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A tribute to the Large Hadron Collider?

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posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 08:33 PM
The opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics had some pretty strange moments. The giant wizard, the bubbling cauldron, the 80ft zombie baby, and all those sheep were a real visual treat. When they explained the references to fictional characters in film and literature and historical events it kind of made sense, in a weird "I don't understand the British" way.
The opening ceremony for the Paralympics which followed is not quite so easily linked to anything but the Large Hadron Collider and the coming Zombie Apocalypse!!!! Have a look for yourself..........
Here we have segments with titles like "Enlightenment", "Brave New World", "Navigation", "Gravity" and "Collision".
They dance on the "Moon Stage", form the shape of a giant all seeing eye and carry their protest signs and red protest "tent pods". The Northern hemisphere is blown off the globe ejecting "smoke and papers" like another famous explosion and all 62,000 spectators are given apples for the "big crunch", when all bite into them at the same time like some Adam and Eve ritual from Hell. It seems they're honoring the Higgs Boson "God Particle" more than the God given talents of the athletes.
Have a look.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 09:17 PM
I hope it's quiet because you guys are actually reading it.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 10:04 PM
reply to post by Trublbrwing

Its hard to deny the appearance of them giving more credence to the God Particle than the athletes but, imo, the organisers appear to be using duality by honouring Human achievement in the broarder sense. Shame really, the papa-olympians are absolutely amazing given the restrictive nature of their conditions.

I remember watching "murder ball" about the basketball teams and those blokes would tear the average professional basketballer apart - aggression, skill and stamina - all in a wheelchair - unbelievable stuff.

The symbology within the pages of your link are definitely in your face and hard to argue an ulterior motive in the production of same for global consumption.

S&F - cheers for the info.

posted on Sep, 20 2012 @ 11:48 PM
reply to post by Sublimecraft

I honestly hope that thing breaks before they create something they can't contain. Attempting to duplicate the "big bang" is pretty much the craziest thing I've ever heard, kind of like giving a rocket launcher to a three year old who doesn't full understand what will happen after he pushes the button.

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