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European army backed

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posted on Apr, 7 2013 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by stumason
reply to post by Choice777

Got to love the irony of you having a pop at Brits apparently being "disgusted" at Europe, then you launch into a vitriolic and bile filled post against the UK.

No one here has said they hate Europe, but rather the current setup which, if you want us to integrate and become part of (and face it, the EU needs the UK like it needs Germany) then there had better be some major changes.

However, if you so choose to continue down the path of becoming a monolithic, undemocratic and bureaucractic monstrosity, then we (and everyone else in the EU for that matter) should have a fair and free vote on whether they should be a part of it.

If we did decide to extricate ourselves from the EU, we wouldn't lose our free trade or travel. We'd have the same set up as Norway. Be part of the trading bloc (as we originally voted for) but leave the political union to those that want it.

Right....both you and another above have stated that you don't hate the europeans and bla bla, BUT that you actually dont like that the Eu is undemocratic, burocratic the sort of things.

Ok. The problem as i see it is that we are stuck in a situation where it's like having one foot stuck in the door.
We can't get in and we cant get a broken mechanism where one wheel is jammed and stopping the whole mechanism from functioning..if it was good it would work, and if it would also completelly be removed again maybe the mechanism would compensate and still keep working .

Do you see the whole of the EU situation as this ?
Like...not doing enouogh when it should ???
Ok..i think that if it were to have a united stateswe could have a lot less burocracy or maybe we could make one good fom that would give everyone the same power of choice...
I mean you talk about brussels people beying elected in an undemocratic way...really ?are you joking ? someone is voting for them.
If we had one single constitution and if it were to elect one single president then obviously every single person in the eu would be able to run for president, and also everyone would vote for the president..
Get it ? the problem is now it just isn't enough of a concentrated effort...too little at the wrong time.
Either do it right or dont do it at all...understand ?

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