of Canada, size of Earth, size of the Galaxy.

The crafts are a kind of AI body of some type, and like our body and all things, contain a potential infinity within, if the space is used. All things contain infinity without and potentially within.

And yes, our physics is quite wrong!

They need to base it on Infinity! And that is not Infinite Void, its actually Infinite Something! And infintie types of Something, basically infinite energies and intellect, and infinite varieties. You cannot cap infinity. There is a billion types of something. If so, that is finite item, and thus has already passed. Infinity is endless and limitless, and never ever ends. in all directions, with all energies, in all directions, without measurement No Time, No Size, No Higher/Lower, no Forward/Backwards. All these things are but perceptions.
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