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Alien in Australian Pub Window?

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:52 AM
That picture is too good to be true. I'm not saying that it could have been faked, but perhaps there was an alien prop positioned by the window for a bit of fun? I'd love to see it move/wave/have a pint

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 12:10 PM
Ok i posted the video for everyones thoughts and the general consensus is its a prop of probably an ET doll outside the window..I can go along with that i don't know what Aussie's do in bars..

And when i look closely at the pic it does look like its mostly from an eatery at a mining camp ..I'm from a small town in Minnesota so i have no idea what a mining camp eatery looks like but I'm going to take peoples word for it i did notice its mostly all men in the picture at this place..

Alot of the comments i did find hilarious i do have a sense of humor the picture Zeta Reticulan posted does look allot like whats in the window or maybe its a cell phone ap like a friend of mine stated this morning that many have..

I never thought the whole thing was real but i thought it was interesting to post to see what others thought ..I don't go to bars I'm not a drinker but everyone have a beer on me for all the laughs and great posts..peace sugarcookie1

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posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 12:55 PM

Originally posted by Bodhi911

Space is lonely. Maybe he was looking for a date.

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aha singles night

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 01:05 PM
I know this crazy guy. He laid claim that two fuzzy balls of light possessed him and his friend as they were hiking around in the hills. Inside of their heads, the beings exclaimed: You have no idea how far we have travelled to reach this popular destination known as Earth. So long, to experience the two things your planet is famous for, pizza and beer.

So the possessed two then proceeded to visit every single bar and pizza shop in the area. Drink beer, eat pizza. Then try the next place. Until the sun was coming up. The beings thanked them and exited their bodies, satisfied with their pizza and beer.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 01:32 PM
reply to post by ThinkingCap

Sounds like a good excuse to go drink and eat pizza to me

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by sugarcookie1

Knowing us Aussies, I'm not surprised.

The lads were probably too busy gasbagging and drinking piss to notice the lights outside, to the Aliens amazement. So it decided to see what all the fuss was about.

To this day it still wonders why humans have so much crap to talk about.

posted on Sep, 23 2012 @ 11:09 PM
Maybe E.T. is looking for a pint and some crisps. Video looks real, but I've seen that same alien elsewhere on the net. I'm pretty sure it's a doll, maybe a practical joke on the patrons of the pub.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 12:54 AM
ROFL!! Like anyone facing the window wouldn't have notice..give me a break.

The things people do for fun.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 12:59 AM
Heres what happent

alien:these people are not friendly,i repeat not friendly,they drink the water that burns and yell like crazy

alien mothership:approach with extreme caution

alien:negative i m outta here,they didnt even give me a beer

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posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 08:06 PM
Ive decided everyone is a comedian in here..peace,sugarcookie1

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 08:24 PM
Ihate you sugarcookie.. I just closed every curtain in my house because of this.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 09:18 PM
reply to post by amraks

G,day mate. yep i think the pic is a shot of the collingwood clubrooms boozer and the face is that of their fearless leader seeing if its safe to enter. (they are out of the finals. you can count me happy) now the importatnt stuff. roger that on long necks or as some south aussies call em KING BROWNS. alas a schooner in south aussie is only 9 ozs. and a pint is supposed to be 15 oz. but a 13 oz stubbie pretty well fills the glass

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 08:55 AM
reply to post by pronto

Ahh I enjoyed watching magpies take a beaten was good too see.

I wish someone could pin point this location

posted on Sep, 25 2012 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by amraks

G,day mate. the bloke with the white coffee mug looks like a bloke who used to drink down in the kingsford pub in gawler. a dead set rigger for him in fact. but, the pub may be the end lounge bar of one of the pubs out at freeling. i will drop in when next down that way and sus it out. but, it could be any bloody where. but, prob shot taken in winter looking at the blokes head-dress and clothing. arr bugga, i'll go taday.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 07:32 AM
It just looks like this image, manipulated in to it. Possibly slightly stretched in the pub version to seem slimmer.

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 04:45 PM
reply to post by amraks

G,day mate. well, went out to freeling. no joy. wrong pub. but, was informed of the resident ghost. so, we have a shot of a maybe aussie pub. a bloke that looks familiar and an inflatable grey doll outside a window. hmm, i will have to take up drinking again. about the pub at freeling. it is very popular with tourists. ok, why? you ask. pub was used in that show, mclouds daughters. the window in the pub is a very large single sheet of glass, and the pic on the wall is the poster from the movie - blue dog .

posted on Sep, 26 2012 @ 06:33 PM
There's no prop and there's no halloween decoration (Seriously, I laughed that anyone would entertain either of those). This is simply an image that's been manipulated in photoshop or other image editing software. Notice the reflective qualities and jpeg artifacts present in the alien's window....and the window to the right. Yeah, different. That's no coincidence. The reflections, which likely contained some of the patrons sitting, were obviously blurred to make the addition of the alien easier to blend in for the person faking this.

Verdict: Laughable fake.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 12:05 AM
There is a picture out there that shows George Bush Jr. giving a televised speech from his office, and guess what is in the window? The face of an alien!

I think they are just orb spirits manifesting their faces. No big deal.

Here are two other guys that caught the same thing. Search their names on youtuber:
Stan Romanek
Jeff Peckman

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 04:30 AM
reply to post by pronto

I have to ask what is the movie blue dog about why would that be in the window? peace,sgrcookie1

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by SuspendedBelief

I was told they were hoaxes..peace,sugarcoolkie1

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