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Tonopah Test Range "glimpse" in a Nellis video

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posted on Sep, 22 2012 @ 02:12 AM
Nellis released this video of a bombing exercise over the Nellis range.
Feel free to turn the macho rock sound track off.

I pulled this frame from the video:
I set up Google Earth for the same view:

On the right is a dry lake that looks like a poorly drawn exclamation point. That is Antelope Lake. To the left of Antelope Lake is the TTR, which you can just barely make out. Further to the left is Mud Lake, the emergency landing field for the X-15 and possibly the alternate site for the test facility that was built at Groom Lake.

The base didn't accidentally show Groom Lake in the video. I guess someone clear the video for such things before release. In the images shown, Groom Lake would be off to the right. I'm sure they saw Groom Lake, but in order to preserve their pensions didn't video tape it.

There are other lakes in the video, but none other that I could identify.


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