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An Open Letter From Ron Barrett (more firearms banned)

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 11:56 AM

Dear Fellow Citizens,

In the never-ending battle to destroy our constitution, more "big lie" propaganda is being dumped on our elected officials. The rhetoric given forth by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) so easily deceived the legislators of California, resulting in the banning of fifty caliber rifles because they are powerful and their bullets punch holes when they strike. Even single shot .50 cal rifles were banned. It's hard to believe we live in such a dark time that someone has actually banned a single shot rifle. But as you will see, this is the cleverest of all gun bans, and the end goal is civilian disarmament, the confiscation of your tools of liberty, your rifles.

What lies before us is the continuation of the misinformation campaign, trying to coax yet another state to infringe upon the U.S. Constitution as California did. The anti-freedom/anti-gun movement has discovered how transparent they appear when they propose sweeping gun bans and now are successful by biting off a little at a time. Ever so small, many politicians are trading off your rights without you recognizing their violations.

First we had the "Saturday Night Special" which was all affordable handguns, then "sniper rifles" which were any scoped deer rifles. Those were obvious, too big a scam to go unnoticed, but with the creation and demonization of the term "assault weapon," the Clinton's Crime bill produced a wasted 10-year setback on your freedoms and safe gun design. Now comes another scam. This time they are shocked to discover that rifles are "accurate and powerful."

This is the same bull the officials in the 1950's fell for when they banned the self-unfolding knife. First the knife was demonized by giving it an evil name, "switchblade," then we (the trusting public) were told that the problem of gang violence was solved with its banning. How ridiculous. It's surprising they didn't ban the leather jacket. In reality, gang violence was and is a serious social problem, but it was not related to manually unfolding verses self-unfolding knives. The elected officials voting to ban an object like a knife proved themselves unwilling or uncaring to understand the problem, and thus, incapable of any real solutions.

The handful of people that make up the VPC are solely responsible for the big lie on .50's, claiming fantastic destruction capabilities. They manipulate fear by claiming terrorists will use these rifles on targets of our infrastructure. "They will shut down our airports in flames" they claim. VPC's Tom Diaz refers to them as "super guns" lying to his dupable group of politicians, concealing the facts that there are many rifle cartridges that are comparable in performance (those will be added to the list in phase two). He is boldly telling these officials (and all who will listen) that the risk of terrorist attacks on these targets will be solved with the banning of powerful rifles, in this case, the .50 caliber rifle. In reality, terrorism is complex and will be defeated with improved intelligence. In this instance, the officials voting to ban an inanimate object like a rifle prove themselves to be ignorant of the problem of terrorism and are wasting time and resources.


This Government control over every aspect of our lives is reaching a boiling point. I have to make a trip to CA in a few weeks and I don't own a firearm that is legal there. I have a enhanced CCW and I was trained to properly handle firearms as part of my career as a DOD contractor. Here in Mississippi I can carry in places concealed that you couldn't in most states. However I can't open carry.... But I digress. I have to resort to a pocket knife for self-defense and I think my knife is illegal there too. CA politicians need a gut check for sure.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with the people in CA but they need to become their own socialist nation or something. If they were realy concerned about the safety of their citizens the would ban all cars and force them to use public transit. (yes its agenda 21 I know) You are more likely to die in a lightning strike several times then you would, being gunned down by a 50cal round.

I suggest you read the whole letter here because this strikes a the very core of American values. The right to defend yourself. I have seen the research that states that are pro-gun have less crime.

I know the anti-gun lobby will chime in here soon asking why a normal person "needs" a 50 cal sniper rifle.

Do you really expect a group of elite people that have millions of dollars really worry about your protection?

Hell no!

They view we the people as a threat. Well here is the reality: We are a threat to tyrants who seek to force us to comply or face the consequences.

I am by no means a Patrick Henry or a statesman, but Damit leave us alone and let us live in peace providing for our own safety and security. I WILL NOT trade my liberty for the false illusion of security.


Better pack a lunch though because I know I am not alone and if I am well so be it.

Liberty, Molon Labe
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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 12:41 PM
Well its almost been an Hour and no comments yet.

This nation is lost and will not recover. We are heading for a revolution and I know many of you can feel it.
I just saw a story on FOX News about a CA police chief that was paid over $700k/year including benefits and now even though he has a $250K pension he wants his last year to be taken into account and is going to court over it. if he wins he will have a $512k pension per year till he dies.

CA is one messed up state...

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 02:03 PM
I agree. This is just the first step. The next will be to add all rounds larger than a .22. I think we should expel California from the union due to it's ignorance of the US Constitution. When are people going to learn, The right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. What do people think these laws are. I'm glad I do not live in California.
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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 02:12 PM
Its not the first step by any means.

Its a slow incremental way to strip rights with out people revolting in the streets. They say it's in the interest of public safety. Which is BS; an armed populous is a safe, courteous and respectful one.

... The right of the people to Keep (own) and bear (carry) arms shall not be infringed.

ANY limitation on it is an infringement. But CA never guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms in its constitution. Which violates the US Constitution because the bill of rights was made so states could not infringe upon the very basic rights. We see where we are today. Crashing in flames.
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