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Mpd and Ritual abuse

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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 08:45 PM
Hello all,
I have been reading up on the subject of mpd and came across a few interesting things. Now I know there has been one or two threads about this that I could find. But, none of them seem to discuss much.

I am also going to keep adding to this as time goes by.
Here is a speech that Dr. D.C. Hammond gave June 25, 1992.

We’ve got a lot to cover today and let me give you a rough approximate outline of the the things that I’d like us to get into. First, let me ask how many of you have had at least one course or workshop on hypnosis? Can I see the hands? Wonderful. That makes our job easier. Okay. I want to start off by talking a little about trance-training and the use of hypnotic phenomena with an MPD dissociative-disorder population, to talk some about unconscious exploration, methods of doing that, the use of imagery and symbolic imagery techniques for managing physical symptoms, input overload, things like that. Before the day’s out, I want to spend some time talking about something I think has been completely neglected in the field of dissociative disorder, and that’s talking about methods of profound calming for automatic hyper-arousal that’s been conditioned in these patients. We’re going to spend a considerable length of time talking about age-regression and abreaction in working through a trauma. I’ll show you with a non-MPD patient -- some of that kind of work -- and then extrapolate from what I find so similar and different with MPD cases. Part of that, I would add, by the way, is that I’ve been very sensitive through the years about taping MPD cases or ritual-abuse cases, part of it being that some of that feels a little like using patients and I think that this population has been used enough. That’s part of the reason, by choice, that I don’t generally videotape my work. I also want to talk a bunch about hypnotic relapse-prevention strategies and post- integration therapy today. Finally, I hope to find somewhere in our time-frame to spend on hour or so talking specifically about ritual abuse and about mind-control programming and brainwashing -- how it’s done, how to get on the inside with that -- which is a topic that in the past I haven’t been willing to speak about publicly, have done that in small groups and in consultations, but recently decided that it was high time that somebody started doing it. So we’re going to talk about specifics today.

Here is a bit on how it is supposedly done.

Basically in the programming the child will be put typically on a gurney. They will have an IV in one hand or arm. They’ll be strapped down, typically naked. There’ll be wires attached to their head to monitor electroencephalograph patterns. They will see a pulsing light, most often described as red, occasionally white or blue. They’ll be given, most commonly I believe, Demerol. Sometimes it’ll be other drugs as well depending on the kind of programming. They have it, I think, down to a science where they’ve learned you give so much every twenty- five minutes until the programming is done. They then will describe a pain on one ear, their right ear generally, where it appears a needle has been placed, and they will hear weird, disorienting sounds in that ear while they see photic stimulation to drive the brain into a brainwave pattern with a pulsing light at a certain frequency not unlike the goggles that are now available through Sharper Image and some of those kinds of stores. Then, after a suitable period when they’re in a certain brainwave state, they will begin programming, programming oriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person. In a patient at this point in time about eight years old who has gone through a great deal early programming took place on a military installation. That’s not uncommon. I’ve treated and been involved with cases who are part of this original mind-control project as well as having their programming on military reservations in many cases. We find a lot of connections with the CIA. This patient now was in a Cult school, a private Cult school where several of these sessions occurred a week. She would go into a room, get all hooked up. They would do all of these sorts of things. When she was in the proper altered state, now they were no longer having to monitor it with electroencephalographs, she also had already had placed on her electrodes, one in the vagina, for example, four on the head. Sometimes they’ll be on other parts of the body. They will then begin and they would say to her, "You are angry with someone in the group." She’d say, "No, I’m not" and they’d violently shock her. They would say the same thing until she complied and didn’t make any negative response.
of course if you want to read the whole paper I have provided a link above.

There were also a group of doctors that opened a case and Many of them where put on trail themselves for mail fraud, and othere things. You can read it here.
Here is a little piece of it.

n September of 1988, the first criminal trial involving recovered memories opened in Houston, Texas. The trial ended in a mistrial, but important issues were raised. Is the U.S. government in the business of deciding whether a diagnosis is accurate? That's the concern some therapists have over a recent court action. The International Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD) and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) announced that Judith Peterson, Ph.D., Richard Seward, M.D., and three others are being charged with criminal insurance fraud, mail fraud, and other unknown charges. [We now know that the charges are actually "mail fraud" and "conspiracy".] They were also charged with "misdiagnosing" patients. In the past misdiagnosis has been dealt with in civil court as a malpractice action.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 08:54 PM
While I'm not denying true MPD's existence, It seems to be the case that the majority of MPD "victims" are closer to being borderline or APD...they're faking it.

The first case that went mainstream was about Sybil...remember that movie made about her ?? Come to find out after years of conning the public alongside her psychiatrist partner in crime, the woman came clean and said it was all about the monies...she had the itch for funzies a little too bad.

Whatcha know...thousands of reports of MPD came surfacing in from women shortly after the media frenzy surrounding the case of Sybil, when before it was very, very rare...these people are narcissistic, insecure, HIGHLY manipulative, and out for an easy ride.

Again, not all of them...I guess. It seems possible to split the mind into many fragments. I'm just saying that most of it seems to be "ADD"...
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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by moniesisfun

Yes I remember when there was a flitter of cases that came to the public's attention, and I have to agree with you
that a lot of them are possibly all fabricated. But I am inclined to believe that it is possible Hammond was on to something. I am sure there has been some legitimate cases, I mean it is not really a diagnosis that you can just
throw medication to and hope it works like ADD.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 09:03 PM
reply to post by SpotlessMind

You can garner a ton of sympathy from fools, and claim disability, all the while getting put on a wide variety of chemically induced funkily-awesome experiences! They do give out bookoos of meds for MPD patients.

(I've known an MPD faker, and she would smile slyly about conning doctors with her girlfriends to get different meds..she went on to basically screw over all her friends and anyone who tried to love her...even sending at least one to jail over false charges)
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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by moniesisfun

Yes I agree that a lot of people have defiantly done what you just described.
But it seems the cases that were presented where very strict and only consisted of patients that did not
take medication, and where not helped by it.

But I am sure there have been tride and true diagnosis of this, and plenty of fakes and misdiagnosis.


posted on Sep, 21 2012 @ 09:35 AM
Some of that reminds me of the Svali material, even some of the phrasing is similar. The Svali person's story describes the things that ritual abuse survivors claim to have had done to them, in addition to claiming to be one of the people who did the programming for the "Illuminati". That does not necessarily mean that it's a true story, as such information was widely available at the time Svali appeared on the scene. However, that does not necessarily mean that she lied, either. Evidence is lacking in both directions, but anyway. Yeah, reminds me of Svali.

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