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lend me your ear :)

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 03:34 PM
Please watch these... Just another of my "heads up" threads. Im old, some of these guys are old.. dont let another generation go by without listening. Even if you dont agree with every sentiment.. please listen. We just want to be heard. The understanding part is up to you.

** some curse words and explicit lyrics for you of tender sensibilities

I felt the need to post my every coupla months music reach out due to an event I was involved in these past few weeks. I returned home last week from Browning where my mother and my people are struggling against corruption and no one knows of it. My mother was one of the women who were assaulted and I drove from Il to Montana in a lather. Drove as I didnt want to be molested by the TSA. Please Google Blackfeet Reservation Corruption.. the best stuff is on youtube in our own words. I am older.. 40's.. and never have had a ticket in my life.. squeaky clean, yet was arrested for speaking the truth ( albeit loudly.. and the assault was crunching up and throwing my CDIB card at council.. and other things like yelling about Ghost Dance and such.. Heh... ) . The rez has no borders now friends.. YOU live on the rez too. If you do not know your real history I implore you to learn non revisionist history and speak to others.. see that we are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with you. I have been debating on writing a comprehensive thread concerning a few things.. I will piss off a lot of people if so. I guess you cant arrest me on here... so what the hell. Here is your foretaste
You may not care who is hurt or whats going on in Browning or the Rez, but look around you in your own "free" towns and cities.

Forgive me if I do not keep up on my thread as closely as some.. Im a little busy
Now crank it up.. loud is always better.
Oh and you glorify the wolf pack for keeping its elderly.. to feed those who can no longer hunt and chew the food for those who no longer have teeth, but you hate the tribalist and call us communist dogs. We are all dogs and I will hunt for you too.. all one people on this chunk of earth. .

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