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Egypt, Libya, Yeman, Tunisia leaders come to NY for UN

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 06:24 AM

Making their debut at the 193-member General Assembly are the new leaders of young governments in the so-called Arab Spring nations who came in to deliver economic results and now must also address anti-Western sentiment trigged by an anti- Islam video that enraged their Muslim electorate.

“We are living through a period of unease,” UN Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon said at the opening of the 67th session of the General Assembly on Sept. 18. “We are also seeing incidents of intolerance and hatred that are then exploited by others. Voices of moderation and calm need to make themselves heard at this time.”

Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, will be in New York for four days as will the leaders of Libya, Yemen and Tunisia -- the other countries that cast away the old guard.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose quest for statehood dominated last year’s proceedings, will be back with lowered expectations. This time, in his speech, he plans to ask for a less controversial upgrade of Palestinian status at the UN that falls short of recognition of sovereignty.

So, just day's after chaos breaks in the region, Middle Eastern leaders will be given the opportunity to address the UN (in the US no less, and NYC the site of 9/11 double no less). I'm pretty interested in the dialogue. Will any anti-American sentiment be expressed by the leaders?

What do you all think of the UN? When things like recent events happen, should we be thankful that we have such international institutions to provide a forum for diplomacy?

Or is the UN part of the problem? Speculative, could problems being solved by the UN be touted as a major victory and a step toward more international governance, NWO?

Is the UN even relevant? Some here think it's just another smokescreen puppet game?

I don't know, I'd love to here what you all think about the UN in general, it's capacity to address current ME issues, and how ideologies that clash with Western ideals might fit in there, like Islam or China's model.
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