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Tarina Tarantino MK Ultra Conspiracy - Breaking It on ATS

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posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 04:06 AM
reply to post by magickmaster

Okay, I just went and read some stuff on Cathy O'Brian. I gotta say, I don't see how she's credible.

First, She made these claims "Under Hypnosis" which has been shown many times, to not be reliable testimony.
Second, She revealed these claims in a book that she and her husband wrote and released for sale. -When someone does or says something, and money follows, you kind of have to start taking them with a grain of salt. Especially when they don't have any evidence to back up their claims, besides "Recovered Memories".

Monarch Butterflies are a beautiful species. Isn't it more likely, that people get them tattooed on them, because they like the way they look?

Besides, the whole point of propaganda, is to get a message across. If 90% of the population, either doesn't believe or has no idea about this kind of stuff....then what would be the point of "Putting out this Propaganda", when it's not getting any message across?

It's an entertaining theory. But it falls apart under any type of scrutiny.

posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 01:13 PM
Magickmaster, I really enjoyed your post....Conspiracies and jewellery all in one place, heaven

Some of her stuff is rather lovely actually....But, yeah, some is bit 'out there' so I can see your point... However I have to say that these designs are available absolutely everywhere, from the top-end jewellers to the supermarkets and everywhere in-between…. It has been for a quite a few years now so my gut feeling is that Miss Tarantino isn’t anything to do with MK Ultra… Yeah ok so the celebs are into her jewellery but she probably just has some good connections & PR… And I don't find any of the other links so weird either, have you seen the art that was displayed at DEN? Now that is what you call freaky...

If Miss Tarantino’s email address was as you said then I would agree with you entirely, it’s such a shame we only have your word for it…

Having said that we need to remember it was celebs like who Lady Gaga started the whole butterfly thing (and the one-eye thing and all the other symbolism that absolutely everyone is copying). If anyone's been under a mind control programme I think she’s a prime candidate

The simple fact is MK Ultra did exist, it’s not as if it’s a conspiracy like Project Bluebeam... There are going to be survivors - who knows who they are… And victims who are still under the programme - I mean come on, does anyone really believe the programme was discontinued in the 70’s??

I have actually read Cathy O’Brien’s book ‘’Trance Formation of America’’ and yeah she could have made it all up but I really don’t think she did actually.. The truth is always stranger than fiction…

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